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A Slot Game programmed by Casino Technology, which projects the game setting to Alaska known to be the most influential regions in the continent, with Grizzly Bear as the wild character, arranged on 5-reel & 50 pay lines

Alaska Wild Slo


Alaska includes among the most influential regions in the continent to spend one’s life; the area gets usually referred to as the concluding US demarcation line.

Aside from the severe climate condition which is not desirable, also other similar situations are the primitive bears, pigs & beast, which at all times keep in view for something to consume.

This part of this continent clearly defines how unbearable a life seems to be “chronic hardship” further proved with the unfriendly surroundings & non-provision of pathways, crossroads, etc.

Alaska has the potentials to brag of several majorities of great presentations of natural tranquility alongside its surface water, bushlands, mountains & oceans just as the possibility of every player from the various part in the continent find it hard to journey down to Alaska.

As a result, this typical slot machine, a concept by Casino Technology which already gained every possibility to be your online access to this concluding Standing Frontier. Indeed, it’s likely you hit a couple of massive winnings provided your ordained time knocks at your doorstep.

The Game play | About Alaska Wild Slot

This slot is a normal game accessible across the majority of gaming platforms. You can win real money alongside a well-arranged story-line. While you load this slot, then you’ll get welcome with a frightening & snowy bear, a relief detector of Alaska.

The entire slot evolves alongside a snow topped mountain whereby it glows right inside the illuminance of sunrise at a distance. It thereby establishes a part-somber, part-enchanted impression on the game scene.

Alaska Wild encompasses five reels & fifty pay lines with the remaining part of the game mechanics might appear tighter.
Just the typical pattern we do emphasize on the proportionality of reel to pay-line of whichever value not exceeding 0.2, whereas Alsaka Wild arranges for 0.1, which is satisfactory to get assured of hitting a considerable array of combos & lands some substantial winnings.

Ahead of playing the game, the least of all to get panic for is the whole of pay lines considered to get fixed.

Range of Bet Value

Just as it’s familiar with most slot games developed by Casino Technology, the only coin gamble plan, thereby establishes a simplified survival for gamesters.

The significant aspect of paying attention to is your decision as to the coins range for play. The game arranges a sweep of 1 to10 cent, which is quite a relatively easy mission.

Just as the game enables fifty pay lines available to place a bet of a single coin, the utmost value a player gamble for a unique spin is $5. We get to observe that substantial risk-takers do not get satisfied with this plan.

Overview of the Characters

The various characters employed in this slot are entirely attributes of localities in Alaska, thereby demonstrating the pure aesthetics & variety of this region.

These characters establish an original story-line which is appealingly pleasing & precisely steady. A number of the usual characters employed in this game are as follows;

Alaskan Red Fox & Alaskan Red Squirrel

These two characters are the two most significant rewarding typical characters. While the user assembles a minimum of three of these symbols in a combination, then he/she can await the opportunity to hit some winnings.

Also, three, four, or five of these characters can generate 25, 100 & 400 coins accordingly.

Alaskan Owl & Alaskan Silver Eagle

Both of these unique Alaska birds can generate winnings worth 250 coins. Perhaps they become visible in combos.

Alaskan Silver Salmon & Alaskan Red Salmon

Following Alaska monstres & birds, then proceed with their fishes. With Red & Silver Salmon characters, they contribute a lot in recompensing for dud spins, alongside compensations varying from 5 & 150 coins.

Snowy Cards Face cards of a deck

A, J, Q, K, formed in fresh snow form, set things right for the rest positions. The characters are not something to get delighted. However, it generates peak compensations worth a hundred coins.

The Wild Character | Grizzly Bear

This slot presents a single wild & another single scatter character to obtain a more straightforward approach to this game.

Casino Technology employs an impressive irritable bear designated as the wild character & it stands-in for the whole usual characters. Five identical characters across whichever of a single combo can activate winnings worth a thousand coins.

The Scatter Character | Alaskan wildflowers

Myriads of Alaskan wildflowers represents the scatter character in this slot & surfaces across solely on operable reels. Also, a minimum of three identical suits of these characters across the reels generates a reward, thereby compensating every one of your commitments on the domain alongside five considerable bonus spins.

Final Words | Experience Kindliness with Alaska

While blending the awesomeness of Alaska alongside her pleasing aesthetics, Alaska Wild puts to recall the glory of the countryside. It features superb story-line & well-aided visuals.

Besides, the winnings are slightly not considerable enough from our perspective. However, novices in the sector can use the game at their advantage as a stepping stone to sharpen their skills & make some earnings for them.

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