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The gambling business has changed significantly during the last ten years. Although many actual cash casinos still make lots of money from players, a new casino gaming type has arisen.

A consequence of the flurry of interactions on social media platforms like Facebook was the “social casino.” Slot machines, card games, and poker were available among the hundreds of word and farm games. Considering their intended purpose and design, the games’ success was unexpected. Even as a team that has worked in online gambling for over fifteen years, we were taken aback by the widespread popularity of these portals.

We’re happy to tell you about one among the most popular social casinos. Big Fish online Casino was launched since 2002. In that time, it has amassed a dedicated following of players.

The games make a social website. Therefore, that review section will be like the reviews we’ve written for other casinos on this concept. However, this article may serve as somewhat of a refresher on the subject since the business nuances of social casino sites are slightly different.

No more of my babbling, please. Let’s get right down to business with our Big Fish online Casino evaluation!

Casino Overview

With online social casinos, Big Fish is among the biggest and most popular options. Seattle-based gaming company Big Fish Games owns and operates the site. They’re popular in the online social gaming market, having over 400 games on Facebook and around 3,500 on PC. However, the casino is by far their most extensive offering.

In 2002, this casino was operating long before social gaming platforms like Facebook became popular. The game has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a purely recreational casino alternative in the past ten years.

Two times in the previous five years, the firm was sold. Churchill Downs, a major horse racing operation, purchased the corporation in 2014. The business was sold to the firm Aristocrat Technologies at the beginning of 2018. In doing so, the parent company can access the second-biggest slot game supplier in the world.

Comparison between Actual Cash and Social Casinos

Money is the fundamental distinction between actual cash casinos and social casinos. For example, playing at Big Fish is identical to playing at Casino Fortune. Regardless of your accumulated number of chips, you can never exchange them for actual money. They only care about the praise of their peers and the promise of future games and extra levels.

We’re sorry, but we don’t get it. No gambler likes to hear that they can buy chips with money but can never exchange them for real money. However, we recognize that there is a wide variety of methods in which individuals enjoy passing the time. As such, we’d want to congratulate everyone who has found their way to this review and discovered a whole new subgenre of video games.

Instructions for Playing

Like other social casinos, Big Fish optimizes its interface for use on mobile devices and Facebook. You can find the casino’s website, or you can visit Facebook and look for it there if you’re using a personal computer. Whatever the case, it’s clear that the no-download layout was designed with Facebook in mind.

You may play our casino on your mobile device by downloading an application from the Play Store or App Store. For everyone who can, we would suggest downloading the mobile application instead of betting in a web browser.

Sign in with your existing Facebook account to start (also you can open an account using your email). When you sign up for an account, you’ll be prompted to select a username and password. You’ll be able to select an existing avatar image or add your own.

Once you create your account, they will add 100K chips to it. After that, you may enter the casino and begin your game. There, you’ll find the games you’ve already unlocked and those that await you as you go through the game.

From the get-go, you’ll be inundated with incentives to upgrade your chip count. My advice is to tune them out unless you’re confident that you wish to spend on just recreational casino games. As you gamble, you may earn extra chips and gold bars to redeem for VIP levels, and the game unlocks as you play, increasing your gaming experience and chances of winning. To go to the site, you must earn dozens of tiers.

As it’s evident, most games are open to anybody and everyone. We’re not sure which way to turn right now. Sitting down to a title you know and playing feels like the most natural thing to do.

Bonuses and Promos

It would seem that the store’s chips are always on sale. There appears to be consistent variation in the discounts offered (at least once every 48 hours). This is an advertisement we found online:

Chips are discounted by 4.5x, and all other purchases get a 1.5x VIP Bonus for 6.7x off!

Let us preface this by adding that we had not yet placed a bet or made a transaction, so we’re unsure of our basis for receiving the VIP Bonus. This caused the following ordering of chip purchases:

Prices range from $2.79 for 135,000 chips to $139.99 for 16,875,000 chips.

It’s true what you’ve read. You may purchase a certain quantity of chips for close to 140 USD. This may get you access to all the tables, but it’s still a lot to spend on a game with no real payoff.

Gold bars, as we said before, are also on sale, and they are required for access to a few VIP privileges and to purchase certain in-game items for the table.

Promotionally, this is highly comparable to receiving a huge reload bonus from a real-money casino. However, instead of real money, you get bonus dollars.

Banking Options

The Casino Shop is an alternative to playing for the free chips you get at the beginning of the game and every time you click on anything in the casino. It’s vital if you wish to advance in the game and play more games since you’ll need to log a lot of playing time or collect many chips.

You may purchase Chip, and Gold Bar bundles from the shop, conveniently located off the lobby. These deals often include VIP status, which grants you immediate entry to the games.

Should you want to purchase chips, the process is quick and easy. Credits, which you may purchase with real money, are required for any in-game purchases made on Facebook. You’ll be asked whether you wish to use in-app purchasing when making a purchase using a mobile app. You may make your purchase with only a few mouse clicks and go right back to the tables!

Remember that although it takes money to purchase these chips, you can never exchange them for anything of value. This is primarily a fun-seeking website.

VIP Program

Big Fish’s promos are simply opportunities to gain more chips for free and even more for real money, just like the rest of this casino. This is the last promotion that the site will use. Big Fish aims to get you hooked on the game, so you’ll keep playing until you earn enough chips to advance to the next level.

The overwhelming quantity of advertisements that appear as soon as you launch any game is one of the few negative aspects of the experience. When we logged in the other day, we were confronted with five screens before even reaching the lobby, each of which had to be closed individually. Once again, we can see why the casino operates this way: it is their primary means of advertising.

Choice of Games

So here is a part of the casino where we can get behind the concept. In-house software powers Big Fish Casino, and glancing at the lobby will reveal various games. Of course, this is quite similar to playing in a real-money casino, with the primary difference being the limited number of games available. Let’s examine the many types of games available.

Video Poker

A specific section dedicated to video poker is fantastic since it is our favorite kind of online gambling. Even more incredible was the fact that there were three different game types available when we opened the lobby:

When you log on to a computer, you’ll see the profiles of four other gamers. Fear not, because they are using separate slot machines. Although the sound effect is audible if any wins, we believe it also mimics the experience of being at a real casino. Like most other actual cash video pokers, we’ve tried, this one was easy to pick up and start playing immediately.

It bothers us because it recommends which cards you should keep in your hand when we think you should read any of our strategy guides for playing video poker and figure it out yourself.

Considering the paltry number of table games are offered, we are surprised by what Big Fish provides for video poker fans.


Big Fish has hundreds of slot machines to choose from. When you initially begin playing, you have access to many games, but there are a few games that won’t become available until you reach Level 38. All Slots and VIP Slots are two of the options in the Slots Lobby. When we viewed the VIP tab, a pop-up popped up, giving us a choice to either spin till we were a VIP or paid $9.99 to become a VIP so that we could play the games instantly. We merely started the reels turning and let fate determine what would happen next.

Jackpot City has a progressive jackpot: games with nine paylines and 25 paylines. This site also has slot tournaments, one of our favorite online gambling competitions to partake in from the comfort of our homes. Comparing our performance against that of other players is far more engaging than doing the same action (for example, clicking the Spin button) in isolation.

If you don’t have VIP access, here is a list of what you may expect to see in terms of game titles:

Seeing the Baywatch time slot came as a pleasant surprise to us. By agreeing to name a slot machine after the 2017 film, Big Fish management has shown that they recognize the importance of cross-branded content in today’s casino industry.

Table Game Options

The table games section’s rules differ slightly from the slot machines. None of the games need a password to play. However, the required bankroll to participate in a game at a particular themed table varies. As an illustration of the various betting restrictions, let’s look at the blackjack game.

Understandably, a player who has finally earned a seat at the prestigious Dubai table would want to brag about it. For this reason alone, a player can decide to buy many chips.

Regarding the game’s mechanics, we like how it adhered to industry standards. There were five seats at the public blackjack table we played at. We enjoyed having company since this was a social game. Waiting for other players to take action made the game seem more like a live event.

When comparing Big Fish to online gambling sites that pay out, you will see a severe lack of variety. Burn 3 Poker is the third game, along with blackjack and roulette. If they had offered Caribbean Stud or Pai Gow Poker, we probably would have stayed for a longer period.


We won’t lie and say we were full of hopeless optimism about the results. The prospect of betting on games with no chance of winning real money sounds like a monumental time wastage, particularly for our level in the business.

Now that we’ve spent some serious time at this casino, we can see why it’s so popular. While they like the thrill of slot machines and table games, risking their money puts many individuals off. Big Fish offers a polished gaming experience for its customers. There are many games to choose from, and the winning animations are great, but there is no real money to be won.

The concept of the site’s “groups” appeals to us. Casinos may eliminate the monotony by making casino visits social events.

Paying actual cash for chips we can never redeem still takes some mental processing. Social casino sites are great if you want to experience the thrill of gambling without really risking any money. Big Fish online casino is the best online gambling site if you ask us!

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