Bitcoin Slots

Bitcoin Slots – Playing the Best Bitcoin Slots

Bitcoin Slots are the slot games you can play at online casinos that are accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrencies that involve the use of blockchain in making payments.

Bitcoin Slots

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About The Best Bitcoin Slot Machines

Slot games are usually unique in terms of themes but who would have thought that there will be a slot that would have a theme related to cryptocurrencies. The name of the owner of bitcoin is not known. This is understandable because someone with such huge amount of money sitting in their account will want to be discreet. Bitcoin Slots are the slot game that were developed to appeal to the crypto lovers that are also slot lovers. In this game you will be exposed to different symbols representing cryptocurrencies for instance, bitcoin. There are many features available that players can use to increase their winnings such as the wild and scatter symbols. Nowadays, many bitcoin slots have been developed and each of them are unique. However, in order to give the players the best gaming experience we have come up with a list consisting of the best bitcoin slots you can try out. There are many criteria that are considered before a slot game can be referred to as the best. All the best bitcoin slots are unique and they have amazing designs. Check out the list of the best bitcoin slots from our site and choose your favourite one out of them.

Comparison between Bitcoin Slot and Classic Slot Machines

Going back to play normal slot games is not easy for those that have gotten accustomed to playing bitcoin slots. This is due to the fantastic experience they derived from playing the best bitcoin slots. To satisfy the taste of the players, bitcoin slots have been created in different types. Both traditional slot lovers and the modern slot lovers will find at least a bitcoin slot that will suit their taste. There are some slots that have both the traditional slot features and the modern slot features. When playing the best bitcoin slots your safety and security are guaranteed. Technologically, bitcoin slots are more advanced than the other slot machines. Due to these amazing features possess by bitcoin slots, many players are clamouring for the features to be incorporated into other slot games.

Types of Bitcoin Slots 

There are many types of bitcoins slots based on the features they possesses such as the reels and bet lines. There are slot games that are made to appeal to the taste of the traditional slot lovers and there are modern slots too. However, bitcoin slots can be divided into two major types which are, straight and progressive. The straight game is just like a normal slot game where the amount you will win will depend on the amount of money you place on a line. The progressive is just like other slot games that involve jackpot. The player will keep on playing whereas the pot will continue to be filled until the jackpot is activated.

Playing Bitcoin Slots for Free and Real Money

When playing the best bitcoin slots for the first time, you do not have to play with real money so as to reduce your chance of losing. This is why the slot games are also available in demo version with which you can play the games for free. Playing for free will help you in getting accustomed to the game and understand the gameplay better.

Some Terms Used in Bitcoin Slots

If you are new slot player or you are new to bitcoin, there are many terms you need to familiarize yourself with and some of them include the following:

  • Bet lines: Winning Combinations will be formed on the bet lines and they are lines players will stake on before spinning the reels.
  • Maximum bet: This is the highest amount of money that you can stake when playing bitcoin slot by spinning the reels once.
  • Scatter: One of the features of the slots is the free spin session and this feature is activated by landing three or more scatters.
  • Reels: When playing slot games you will need to spin wheels before you can land winning combinations. These wheels are known as the reels.
  • Hit: If you emerged as a winner when playing slot game, your winning will be referred to as hit.
  • Wild: This is among the symbols you will come across when playing slot games and it is responsible for substituting other symbols on the reels in order to come a winning combination. In most cases, the wild can replace all symbols except the scatters and sometimes you will be awarded a multiplier together with it.
  • Bet size: As the name implies, it is used in describing the size of the stake you are playing.
  • Paytable: As a player before playing any slot game it is pertinent you know the amount of money you are going to win from landing any winning combinations and symbols. These information can be obtain from the pay table and each slot game has its own.

Legality of Bitcoin Slot Machines

Apart from learning about the best bitcoin slots that are available, it is pertinent to know the legality of these bitcoin slots. The legality of these slot games is dependent on the country from which you are playing from if online gambling is prohibited or legalized. However, before playing the best bitcoin slots at any online casino you should ensure the casino possess license. Thus, playing at online casino that possess license is legalized once you are not playing outside the countries where it is acceptable. There are many casino that does not possess license thus the regulation of the casino will not be effective. However, the best bitcoin slots casinos whose list is available at our site are legal.

Our Verdict

Technological inclined players will find Bitcoin Slot games as one of the slot game that will appeal to their taste. Majority of the player may not fall into this category but a wonderful gaming experience is guarantee for those willing to try out the game. You will have the option of winning a huge amount of money from this game. You will have the option of playing the game for free by using the demo version or you can play for real money. The graphics and designs of the best bitcoin slots are spectacular. It has been ensured that players can play the best bitcoin slots using their mobile devices. You will come across bitcoin slots at online casinos accepting cryptocurrencies.