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Blast Boom Bang Slot – (Best Bitcoin Slots)

During my growing days… (I feel like I am about to start a skit on Monty Python). Regardless, when I was younger, my parents were always making sure I do not watch or read the wrong type of media publications. They don’t do this with utmost control over my life, but they only do it to shield me from getting lost in the world. However, my dad always says to me “You’ve got your whole life to be miserable – so enjoy your childhood.”

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The truth is, all he said was so right!

Everything I watched, or read were all super clean. Although, for the majority of the time, everything happened before the time of dark and broody fashion. You don’t get to see anything like grey areas or people willing to stand against the heroes. All that existed were plain simple, good vs evil or right vs wrong, nothing more.

With my younger brother in the mix of it, we collaborate to put on makeshift costumes and walk around our pretty small town. There was a day I told him to get on our neighbours’ roof while wearing a superhero costume. I dare not forget it a day because I made him shout for war cries at the top of his voice.

It was one of my best summers back then because I enjoyed every bit of the time. Although, my brother jimmy spent the rest of the summer in traction.

You may wonder why I am telling all of this tale, well, it just some sort of apology letter to my kid bro, and I can also term it as self-therapy. However, I am majorly writing this story because I want to review a video slot produced by Endorphina, and it is popularly known as “Blast! Boom! Bang.” However, (please note that I will remove all forms of exclamation marks in the title while I continue this review). The Blast Boom Bang slot also presents with a superhero comic book as it maintains its freshness. Although, you can still expect so much retro feeling from the game. The Blast Boom Bang is a type of slot that you can enjoy playing on all forms of devices or platforms. However, you will enjoy its brightness more when you play it on a touchscreen device. The moment you start the game, there is a feeling that you just plunged into a comic setting of an old school setting. Additionally, while playing, you will get to know that there is maximum love for the game’s genre.


The Blast Boom Bang slots come with a stunning 50 payline and five reels. Therefore, you might be happy to know that the game’s volatility is pretty low, and that should readily attract you to the game even if you are always playing with slow pace just like me.

It’s a game with no form of scary look for its masked superhero

You will also find a blonde female sidekick that is fully masked in the game

The not so evil looking supervillain also comes with a robot eye

There is an availability of a super attractive motorbike, a fist for punching, and a bomb.

Additionally, you will find a scene where the superhero is taking a glance on his fist. This move then propels the villain to say “Oh No, he knows how to close his hand and make a fist! I never planned for that!”

The available ace cards icons that you will find in nines.

You should also know that the bomb represents the wild and takes each of the available symbols except for the scatter symbol. If you don’t know what the scatter symbols are or when it appears, you can simply refer to the scene where you have the “Oh no, he has a fist.”

Talk about the control panel; you will be thrilled with its elegant look. To find the game settings, you will navigate to the reels on the midway part. You will find the ‘Take Risk’ feature on this page, which will be explained later.

The spin button is somewhat across the way while navigating to the right part of the game. You can decide to adopt the spin feature as an autoplay feature anytime you drag it to the left of the touch screen. You can choose to leave the autoplay button in the form of a Turbospin when you drag it a little further. The bottom of the screen is home to Total Bet, Total Credit Display, Bet, Lines, Last Win, and Coin Value. One pretty unique feature is the settings afforded to left-handed players. The settings allow them to switch the controls around in a way that will benefit the lefties.


For every win in the regular play option, you will get an offer that says ‘Take a Risk.’ You can easily double your gains in this option, only if you can select cards that comes higher than what the dealer is offering.

For the scatter symbol, you will only see it show on reels one to three. However, in a case where lady luck smiles down at you, and you get all three scatter symbols, you will immediately initiate the ten free spins.

Special Features

During free spins mode, if you land a wild symbol, it turns sticky. After turning sticky, it maintains the same position until you exhaust your free spins.


For a fact, the Blast Boom Bang slots are the first I have ever reviewed that offers captivating gameplay on mobile devices like phones or tablets. It would help if you didn’t bother worrying yourself whether it is excellent to play on PC. However, it just has a superb output when you play it on a touch screen device.

I was hoping to see some sort of performance issues because of its highly advanced build-up, but everything seems to work just fine.

You will love the animation’s output and graphics because they appear just great on your device. If you want a dramatic tone, you can always trust the sound effect and the music to bring your table’s best.


“Holy smokes! To the tablet! It’s time to play Blast Boom Bang!”

I just said above is the height of my enthusiasm whenever I ever played this slot machine. It comes with an original design, and the feature of the sticky wild symbols are one of a kind. In terms of what a typical game should be in our time, Blast Boom Bang should be an epitome for others generally.

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