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Dancing Wins Slot

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Dance all the way to your winnings in this slot. RealTime Gaming will take you back into the 90s or even 80s, at least looking at the look and style of the competitors and what you will see on the Reels.

Even if you’re not looking for a slot that’ll invoke those nostalgia feelings, this is a slot you need to check out. The bonus spins, pay lines combo, and top winnings will make you always in the mood to make one or two spins at the dancefloor or on the Reels.

Symbols and theme

The entire setting is developed inside a nightclub or a disco, where it is decorated with every sort of disco ball. An excellent addition would have been a little more when in the animation form… but fortunately, any symbol you see on the reels provides animations when you land combos.

This slot is quite nostalgic, or maybe the right word to use is retro, with several old-school thighs from the dancers on the Reels to the cassette players. The sound effects and music make up this slot’s atmosphere, and you should expect several tunes you can enjoy while you’re spinning.

Functions and betting options

For the First 2 symbol combinations, winnings will be paid out by a collection of symbols of high value. But for the most part, you’re looking to join 3+ symbols through the 50 pay lines that the game has. That’s quite some ways of covering the 5 by 3 reel setup, but the thing is that it also makes it a little higher than normal bet, even if you only spend a penny per bet line.

They fixed the lines, and the max winning is set at 50 000× the bet for each line. That isn’t a number you can easily score and need specials for it to happen. If there aren’t specials, the wins will be around 2 to 1000× the line bet.

This game’s wild is in another class entirely and pays 5000× the line bet for 4 symbols and 8888× the line bet for 5 symbols.


Winning Multiplier Bonus Games. That is the feature you are searching for, that’s even if you did not know about it when you launched the game and got into the Reels…

… you’ll trigger the games with 3 scatters. You’ll get 8 spins with 3, you’ll get 18 bonus spins with 4, and you’ll get 88 with 5 scatters. That is quite a figure, and irrespective of the game’s variances you’re sure of catching some winnings after the spins…

That isn’t even all! Every time you drop 3+ scatters, 3 more spins are included and the winning multiplier will increase with 1. 10 is the maximum multiplier and it brings the basic winnings to an entirely new level.

Our Verdict

We definitely did n9y expect to see the kind of winnings we saw in this slot. It doesn’t have a bad theme either, and that denotes that for anybody searching for spins of high variance, this game will provide way more than almost all other slots. We very much recommend you check out this game by RealTime Gaming!