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A Classic slot game review designed by Rival Gaming developer, titled Dog Pound Dollars, features fifteen pay-lines, which swept in an adventure of Dogs & its chasers on the pursuits to acquire considerable prizes, with Bulldogs represented as the Wild character, capable of offering rewards worth 10,000 shekels & bet limit set at 0.01– 75 coins

Dog Pound Dollars Slot

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For several years now, there has been a continual clash amidst dog & its chaser. In line with this contest, the famous “Disney” arranged a movie tilted “Alice & the dogcatcher” somewhere around the year 1924. Presently, this incredible software developer already includes multiple entertaining & Spanking-new features to the contest with this slot machine.

Yet, There’s confusion as to the bravest character between dog & its hunters. However, the pleasant report is that players can acquire whichever kinds of giveaways & jackpots as a reward bonus for putting to trial such a phenomenon in any case.

While you assemble several types of double-dealing offerings often adopted by dog hunters in catching whichever dogs not visible over the baseball, then you can anticipate for some winnings.

As an alternative, assist dog pursuers by assembling several dogs available to hunters to move along to the yard. Take advantage of the Scatter, Wild icons, bonus spins, & monarch creatures; then you’ll realize this slot requires no cleaning / brushing away of the poop bag.

Bets Limit

Initiate this contest through a selection of your desired bet value for the spins with the fifteen pay-lines, one to five shekels provided alongside coin denominations varying from 0.01 through 1.0 coin. It thereby permits least stakes ranging from 0.01 through 75 coins for each spinning action.

We often advise to stick to your bankrolls, never bite more than you can chew to avoid stories that touch the heart, however, have in mind that the total payouts get magnified to through any of stakes on pay-line or the overall bets.

The moment all this setting is in place, then turn on the reels, kick-off the adventure & embark on the quest to look for several kinds of jackpots characters & giveaway.

The Real Deal | Assist the Dog Chasers

Dog Pound Dollars undoubtedly provides players with multiple body parts of dogs which hold the majority of jackpots symbols rewards, while five of this icon over the winning line can yield 100 times the pay-line stakes. The exact approach applies to every Dog hunters’ unethical systems to entice dogs over to the yard where it encompasses dog edibles & baseball.

Perhaps you operate in favor of the Dog hunter, in its benevolence can yield significantly as a return for assembling the dogs, alongside play coefficient worth 125 times the pay-line stakes as a return from the dachshund. At the same time, Dobermans offers 750 times the coins bet, St Bernards rewards 400 times & Fire Dogs offers 250 times.

Nevertheless, you’ll get to enjoy numerous massive giveaways to become involved with great enthusiasm.

Queen Poodle pots & Mongrel; Scatter symbol

This feature offers a reward worth 750 times of the player’s stakes, whereas they dislike mongrel, mainly while they act as this slot Scatter character which provides a worth of 500 times the overall stakes.

Bulldogs | Wild Character

This icon appears as Wild & rewards worth of 10,000 shekels. These Bulldogs replaces remaining characters for increased payouts lines, & thereby magnify twofold the jackpots across the pay-lines simultaneously.

Besides, maintain a close watch in cases of bonus Spins symbols, while three, four or five of these icons can yield fifteen bonus spins whereby the entire jackpots get Magnified threefold.


We have come across several latest games developed by Rival Gaming developer as it’s not limited to this alone. However, the slot enables players to experience much entertainment while you chase the fantastic jackpots. Dog pound Dollars gets recognized over a while, but it’s our expectation they consider some superb 3Dimesional video clips alongside.

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