Dragon Princess Slot

Dragon Princess Review (RTG) Realtime gaming

Dragon Princess is another exciting slot game offering from RealTime Gaming with incredible features and enticing bonus offers that makes players want to play more.

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This Slot is about a pretty martial art woman known on the reels as the Dragon Princess. Normally, masculinity occurs to be the most used in many themes unless it requires female nakedness that is when women are used, but thanks to Real Time Gaming for the wonderful initiative and this is a progressive step towards a better thing to come

The interface of the play is 3×5 which shouldn’t be new to you if you are not new to RTG, except a few exceptions like the Dirty Martini. Although some players may not like games having similarities, whereas some prefer it as it makes it easy for them to play the game. And once you are able to play with ease, then you will be able to win.

Beautiful Serenity

Although the Slots is about fighting but once you into the amazing contrast and see the calm environment. Every Real Time Gaming Slots machine have always been amazing, and they have always put in their best, but this one seems like they put beyond their best because it is extraordinary.

The symbols will be found in the dojo while landscape immersed in sunlight with the rays shining on the freshly uprooted grass in the background. Right at in the atmosphere, you will notice the pink blossom floating and the stream waves at the front.

This environment is very serene that a troubled soul once exposed to such will become calm. This is highly commendable for Realtime Gaming.

Open Lotus

Before we always regard Real Time Gaming with just an aesthetic change to their game, but this one is an exception because a lot of variances have been input in it and it seems like they are trying to entice us back. The Dragon Wild are the first among the game, the dragon is energetic and it can help you satisfy your thirst for the game.

After making a spin successfully, you will be credited with your money, and there can be a sudden change like 15x at a go when the symbol changes from the scatters to wild icons on the screen. Although it can be annoying when one bonus you might have win hinders winning another one but on the good note it gives you features that can be triggered randomly.

Pretty Pearls

Here we are going to discuss the Pearl Pick, which is not the main feature of this because they are the free spins that will be earned using the Dragon. This one is also like the Wilds(Dragon) where you just need to sit down and enjoy.

There will be three pearls in which you will need to choose one from them and show the prize. 0.25 is the minimum bet you can wager, whereas the maximum is 125.00. The bonus is subtle, and it is unexpected; therefore, the min. bet of 0.24 is well worth it.

A Zen State of Mind

There is another more relaxed zen than the Dragon princess, and that is the Zen Garden. Gamesys is responsible for the design of the slot, and they are a trustworthy one. Even at the first hearing of its name, it incites excitement into you.

There is also a slot game that is adaptable to the mobile format. It comes in a three by five matrix setting, and it gives spins freely for a wager as low as 0.20.

Our Princess

This slot title is one of the best that has been offered by RealTime Gaming. After many redundancies in their gaming offerings, Dragon princess comes at a time when slot lovers are yearning for something different, and this game delivers exactly that. The game will remain the favourite for a lot of people for a very long time.