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A Slot game review developed by Real Time Gaming developer, titled Goldbeard Slot, features five reels, 20 pay-lines, a Pirate-based theme which offers the chances to obtain diverse kinds of bonuses & rewards in the course of the mission to discover several hidden riches, other precious items with bet limit set at 0.01 – 0.25 coins

Hah! Do you have an interest in exploring the most recognized pirate which exhibit the highest-priced offers? Here is an opportunity to dive into incredible riches with this fascinating slot machine titled Goldbeard, considered to be the wealthiest out of the whole pirate.

Further ahead, the adventure reveals tactics to acquire bounteous treasure in this slot game, an excellent concept by RTG developer. This slot story-line revolves around pirate which offers the chances to obtain diverse kinds of bonuses & rewards in the course of the mission which entails engaging in an open-ocean quest, discovering hints to several hidden riches, weapons, shipping & other precious items.

However, this money-spinning slot features several Bonus Games like bonus spins, Dual Wild Goldbeards, several 8 Overall-Bet Multipliers, most importantly, Randomly-based Progressive prizes, among others.

Following every single spin, players can set bets with a minimum value at 0.01 coins which is quite reasonable for the lowest risk-takers, to enjoy this slot to the fullest, play the games through computers with more extensive displays of to roll on the deep-sea quest.

About Goldbeard Configuration

Goldbeard together with his gangs establish an isle foothold which aids them to arrange sailing ship on a discovery for random vessels, thereby makes it possible for them to walk off with the treasure.

As a player, to join in this quest, have some spinning actions to enjoy multiple selections set at twenty pay-lines. The slot set the adventure on a 5 x 3-reel arrangement. Veteran slot gamers get accustomed with a slot having their story-line subject to open sea preys.

Goldbeard Rewards

Players can embark on the action to discover documented & inscribed hints as an essential guide to locate the treasure. Goldbeard & his accompanies ready to portion out whichever they strive to prey, while users of this game can anticipate obtaining worth of 200 coins from the portion.

Besides, there are chances to get a reward worth 500 coins for robbing weapons & treasure boxes. While the discovery of Goldbeard’s parrots & ships can yield 1,000 coins, 2,500 coins respectively.

This slot game provides couples of rewards to the gangs considered to achieve success comprising of Wild icon possible to surface over first & fifth reel. Wild substitute every winning symbol primarily to offer a considerable portion of the profits with the wins magnified twofold.

Each time the Wild symbol comes into view over first & fifth reels at the same time, the effect can activate 2, 3 or 4 bonus spins whereby the game player can obtain winnings magnified threefold. A considerable number of Goldbeard icons pops, it can activate the bonus spins over &over again. Besides, you’ll come across couples of 8 set that magnifies the player’s overall bets.

  • Two tends to magnify the overall stakes by 1x
  • Three tend to increase by 5x
  • Four magnifies by 20x
  • Five tends to magnify by 100x

Besides, as the game progresses, players can obtain Progressive Randomly-based Jackpot specified at $1,035 following each spinning actions.

Bet Limit

Goldbeard considers both players considered low-rise & huge-risk takers. Depending on the players bankroll, you can embark on a roll for low, medium or high bet limits with choices from one to twenty pay-lines. Every single line is active for play, then place the bets with an amount starting with 0.01 coins through 0.25 coin. It implies thus;

  • A least value at 0.01 coins x 20 pay-lines, equals 0.2 for each spin
  • Max. bet value 0.25 coins x 20 pay-lines, equals 5 for each spin

Final words

Goldbeard slot is not just interesting but rewards greatly, taking into consideration both low & high-risk takers. The game allows the opportunity to participate with the wealthiest pirate across cyber slot world along open ocean quest which claims to offer massive jackpots & splendid giveaways.

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