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Casinos in Hong Kong

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Online Casinos in Hong KongHong Kong is one of the biggest and most popular commercial centers in the world. For many companies or organizations, it is the gateway to China, which is a market worth billions of dollars. While Hong Kong has always been in the shadow of Macau, one of the largest gambling capitals in the world, it does not mean Hong Kong has been slacking in that field. There are a large number of top-tier casinos in Hong Kong too, both physical and online.

Since the British traded Hong Kong back to China in 1999, it has been a separately administered region of China. It is considered a part of China but maintains its own government and its own laws. Fortunately, gambling in Hong Kong is allowed under the provisions of the Betting Duty Ordinance. Any kind of gambling that is not authorized is illegal.

However, this law does not cover offshore casinos that are based out of other countries or regions. So, players in Hong Kong can play at any international online casino without fear of breaking laws or facing repercussions.

Even inside Hong Kong, a few forms of online gambling are legal, such as horse racing and football betting. As these are two of the most common forms of betting other than casino gambling, many people can get all their entertainment while staying perfectly within the bounds of the law.

Those who want to play card, table or slot games at online casinos should have no issues at all checking out and playing at the various online casinos from Hong Kong.

What kind of games can you find at Hong Kong casinos?

There are a few types of games that are present in almost every casino, whether physical or online. They are present regardless of whether the casino is in Hong Kong or anywhere else in the world. Games at a casino can be generally divided to card and table games, slot games, lotteries and sportsbooks.

Table and card games include most of the card games like Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, etc. These are classic games that are enjoyed by millions around the world. They’re even played outside casinos with no money being wagered, just for fun. So, you are basically guaranteed to find these games, as well as their variants such as Texas Hold ‘em, Caribbean Poker, Lucky Sevens Poker, Atlantic City Blackjack, Double Blackjack, European Blackjack, and so on. Other table games include Roulette, which is also found in different variants such as American Roulette and European Roulette.

In Hong Kong casinos, you will find another type of table game that is extremely close to Hong Kong and China’s culture – Mahjong. There are many different versions of Mahjong too, such as mahjong solitaire, classic mahjong. While Hong Kong natives will be intensely familiar Mahjong, others may prefer other types of games.

After table games are slot games. If you have ever been to a casino in real life, or seen one in movies, you may have seen the slot machines. There are often hundreds of slot machines lined up in one casino. Slots are perhaps the most popular type of casino game for several reasons. The main reason is that it is extremely easy to learn and play slot games. Most card and table games require you to learn some strategies before you can start winning at them. This is not so with slots – all you need is luck.

Which brings us to the second point. Some people visit online casinos in order to get the thrill of testing their luck. Slot games are the fastest way of doing that, without having to wait for other players. This brings us to the final reason. Slot games are extremely quick to play. You can open up your phone, launch the app and spin a slot several times, in just a couple minutes. So, slot games are suitable for people who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to games.

There is huge variation among slot games too. Some slot games are simple ones featuring only 3 reels or 5 reels. Other slot games will have 7, 9 or even more reels, with hundreds of possible rewards and in-depth mechanics involving bonuses and wilds. The themes of the slot games vary as much as their gameplay, ranging from pop culture to mythological figures.

Sportsbooks are a way for people to bet on real-life sports. You may already be a fan of sports such as football, cricket, basketball, hockey, etc. With sportsbooks, you can finally put your dedication as a fan to use. By using your knowledge of the sport and the teams, you can try predicting things such as who will win a match or who will score the most goals.

Making correct predictions will win you money depending on how likely the prediction was. With sportsbooks, you can also show even more dedication to your favourite teams by wagering on their matches. If they win, you can celebrate twice over!

Software Providers for Hong Kong Casinos

All these games are not developed by the casino itself. They are developed by third-party online casino software developers such as Realtime Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt, etc. All of these online casino software providers are some of the oldest and most famous in their industry. In fact, some of them were established back in 1993, before the internet even became popular.

With more than two and a half decades of experience under their belts, it’s no wonder they provide some of the best games online casinos in Hong Kong have ever seen. Each game is designed from the ground up with a particular theme and idea. The concepts are carefully developed in order to make the gameplay experience as good as possible. Artwork and design, sound effects and graphical effects are all combined to reach this point.

Picking the best online Hong Kong casino

Most of the games described above can be found at nearly any casino across the world. There are a lot of other factors that distinguish one casino from another and allow us to tell which ones are the best.

Some of these factors include

  • Security

In the present age, security is extremely important. If an online casino does not provide adequate security, then its customers’ personal information could get leaked to cybercriminals. Cyber-criminals can then use that information for a lot of different things. They could carry out identity theft in order to buy products and services in the victim’s name. They could sell the victim’s information to advertisers.

In the situation where they get access to the victim’s financial information, they could steal money straight out of the victim’s bank account. With so many different ways for a cybercriminal to harm someone who had their data stolen, it’s extremely important to make sure your own personal data is safe and secure.

An online casino should always be using the latest encryption techniques. If you need any more reassurance, you can check if the online casino has the various security certificates or not. These security certificates are given out by various trusted third-party organization who verify that an online casino has proper security measures.

  • Promotions

Bonuses and promotional offers are one of the best ways a casino can attract players. Bonuses can vary widely, but almost always involve giving the player some extra money they can play with. For example, a 10% deposit bonus will mean that when the player deposits any money, they will get an extra 10% of the deposit size added to their account as a bonus.

The goal of any bonus is to give the player more spending money, which they can use to continue playing further. This is the most helpful for players who don’t have much money – they can use their winnings and the bonuses to keep playing.

  • Loyalty Schemes

Almost all casinos offer generous first deposit or welcome bonuses. These bonuses are aimed at bringing new players to the casino. However, there are some players who will hope from one casino to another, constantly taking advantage of welcome bonuses.

In order to retain players, many casinos design VIP or Loyalty schemes, which reward players based on how much they have spent at the casino. There are usually multiple levels of VIP, with the top level receiving extremely lucrative rewards. An online casino can be judged on how rewarding the loyalty scheme is compared to the effort taken to climb up levels.

  • Payout Rate

Payout rate, simply put, refers to how much of your original deposit money you can expect to get back at the end of a gambling session. The payout rate usually depends on the casino and the online casino software developers who are working with that casino.

Most of the time, the payout rate is usually above 90% or 95%. This means that if you deposit $100 and spend a night playing, on average you will have $95 at the end of the night. The $5 you have lost is taken by the casino. This is known as the house cut.

The house cut is necessary, otherwise the online casino would go out of business since they would have no revenue source. However, players should look for a casino that maximizes the payout rate.

  • Experience and Reputation

A combination of the above factors already mentioned. While a brand-new casino can have excellent games, security and promotions, there is no guarantee of it continuing for very long. Casinos that have been around for a few years or even more than decade are stable and will most likely remain in the scene for a long time. Younger casinos could go bankrupt at any time.

The question of reputation comes in particularly relevant when the casino offers long-term loyalty schemes. Should you really plan on investing thousands of dollars over the next 5-6 years into a casino that isn’t even a year old?

Of course, these aren’t all the factors. However, they are the major factors that were taken into account when searching for online casinos for Hong Kong players. A few other smaller factors included language and culture. Most players in Hong Kong will be native people who are more proficient in Chinese than English. Therefore, an online casino with a Chinese website or translation would be much more preferable than one that only serves English speaking customers.

Making Payments

Simply signing up at an online casino and playing isn’t possible. When you sign up, you get a welcome bonus that highlights the casino’s generosity. In order to get the welcome bonus, you usually have to deposit a certain amount of money.

There are a lot of ways to handle money nowadays. Cash, checks, credit cards, bank transfers, electronic wallets, etc. It’s best that a casino provide access to all the different methods. A casino that partners with all major banks and credit cards can be considered very much reliable and trustworthy.

While it varies from casino to casino, but in almost all Hong Kong casinos, you can use local e-wallets like WeChatPay, Alipay, PayMe, Tap&Go. Otherwise, you could also use a more typical western e-wallet like Skrill, Neteller, PayPal. Or you could forego using electronic wallets and directly use a debit or credit card (VISA and Mastercard are usually allowed), check or bank transfer.

If you ever have any trouble with your payments or with any other aspects of the casino, you can always get in touch with customer support. Most Hong Kong online casinos will offer customer support in both English and Chinese.

The Top Online Casinos in Hong Kong

Some of the top online casinos in Hong Kong include Silver Oak Casino, Captain Jack Casino, Sloto Cash Casino, Red Dog, Red Stag, Grand Fortune Casino, Planet 7 Casino, Royal Panda and Slots Empire. There are a lot more casinos in Hong Kong, but these should be sufficient for a start.

Silver Oak is a relatively well-established online casino about a decade old now. They have a good range of games and bonuses, and also offer a mobile app for players on the go. Their welcome bonus goes up to a decent $1000

Slotocash is well known for being one of the oldest and biggest online casinos around. It’s no surprise that they’re a great choice for Hong Kong online casino players either. What makes Slotocash stand out is the incredible welcome bonus, which goes up to $7,777. Even after the welcome bonus, Slotocash offers many bonuses that make it extremely lucrative to play here.

Another Hong Kong online casino with a large welcome bonus is Planet 7 Casino. Planet 7 Casino is one of the oldest casinos around here, and over the years they have accumulated a massive jackpot. Whoever wins the jackpot will definitely have their life changed. With 20 years of experience under their bets, Planet 7 is one of the biggest online casinos on the market at the moment. They also have a fairly sizeable welcome bonus, going up to $4000

Some casinos aim for a particular theme in order to attract visitors. Captain Jack is a great example here, featuring a ‘pirates’ theme. This casino is also very much lucrative, offering up to 50% daily cashback and also holding a jackpot lottery.


As a close neighbour to Macau, Hong Kong has far more casinos than what have been listed. It’s one of the biggest commercial hubs in the world. It’s only natural that some travellers would want to take a moment to relax by opening up an online casino and making a few quick spins on a slot game.

Despite a number of rules banning physical casinos, online casinos in Hong Kong are thriving. Take this chance to try out one of them!