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Discover Card Casinos – Online Casinos that Accept Discover Card

Discover Card Network is a payment method that especially makes provision for players in the United States

The provision of this is made to ensure that players are given the needed information about the online casino and how to effectively make use of a credit card. Although the Discover card casinos are not much, but in this page, we are going to list the best online casinos which can be used to carry this out. How-to information is as well provided such that the players that makes use of the Discover Cardholders can make successful deposits online

Some policies on the Discover Card Network makes it a little bit hard to make transaction on the casinos. On the Casino guide will make provision for, you will be given the needed advice such that things will comply with policies of the financial institution. The moment you finish reading, then you will understand the particular online casinos that accept the Discover Card, and the things to do such that your payment will be activated making use of your favorite card

Online Casinos in the USA that makes use of Discover Card

It’s only a few casinos that recognizes Discover Card as a payment method. Having said this, conscious effort has been made to gather some reputable online casino that makes use of this method. The online casino we are particular about have huge bonuses, accepts players from the United States and allows deposit making use of the Discover Card

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How to Make Deposit

There are different ways in which you can make use of the Discover cards to make deposits. It is made very easy by the online casino. The online casinos are designed in such a way that players can easily see where to deposit when they sign up on a casino. Even though you are making use of the mobile or desktop version, the guide provided for will help you to figure out how you can successfully make a deposit using the Discover Card. Now let us look at the steps you are to take for you to make a successful deposit

  • You will most likely see a link at the top of the homepage. Just in case you didn’t get it, just search for the name of the casino on Google and look for something similar to the cashier
  • After then what you are to do next is to locate the deposit button. The moment you sign up, you will be able to deposit
  • Try to look for the Discover Card. Some of the online casino account do regard it as the Credit cards or Local Cards
  • When you see the method, you will probably see deposit now, deposit through another step
  • After this, you are going to deposit with the discover card. Input the exact amount you want into a prompt box. Get yourself prepared to make use of the 3 digit verification. This is to attest to the fact that you are the real owner of the card
  • Just in case you have troubles regarding your log in, try and opt for forget password such that your mail can be used to address the issue

For customers that are probably with one or two issues, they can reach out to the support service to get things sorted out. They made provision for the live chat and toll-free phone calls. One of the fastest method is to engage the cashier through a live chat. Get yourself prepared to tender any means of identification for proof

Looking at the history of the company, there is every possibility that you derive the same kind of benefits give to players in the United States. For people that are still hesitant about how of this casino is, they can try it out and see how good the option will be


  • Provision of cashback bonuses, he good thing is that when you make deposit using this method, it will be regarded to as purchase, and you are going to get a certain percentage of money back as refund
  • Players will not have to incur any annual free. This makes it simple for players to enjoy the card without getting themselves worried about an unnecessary cost
  • Provision is made for different card option. Each of the credit card have each benefit, it depends on the particular one you choose. The benefit ranges from higher cashback to airline miles
  • None of the casino will charge any fee on the players when they are making a deposit
  • There is no need for you to get a bank account, this Discover Credit Card makes provision for its banking platforms such that all payments and transactions can be effectively handle
  • The support service is quite amazing, as they are available anytime you need their service. Discover card happens to be the third-largest. Going by how well the support service treat their customers, the company has gained popularity among the people


Although this has so many advantages, at the same time nothing is perfect. There are some downside to this payment method as well

  • Going by the fact that they are independent, they are not the type that charges any form of annual fee, but then they have to lower their risk in the provision of the credit cards. To lower the risk, it made in form of an interest rate. Their APR is in a wider range, and it can go from 11.24% to 23.24%. Another thing is that a standard variable purchase rate is being charged, and this takes up to 3%for each of the transfer made

Casinos that Accepts Discover Cards

Just like it was earlier said, the number of the casinos that accepts the Discover Card casino is quite small. The reason for this is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 which makes the credit card company to take precautions

The good thing is that many of the states in the US are now showing a friendly attitude towards online casinos. A very good example is Nevada and New Jersey. However, it will be important to make some recommendation when you are selecting an online casinos

Ensure it has a good reputation

The very first thing you should consider before selecting a casino that supports Discover Card is to check it out if it has a better reputation. Players need to be security conscious as there are scammers that create a website just to ensure that they can steal people’s information. Check if it is licensed by any of the gambling authority, look and for the reviews online and some other security measures

Verification of the Player’s Info

Majority of the online casino that recognizes Discover must have already made provision for verification and security. This is a good thing as you will have to affirm that you have attained the gambling age. An ID card, be it state ID or Driver’s license, it is just to ensure that the person making the deposit is the real owner of the card

Don not abuse the Benefit

The very reason why Discover seems to be strict in its process is that some players can misuse the opportunity given, Many players will deposit, lose their cash after then they will now come to the claim that someone stole their card so that they can get refund. Although the company has duly address and stop that kind of scenario

Alternative Payments

Many online casinos use this as a method of making deposits on casinos. Aside from the usage of the Discover Card, there are many options in which the players can make use of. They include

MasterCard Credit and Debit

This is very popular and generally accepted by online casinos, It is easy for players to easily link up their bank and gaming account together such that the withdrawals and deposit can be swift

Visa Credit and Debit

Talking about making deposits, it’s part of the payment option that is widely used for making deposits. All that players need to do is to connect their card numbers to the account of the player


This happens to be a digital currency in which many casinos are now accepting. Before players can make a deposit, it will be important for them to get the Bitcoin first, later they can then choose it as a payment method


This is also a safe means to make deposit, there are many ways in which you can make deposit, they include Skrill and Neteller

American Express Credit and Debit

Many casinos recognizes this as a payment option as well, but it is not as pronounced as the Mastercard or Visa


This happens to be the gambling option that is mostly secured, many of the online gamblers prefer this method. It can be linked to a bank account or credit card for easy transfer

Why Few Casino Accepts Discover Card

The reasons why Discover Card is not widely recognized among the casino is because it is centered on Americans, and the usage is hurt by the higher vendor fee. The online casinos can be regarded as the offshore operators that hinder the deposit of the Discover card. Online Gambling merchant code is being assigned by Discover Cards to the online website. For each of the credit transaction made, there is the attachment of a credit card transaction

The majority of the financial institutions and banks in the US do not accept the transactions made using that particular code. For this reason, majority of the players in America are unable to make use of the Discover Card as a method of payment

Activate it for International Transaction

To perform international transactions, you need to enable the activation of your Discover Card. This going to make it easier for casinos to accept every form of payment made using your Discover card

Enabling the activation of your Discover card cannot be said to be the perfect solution. Although things will look much easier. This kind of decision can be based on a bank by bank. Have it at the bank of your mind that each of the credit cards is as a result of the networking of different types of bank, which is the very reason why there are no rigid rules

Card Availability

This an efficient card option in which many people use from time to time. There are not so many casinos that recognizes discover card, but then majority of the Casinos that accept players from the United States and they are certain to offer international deposit methods which will be to the inclusion of Discover Online

What is Discover

Initially, this card was founded to be a large credit card company. It is a large retailer talking about the consumer good in the expansion of portfolios, and additional services are being offered to the people. Originally, it was founded for Sears, but it was later introduced to people throughout the nation

Comparison between some other credit cards

This happens to be an efficient credit card that has a given Mastercard and VISA a great competition, as it has some amazing and generous feature that will amaze the players. The credit limit offer is as well higher than the similar cards. Provision is as well made for cash bonus, as cardholders get a certain percentage which is usually between 2 – 5% of the amount spent

Tough Road for this Credit Card

Discover card already faced many challenges over time. The exclusionary policy was challenged in 2004 for the Mastercard and VISA. Fortunately, the case was ruled in support of Discover and the practices were discontinued

Types of Discover Cards

These cards are of four different types which include Travel, Student, Secured and Cash Back. Each of this is going to give great benefit to the user, but then you will have to meet some certain requirement before you can apply for them

Travel Credit Card

This is the only type of credit card offered by Discover. It is very suitable for players in the United States regardless of the fact that it is for traveling, pleasure or work. On each of the purchase made, it gives users 1.5x unlimited miles. As for the newly welcomed user, they are going to get double miles on their billing period for the first 12 consecutive time

Secured Discover Card

This has the same similarity with debit and prepaid card, but people that make use of this method will derive the same benefit just like other people making use of Discover credit card. There would be a need for you to make an application and provide a deposit of $300, and in your creditline, you are going to get $300. Secured Discovered Card is the type that can help you build your credit score without having to spend more than you can pay monthly

Student Credit Cards

Going by the name, it is basically designed for student, and it enhances studying. These made provision for students to pick from two cards. They Include the Discover it chrome for student, and the other is Discover it for students. On the first one there is a 2% cash back on restaurants and gas station, while on the second there is 5% cash back on some specific purchase made

CashBack Credit Cards

These are divided into three, but they give similar benefit to the people

  • On the Discover it, the players in the united states will be getting 5% cashback on some certain purchase made
  • On the Discover it NHL, it is just like the regular cards
  • On the Discover it Restaurant and Gas, there is 2% cash back on restaurant and gas stations, and for every other purchase made, there is 1% cash back


How to get a Discover Card?

Application can be made directly from the website, and you can as well make use of any of the bank approved. If you apply directly from the site, you will not have to incur any additional charge

How do I make deposit?

If you are familiar with the usage of credit card, just use the same process by filling the necessary informations

Is it Safe?

It is absolutely safe to make use of Discover cards, just ensure you visit a reputable casino site that recognizes Discover credit as a payment method

Can it be used to Gamble on online casino?

The unfortunate thing is that is not widely accepted for real money gambling

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