Popping Candy Slots

Popping Candy Slot Review – Online (Instant Win) Slots for Real Money

All the sweet things in life are about to be savored, and this is as well applicable to online games that will give you instant win. More importantly, the free poppy candy.

The gameplay is colorful and bright as it makes use of a 3D graphics that have a cartoon style with great excitement. Also, there is happy music with twinkly game sound. There are variables of the instant win games has it has various prizes for the bet made

Of course, it is only the high rollers that play the big stakes so that they can get big wins, and this is not the case when it comes to carrying out gameplay on the popping candy. The game is so amazing, all that you need to get is just a ticket, and chances are being given to winning the prize, which ranges from 3 to 35,000. Look at this, and you should that it is a big prize for just a small amount

Looking at the bottom right is the icon that can be used for making settings. This icon serves as a guide for you to carry out successful gameplay, also players are given a chance to control the sound effect, and you can decide to carry out your gameplay even while the sound effect is off. There is a green hill rolling, and the landscape has a slightly surreal look. The games that you are to play are two, and they are well framed with striped borders and cotton candy

A sweet Tooth

The first game can be seen on the left-hand side of the game, and the play window has 4 rows as the numbers are 1 to 4, which is an indication that the players are given great chances to make wins. The game happens to be a simple one, and the instruction given are also simple ones. Provision is made for 3 rows. For you to start the gameplay, you are to select any of the rows that you get to see along the rows such that the prize value and the symbols will be revealed

Symbols that you will get to see include the glossy sweets, and they are of different shapes and colors, and they are looking good enough to reach the screen. They are lemon oval, strawberry heart candy, blackcurrant star, and raspberry diamond. Also, there are orange circle, lemon and lime, cherry square, lime triangle, and a flavored candy, and all the candies are mouth-watering. Situations whereby you can match 3 candies in a single row, the value of the prizes are always highlighted in pink

Second Chances

Looking at the second game, it is set to the right of the play window, and there are 4 windows. At this particular time, the pink candy-striped paper bags of goodies happen to be the icons. Provision is only made for two rows right on this game, and it is to the inclusion of a plus as it separates them, and as well equals the question mark that you will get to see at the end. Looking at the first game, the frame to be precise, you will get to see info under it, and the prize will be shown as an icon until all things are being revealed. While you click on the icons, any of them is going to reveal the ones that are on the particular row

Of course, the main objective of this game is to ensure the revelation of two figures, and they are show such that it can pile up to 10; after that, a prize is going to be won for that row. Irrespective of the prize is in each of the games, and all will be added together after completion. The appearance of a drop-down will be made such that you will get a notification when you make wins and when the game has ended

Making a fast buck

Players looking for a way to get a quick buck can take due advantage of the free scratch card that would help you in making big wins. There are 3 mini-games that you can get to play just like the popping candy, and there is a betting range that in which you allow you to stake 0.50 to 10. This is an indication that there is variation in the price, and you can get to win as much as 150,000 on each of the gameplay carried out

Sweets to the sweet

Every player has the aim of making big cashouts, and the unfortunate thing is that Poppy Candy is an instant win game, and it can help you in making some big wins. The RTP rate is 68.01%, and this is quite low when talking about the online casino that claims to produce games that are of instant wins. In short, this game is going to keep you happy and give you the best of experience

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