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The more you discover, the more you want to discoverINSTANT WIN GAMING

Instant Win Gaming is actually a veteran as it has more than a decade of experience when it comes to developing casino games. Over the years, this company has amassed a lot of experience and its quality has been improved a lot. At the moment, this brand has more than 250 casino games under its belt and there is a lot of diversity when it comes to Features and genres. This is actually really impressive because the development team is made up of only 18 professional and expertise members. The headquarters of this brand is London, a city often called the online gambling capital of the world. The support than Instant Win Gaming gets from it’s home country is immense and it also has a lot of popularity in mainland Europe. With important partnerships, the company has managed to tie itself to the US lottery market.

This company has made some strategic partnerships in the new online casino industry while keeping its veteran title. Even though it has been existent since 2005, it is actually in 2015 that it gained recognition. This was when it started expanding, supported by some key investors in the industry. This brand’s journey started in London. It was an innovator of modern technology in connection with online lottery. This company still operates with lottery and it has some innovative ideas that it has introduced for this sector. It also has some games designed. The one that impressed us most was the RGS system. This one let casino and lottery operators more customization. You will also notice that this brand provides A/B Testing services and so both operators and punters love it. 2016 is the year this company became really active, and it partnered up with some topnotch brands like 888 Holdings, PariPlay and William Jill’s. Just these three partnerships power the company.


Most of the games that Instant Win Gaming offers has HTML5 optimization on both mobile and desktop. Added to that, these games are available on flash so everything is flexible. A majority of the games that they offer can be played using Android or iOS applications and so this one was even much more convenient. The gaming systems they have introduced in their lottery are new and this one encompasses everything like new gaming content, easy integration of lottery games and flexible customizations. The aesthetics of this brand’s games are also very good and way better than some brands here. They definitely hold a special place in the player’s hearts. A lot of players have nothing but great things to say about the brand and how easily they adhere to trends. They have managed to win millions over with their offerings of rewarding gaming algorithm.

Instant Win Gaming also has products that it offers to casino operators and lottery managers. The first if these is a gambling model that is backed by insurance. So there is no risk when you get a business model and you are sure to get income. The feature that stands out the most is the RISQ RNG Engine. This one powers casinos with the best performances out there and it is based in London. So, with RISQ ans IWG, you have systems backed by insurance and jackpots that could go as high as €25 million. The systems are not part of any network and you can work on them even offline.


Instant Win Gaming’s main market if operation is the United Kingdom, North America and Europe. Its main license for from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. It does have dual licenses for Europe, Canada and US.

Game Catalogue

Instant Win Gaming is definitely good. Its games have a great advantage over the games that other slot developers and lottery managers provide. The brand’s games have a nice mix of amazing features and they offer big wins and frequent win models. For Instant Win Casino, the battle cry is New Content and they think this is very important. They release a nice stream of new content into both their online and offline jackpot system networks. Every two weeks, they release a new game which is a whole other record on its own. For us, this could actually get even more intense as this brand goes to new markets in Germany, Norway and Sweden. Coupled with this, you have the prize structure, the inner algorithms and the game mechanizes that just make things better. The graphics also play a huge part and with each game they release, we noticed an improvement. This assures us that this company is just going to keep innovating. A lot of the games they offer have minimum jackpots of €100,000 and some even go up to millions.

With this, players will definitely keep coming back even after they have gotten their winnings. For us, when we consider graphics and reward system, we could say that Instant Win Gaming has some games that are better than others. You have Monopoly Multiplier, Crossword Cash, Gold Rush, Crystal Fortune and Fast Buck. Let’s give you one little nugget of advice. It ua better to play the newest slot and lottery titles of the brand and you will experience the best kind of gaming ever. One of the most recent releases is Bang For Your Buck and it could be seen as a progressive jackpot. This game is not at all complicated when it comes to design and the interface is very user-friendly. This brand is definitely one of a kind.

This brand has the honour of being the first to have a rollover jackpot, one of the most innovative products that 2018 saw. Rollover jackpots prizes start off at €10 million and they could go up to €25 million. IWG is definitely that gambling company that is in tune with the customers and knows what exactly they need and want. We have high hopes with this brand and we hope to see it being more life to the future of online lottery.

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