The Voice Game Slot

The Voice Game Slot Review (Instant Win Game)

This Game is based on a TV show that happens to be a hit, and it can be said to be an Instant Win game.

Of course, the players may be faced with disappointment that this casino does not make provision for Sir Tom Jones, Jessie J. The players that are willing to stake high will enjoy this anticipation as provision is made for 7 rounds of chair-turning, and the scoreboard has a filling action.

The Voice Game Slot Review

The Voice Game Slot

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The games have an instant win, and they are very popular among the players that love slot machines. Each of the players works uniquely, and there are fantastic payouts, features, themes, and styles. The scatter awards and the wild symbols are the only things that you will not get to see on this casino, but then players will get to enjoy bonus rounds and some progressive jackpots. This voice happens to be a simpler one and does not ask for much from the players, all that players have to do is to get on with a few clicks with a big red button. This is not to say that this lacks excitement, all you have to do is to get on with 7 clicks, scoreboards which is up to 6 will as well give players the ample opportunity to win some fantastic prizes

Sky Vegas did the establishment of this casino, and just like some other slots, there are table games, instant wins, and some other titles. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission fully licenses them, and they ensure the provision of high RTP to ensure that the players have higher chances of making big wins

Accessing The Voice

On accessing the interface of this casino, someone who is familiar with the TV show will quickly notice the logo as they will see the logo, which is placed above the line of chairs. But then instead of making use of 4 chairs, provision is now prepared for 6 chairs. Looking at the back of each chair, you are going to see a scoreboard. They are in different colors, and while making use of the horizontal bars 4, 5 and 6, they are well topped making use of the prize value

Carrying out gameplay on this casino is not something straightforward, but then what you are going to do is to get a ticket such that, after then you are going to get 7 click right on the red button. For each click, it is going to turn around 1 and 4 of the chairs as it ensures a release of the musical note, which can either be single or double. Cases whereby it is a single note, the scoreboard behind the turned chair is going to light up to just a single bar

Taking a closer look, there are animations as the chair makes some vibration, turns, and make a proper release of the notes. Of course, the completion of a music-based contest is yet to come on board without a tune. For this reason, we have ensured that the theme is playing right in the background, and each round comes with a bit of music. As the board fills up, it gets more and more dramatic

Scoring Wins

When the 7 good rounds progress, the colored light starts to fill up each of the board, and players that have not even experienced the show will get along in an interestingly, getting closer to the end of the game and finally complete a scoreboard to make big wins. Of course, it is always straightforward to fill a scoreboard that is of lower value compared to the one that is of higher importance. Looking from the chair number 1 that you will see right on the left, there is a 4-bar board that pays 1x of the amount staked, and this is when it is filled up, when it is filled up again, there will be another 4-bar board, and it pays 4x of your stake is paid out. The 6-bar board makes a return of 250x, and there is a 5-bar which can win up to 12x of the amount used for staking

The next chair is paying the best prize if any players are lucky enough to see all the 6 bars lit up right at the end of the round, making wins, which is 15,000x of the bet triggered. Lastly, the chair number 6 is going to pay you 50x of the amount you spent on staking

Seeing as the board gets filled with the musical notes, players are given a chance to land an Instant win. Of course, we understand the fact that this is always 2x of the stake, and anything above this is rare.


This happens to be a simple set of plus or minus, and this is made to ensure the fact that players can set their bet level, as it ranges from 0.50 to 10.00 for each round. Irrespective of the stake that you choose, you can get up to 7 clicks non each of the buttons, and it can be up to 15,000

Our Opinion

This game is worth playing, and it has great potential for giving the players the best experience. Although provision is not made for extra round and bonus features, then it works uniquely, and it is of high quality

This game is well optimized, and it has excellent compatibility with mobile devices, with this you can enjoy your gameplay on the go, the only thing that you need is just a secured internet connection.

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