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St patrick's day casino

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The potential for the world going crazy on St Patrick’s day is pretty high. Most people drink themselves to stupor on this very day. However, before this happens, we have done a lot of searching, and we have been able to find a link that binds gambling and this holy day. Therefore, we have been able to get all of the fantastic bonuses made available to gamblers on St Patrick’s day.

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What Are St Patrick’s Day Bonuses?

St Patrick’s day is an Irish day that is marked annually. However, it is a day that some online casinos have separated to bless players with different bonuses and promotions so they can enjoy the fun that comes with this special day.

The bonuses gifted to players on this day arrive in tournaments, bonuses, or welcome bonuses. Interestingly, you will always find something that will catch your fancy on this special day in March. Additionally, highly rated casinos are still coming up with something that will thrill you on this day. To see the list of what to expect, check our list below.

Furthermore, if your choice for this year is to cancel out on the St Paddy’s day, and you want to have fun with your Irish friends, go ahead and check the fascinating offers that our casino has in stock for you.

The Inception of St Patrick’s day

The famous St Patrick’s day is well over a thousand and six hundred years. It is a day set apart to mark the death of a Christian archbishop and slave known as Patrick Maewyn.

Before his death, Patrick was one of the captives of the Irish people. He was captured from his home country England by slavers.

He later got himself freed but passed on the chance to go back to England. He stayed back and decided to become a Christian missionary. He started preaching against the pagans and tried all he could to cleanse the country from paganism’s beliefs. He became so good at doing this over a long time.

Additionally, there are stories about snakes in the country, and according to history by Folklore, St Patrick was highly successful in getting rid of all the snakes in Ireland. For this reason, Ireland is free from any form of snakes.

Don’t get too confused because the word “Snakes” was only used in place of pagans that lived in the country. However, you must have noticed that so many pest control companies still adopt this name in the United States.

The Tradition

It has become notable that annually the St Patrick’s day is marked with a green attire, and it is also a day that everyone gets drunk to make a fool out of themselves. You might wonder how the idea of getting drunk on a day like this came to life. However, the answer to that is merely human evolution and civilization.

Furthermore, the Christian feats day soon became the St Paddy’s day, and this became a day for reminiscing the wonderful and Godly works done by the saints.

As time passed, churches began to reduce the strict sanction placed on this day and allowed people to have a little drink or eat. This day falls between the time Christians fast for Easter celebration. However, time soon passed, and people soon forget the strict rules, and as the relaxation continues, it turned the day to one of the most memorable fun days in Irish history.

In today’s world it not just alone to celebrate the St Patrick’s day, it is also a day to celebrate the history and culture of the Irish people.

Q. Wait a min, are you trying to tell me that one of the essential days in Irish history is simply because of an English guy?

A: keep your voice down!

St Patrick’s day is a day that bears no seriousness. The celebration is just for the Irish people and the tasty nature of their wines.

Fundamentally, it is just a day to have aggressive fun in Ireland. Hence, don’t pay too much attention into history, you might get lost.

The Casino and St Patrick’s Day-The Marriage

If you think getting drunk is the only thing you will experience in this holy day, you are highly mistaken because gambling has also been married to this famous day.

Annually, you will see many land-based and online casinos flooding the internet with special St Patrick’s day give away and promotions. You will see promotions like free spins, tournaments, and competitions. If you are still in doubt, open a new tab on your browser and search for Casinos, and St Patrick’s day. You will see lots of casinos popping up on your browser with extra attention calling promotions. It is not to sound funny, but you will see our website on the first page of your search list.

Gambling and Casinos on St Patrick’s day

I was employed as a copywriter for my first ever job. I worked for a casino, and the casino I worked for was always innovatively copying what its competitors are doing. When I first joined the team in March, my first big assignment was to compose emails for our casinos’ players about the different promotions we have available for St Patrick’s day. It was difficult for me at first to get the idea behind St Patrick’s day. Hence, it made my colleagues wonder why I had no prior idea about such a popular day. However, I eventually got the scope of this beautiful day.

There are three main things you have to know to make a proper St Patrick’s day


The craic means fun, therefore having fun is the number one thing that matters on this special day. Casinos present players with a series of bonuses and joy on this particular day; therefore, it makes it easy to get yourself highly entertained St Patrick’s day.

The Irish Luck-Irish Traditions

Casinos have overused this particular concept for several years, and it is not about to stop. The “luck of the Irish” will always be seen in at least none casino game. Any serious software developer will always make sure there is an Irish Theme game available in a casino. You will see games like pots-of-god, leprechauns, and many more.

Plenty of Alcohol

There is a saying that says “a magician best friend is a drunk audience.” Therefore, casinos best friend is a drunk player. Since St Patrick’s day comes with a lot of drinking tradition, the reason why most online casinos join in the fun is pretty understandable. On a day like these players are likely to get drunk, and a drunk player will not have access to proper thinking. Hence, they will continue to stake. This is even more glaring in land-based casinos.

Casinos And St Patrick’s Day – All Year Round

You won’t just come across St Patrick’s day and casinos on just a single day. The fun goes on for a whole year. Hence, naming is not naming this article ‘the annual fling,’ instead, it is best called ‘The holy Matrimony.’

We mentioned earlier that players have access to varieties of casino games with an Irish theme. Additionally, there are plenty of slot games with an Irish theme that players can enjoy throughout the year. For a fact, NetEnt also has its own Irish Themed slot known as Finn and the Swirly Spin.

We are giving our readers the challenge to find any casino that doesn’t readily have an Irish themed slot game. If by chance you come across any, please let us know through this link.

Overall, that’s all we have to say about casinos and St Patrick’s day.