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Playing Blackjack is extremely interesting, because it is an easy-to-learn casino game and because a blackjack online bonus is to be found quite frequently on online gambling sites,new bonus blackjack offering variants and house edge on a low level, thus encouraging to play. The rules of Blackjack are based on a strict relation between the dealer and the player who has always the possibility to chose among various options. The game becomes more and more fascinating if online blackjack bonus is added to the pure game.

Blackjack Rules

Speaking of rules, everything starts with a bet placed by the player and two cards given to dealer, one of which is to be turned up, and player. The value of the cards makes the score, so if you have cards of 3, 4, 5 value, the blackjack score will be 3+4+5=12. Face cards are worth 10, while 1 or 11 is the value of Aces. The main aim in Blackjack is to achieve the maximum value of 21, without exceeding it, or “bust”, as it is said, because in this case, the player will lose his bet. “Blackjack” is achieved with 2 cards scoring 21.
The player gets an online blackjack bonus as a reward for the “blackjack”, which is paid 3:2.The dynamic working under the game 888 casino live blackjackimplies that the dealer tries to score a blackjack if he has an Ace or a face card of 10 points. On the other hand, the player can use the “insurance” option, if the dealer shows an Ace.
If the dealer’s remaining card is a face card or a 10 to achieve blackjack, insurance is paid 2:1. However, considering that in a single-hand game on the insurance bet, the house edge is 2-15%, it is not worth for the player to use the “insurance” option. Exception made for particular situations where the deck is full of tens. A specific note on Insurance exceptions is at disposal.
The hand of the game ends when the dealer has blackjack, while it continues, if he has not a blackjack, thus allowing the player to chose among various possibilities: Stand-Hit-Double-Split.
If he stands, the hand finishes because he keeps his cards. If he hits, he takes another card continuing until he busts or scores 21. If he doubles, he takes a third card and doubles the bet. He can double only in a 2-card hand. He can’t hit any longer, but the hand ends after 3 cards drawn.
Finally, he can Split when there are 2 cards of the same value which can be separated in two hands with a double betting, one for each hand. At this point, the player is given a third card for each hand, so as to have two hands of 2 cards each. Being the case of a couple of Aces split in two hands, the hand stops when the second card is drawn, if, on the contrary there is another kind of card, the player can use one of the above options. As explained in detail in the rules hereafter, there is also the possibility of a second split.

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FAQs About Online Blackjack

Can I make money while playing online blackjack?

Just like most of the other games, you can make some money playing online blackjet. Several methods exist for playing the online blackjack but they are all governed by some basic rules. It is advisable not to stretch yourself to the extreme by sticking to a betting limit that keeps you in the game even after you’ve had few consecutive losses.

Is card counting illegal in blackjack?

In blackjack, card counting is not possible. This is because the deck gets reshuffled after each hand contrary to how it works in traditional blackjack games.