Buster Blackjack

Buster Blackjack Online

Buster Blackjack is a variant of blackjack produced by NYX Gaming that make use of the rules of standard blackjack. In this version, the hand dealer will bust after going over at twenty-one.

Buster Blackjack

Buster Blackjack

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The best moment for the players of blackjack is the time the busting of the dealer occur. You will notice the uncertainty the dealer fourteen will caused but once the face card has been drawn to go over, that is the moment for the entire table to rejoice together. This moment hardly occur when playing the game of blackjack – a moment where relaxation sets in unison. However, have you ever thought that there can be another moment with better excitement? A moment where the hand of the dealer go over at twenty one? That is what brought about the idea of the game produced by NYX Gaming that is referred to as Buster Blackjack. There are many variants of blackjack that have been produced by NYX Gaming which utilize the rules of standard blackjack but differs in the side bettings. This is what makes each game to be unique. The players will not have prior knowledge of whether they have won the side bet until the completion of each hand unlike various versions that this does not to apply to. In this game what matter most is the busting of the broker and the number of cards they need before they can bust.

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There are lot of similarities between buster blackjack and other versions of blackjack created by NYX Gaming. This mean there is no need for you to check out everything about the gameplay since they are all the same except at the side bets. You can just skip to the part that is different if you are not new to blackjack. Buster blackjack contain no joker therefore, six deck of cards are given out from the shoe each to the players and the shuffling will take place at the end of each round. Before the game will start, the players must have placed a wager in the appropriate area. Player can played 3 hands in this case with a hand representing individual bet. Also, another meeting area is available on top of the main wagering section which is not compulsory for players and can be done by putting chips in that position. This will be explained better in the later part of this review.


In the beginning of every session, the player will be dealt with 2 cards that will be facing up whereas, between the two cards of the dealer, one will be facing up while the other will face down. The card facing down is know as the hole card and the main purpose of the game is to defeat the dealer by producing a hand that is nearer to twenty one at the same time avoiding busting. The total score will be obtained from the cards on the hand of the player. The number on each card is the worth of the card but the worth of each face card is ten. Another card that also have a different worth is the ace, which can give the player either eleven points or one points depending on the scenario.

Blackjack is the best hand known so far and to get it, it requires starting with a card worth 10 points and a card worth 11 points to have in total twenty one points.

The dealer will first ascertained if there is presence of blackjack at the beginning of each session due to the value of the blackjack. This means that there is possibility of a hand having a ten or an ace at the beginning of each hand. The wager of the player will be insured whenever there is a presence of an ace on the dealer’s hand. In a case where there is availability of blackjack to the dealer, the wager costs will be derived as half of the original bet and the payout will be two to one. But if there is no presence of blackjack on the hand of the dealer, then the player have been provided an opportunity to play what they have. The player can play based on the option available to them due to the value of the cards they have and the card of the dealer facing up. Some distinct options are inclusive in certain cases of the original hand and the options include:

• A situation whereby the player made a hit so as to collect additional card to change the total value at hand is known as Hit.

• A situation whereby the player did not ask for an additional card and decided to keep on playing with the initial value at hand is known as Stand.

• A situation that requires the player to stake the exact amount equal to their original eager so as to be able to collect additional card and then stand afterwards is known as Double Down. It is only possible for the first 2 cards received by the player and when the total value is either nine, ten or eleven.

• A situation that requires the player to begin play with 2 cards having equal value which can be divided into two distinct hands and each hand will only go for a wager is known as Split. After the separation, both the two hand will receive one additional card to make each of them two cards. Then they will play the game with the standard gameplay. The splitting can only be done once at a time in this variant. The player can play one of the hands till busting occur of there is a stand. The stakes present will be lost by the player in as much as a bust occur on their side.

The card facing down along the dealer’s card will then be revealed after all other players have played. However, in a case where there is a player left that has not played but the dealer already showcase their card. This will result to a ruling being made by the dealer based on the laid down rules. Hit will be recorded if the total value of the card is sixteen but if it is more than that the dealer will need to stand. All other player will win whenever the hand of the dealer bust. But if such does not occur, then the winner will be judged based on the hand with the highest total value. Push will occur whenever a tie is recorded. Every stakes made by the player record an even win except the case of blackjack where the payout is at a payout of three to two.

Strategy Of Playing

Strategy Of Playing

At the beginning of each hand there will also be an opportunity for the player to the side wager option of the better blackjack. Once the dealer made their decision and the round has finished, the side betting will be sorted out. Once the dealer made a sum of higher or equal to twenty two the buster stake will be released and it is known as busting. If this does not take place then the buster bet have lost. The odds is dependent on the number of cards that are required for the busting of the dealer. Also there are availability of additional bonuses if the player is able to have a blackjack. The odds for the busting include:

• Two to one odds for the busting of 3 or 4 card

• Four to one odds for the busting of 5 card

• Eighteen to one odds for the busting of 6 card

• Fifty to one odds for the busting of 7 card

•Two hundred and fifty to one odds for the busting of Card equal to 8 or more than 8

• Eight hundred to one odds for the busting of 7 card together with Blackjack

• Two thousand to one odds for the busting of card equal to 8 or more than 8 together with a blackjack

Payout Percentage

Every game offered by NYX Gaming as always have a good payout percentage for players same thing applicable to Buster Blackjack. In a situation where you apply the best technique the house advantage is as small as 0.37 percent. Comparing the value of the house advantage with those ones offer at live casinos, it shows that it is better. Not all strategy will make you have the low value of the house advantage therefore, you need to be wary of the kind of strategy you are using. To utilize the best strategy that will give less house advantage, you will need to check it out in a chart that states all possible strategies and scenarios that can occur when playing. You do not need to memorize the technique, you can make use of the chart when you are playing. There is no one rushing you therefore you will need to think carefully before making any move. Also there are simple strategies that will help you avoid been in caught in a web while playing the game. Those strategies can be gotten online most of the time. The strategy we offer is also simple and easy to understand with being basically made for Buster Blackjack. The strategy we have made for the game is that the player must note that the majority of the hands are hard. A soft hand is recognized whenever there is an ace on a hand and the value is still eleven. Which means that collecting additional card will not result to busting. Check out for the hand that might be available and follow the laid down rules to play the game.

Soft Hands

• Hit anytime you have seventeen or a lesser hand

• Whenever you have eighteen and the dealer hand shows eight then stand but if it shows nine or higher hand then hit.

• Stand anytime you have nineteen or a higher hand.

Hard Hands

• Hit anytime you have eight or a lesser hand

• Whenever you have nine and the dealer hand shows between three to six then double down, if that is not the case then hit.

• Whenever you have a hand between twelve to sixteen and the dealer hand shows six or a lesser hand then stand. If the dealer hand shows seven or a higher hand then hit.

• Stand anytime you have seventeen or a higher hand.


• Ensure you divide both aces and 8.

• Do not divide 4, 5 or 10.

• Any other oair different from the one mentioned above then split whenever the dealer hand shows six or a lesser hand. Avoid splitting when the dealer hand shows seven or a higher hand.

• The hand should be treated like a normal hand value whenever splitting does not occur and ensure to play along with rules in mind.

Always decline the chance of insuring your wagers because they always have higher house advantage.

After complying with the rules above you also need to note that the side bet payout percentage of this game. It does not require any strategy, but, it is higher than other bonuses from NYX Gaming. The RTP is not that bad being 6.20 percent for a stake that is not compulsory. There will be players that will go for this side bet instead of the trying out the odd of two thousand to one.

Features of the Game

The last thing to be discussed about Buster Blackjack is the features of the game. The graphics and designs are not traditional and also has an interface that is good looking. The tabs are easy to access and all these features indicates that the game in the gaming world is classified as a recent improvement. A voice of the dealer will be heard if you put on the sound, which will direct you to do all you want to do. Although the setup of the game might seems apprehensive but there is nothing to worry about. You can also watch the video tutorials in case your are confused or not clear on certain things. The tempo of the game is not fast yet it does not deprived the players from enjoying the game. A better payout percentage with all what we have discussed above, it will not be a fallacy to say Buster Blackjack is among the best alternatives for players that prefer to play twenty one. If you want to have fun while playing online then this game is also made for you. The side wager is also has a tangible payout although it is not compulsory for the player to play. There are also other versions by NYX Gaming that you can try out in case you want to change your style.