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The Best Real Money Apps for Blackjack Review

The best real-money online blackjack apps can be found here. Here’s a selection of some of the most interesting and safe blackjack apps at online casinos that you can play today.

Blackjack, perhaps the most popular casino game, is now playable on mobile for actual cash. Real-money blackjack applications are available for US gamers on iPhones, Androids, tablets, and iPads.

The above list includes casinos that provide top-notch blackjack applications for mobile devices. Keep reading to see why these gambling sites are here and what to look out for.

Real-money Apps for Blackjack

This section lists the top blackjack applications. Our list includes only those that fulfill our high requirements.

Our criteria include excellent security software to keep private information safe, an extensive range of games, so we don’t get tired, secure banking choices to add money to our casino wallets with ease, and helpful customer support staff to address any issues.

We expect blackjack applications to feature an intuitive user interface. We wouldn’t suggest hard-to-use software since we want users to enjoy them.

We use the aforementioned criterion for many casino applications, not only blackjack. See our casino feedback section for information on our evaluation procedure.

Here are our top blackjack apps:

# Casino Rating Bonus Bonus Code
1 Read Review up to $5000 Use Link Visit
2 Read Review $35 Free TBRD35 Visit
3 Read Review 35 Free Spins LUCKYDIG300 Visit
4 Read Review $25 Free Chips RICH25 Visit
5 Read Review 50 Free Spins Use Link Visit
6 Read Review 325% WELCOME OFFER UP TO $9,750 Use Link Visit
7 Read Review 30 Free Spins Use Link Visit
8 Read Review 200 Free Spins Use Link Visit
9 Read Review 100% UpTo $3,000 CAWELCOME100 Visit
10 Read Review $5000 Use Link Visit

Top US actual cash blackjack apps features

We wouldn’t recommend downloading the first virtual blackjack application you encounter on the Google Play or App Store. They’re not all equal. Although there are several fantastic possibilities, there are also several to ignore and more that don’t provide real money for blackjack.

The top actual cash blackjack apps include some characteristics. Below, we list the qualities we consider when selecting our favorites. These characteristics come after security, safety, and reliability. No blackjack application that doesn’t pass our stringent tests will appear on our list.

Auto-action selection on blackjack apps

Auto-action selections are a big feature of actual cash online blackjack. Many betting applications provide these features. You may tick these boxes to automate game activities.

You may instruct the game to stand on 10 or 11 without asking. You can also stand on 17 without telling the game. We prefer to see these before recommending online blackjack software.

3/2-paying blackjack

Various blackjack applications in the USA provide different rewards. Although little, it might affect your number of wins. Blackjack pays 6/5 or 3/2 at US online casinos. What does it mean? Why is that essential? Imagine you bet $10.

  • At a 3/2 blackjack table, you’ll win $15.
  • If you land blackjack in a 6/5 casino, you’ll win $12.

Animated cards

The top blackjack applications know you want to have fun. If you’re using 1990s-era software, you won’t like it. Slow, glitchy card animations aren’t engaging. All of our recommended blackjack applications simulate betting at a live table.

Blackjack variants

Blackjack is one basic game with several variants and rulesets. Why play a game you don’t like? When choosing the best blackjack applications, we ensure they provide popular and uncommon versions.


According to your blackjack tactics, you may wish to surrender. A great blackjack strategy requires some surrenders.

Not all casinos allow it. Why?

They’ll say it’s to confuse customers, but it’s to get an advantage. We only suggest blackjack applications that let you surrender. So why would we make the casino’s life easier?

Blackjack Live Dealer

This isn’t a criterion for our list of USA blackjack apps, but we enjoy it. Live dealer casino blackjack games allow you to play the game for profit on an actual table from your tablet or phone.

You’ll watch a live dealer dealing hands on your display using video technology. Players place all wagers and choices online, but the betting happens on a regular table. It’s like a live casino without leaving your home.

Blackjack app bonuses

We adore bonuses; therefore, blackjack applications with bonus games are wonderful. There are in-app bonuses and deposit bonuses.

Bonuses in the games

Some blackjack applications provide bonuses, adding interest to the game. The bonuses are lower than deposit bonus offers and are given for completing tasks while playing.

You may get a bonus when you get a 21-point card or win a particular number of games within the time limit. Again, these bonuses usually include wagering restrictions you should know about.

Bonus deposits

Most blackjack applications give these incentives. Casinos match deposits of close to a particular amount.

Blackjack apps may provide a match bonus of 200% of about $500. You’ll get $400 in bonus cash if you deposit $200. The bonus money may have wagering restrictions, so check before using it. So you know how to withdraw bonus funds.

Free blackjack apps

Demo mode and social casinos are two methods to play free blackjack on mobile applications.

Free Demo

Demo versions let players understand the rules and practice techniques before gambling for actual cash.

Here are the top mobile blackjack demo applications.

  • Bovada
  • BetUS Casino
  • Las Atlantis
  • Ignition Casino
  • Cafe Casino

Sweepstakes/Social Casinos

Download social casinos from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Social casinos don’t allow real-money wagers. You can win cash via sweepstakes, but mostly bet with casino-issued or purchased virtual money.

The best free play apps:

  • Pulsz
  • b Spot
  • Hard Rock Jackpot Casino
  • Chumba Casino

Blackjack variations

Besides blackjack games with additional characteristics, there are also specialized blackjack versions.

Zappit Blackjack

You can zap two cards if you don’t like your hand in Zappit blackjack. This is accessible to any player with 15 to 18 beginning points.

If neither the player nor the dealer gets a blackjack or their hands total 22 or more, the game is a push, and the player gets their stake back.

Super Fun 21

This amusing blackjack version uses a single deck of cards. Another even-money game with plenty of flexibility. Double down, pair split, and surrender are all legal, even after double.

Spanish 21 Blackjack

Spanish 21 uses a 48-card deck with no tens, which changes the game’s result. The player always wins with 21 points, even if the dealer also has 21.

Single-deck blackjack

This blackjack version only uses a single deck, so it’s simpler to predict what cards you’ll get and when. This blackjack variation has a modest house advantage, making it perfect for card counters.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

You may gamble on whether your first two cards are a perfect pair in perfect pairs blackjack. Despite the low odds, the rewards are frequently large.

European Blackjack

European blackjack is comparable to American blackjack, although it has specific differences. The dealers cannot check for blackjack when their first hand is equivalent to 10 points in this blackjack version. Hence, the player must make the first move without knowing if they have lost.

In European blackjack, you can only split your hand once, which may affect your strategy.

Blackjack Switch

The Blackjack Switch is different. In this phone blackjack game, you play two cards every round and may keep or swap the second card in each hand. As a result, the payoff is usually even money instead of 3:2.

American Blackjack

American blackjack is easy to play. You want to get as close to 21 without going over. You win if your card total is higher than the dealer’s and under 22.

One card is face up, and one is face down for the dealer. This version allows up to three splits.

Our Blackjack app rating guarantee

  • Real-money blackjack applications don’t pay us to be reviewed or listed.
  • We keep our lists updated by reviewing previously suggested sites and new applications.
  • No amateurs wrote our reviews. Our ratings and rankings are reliable since we only use industry experts.

Does my device support blackjack apps?

Check device compatibility while using these apps. If your gadget uses a popular OS, you should be OK. iPhone and Android blackjack applications are plentiful and of good quality.

Checking an app’s website is the best approach to determining compatibility. The iPhone and Android blackjack applications will always feature the operating system branding on the site. You’re set if the casino is in your device’s app store. Check out our listings of the finest US online casinos to save time.

Mobile blackjack strategies

Even as a blackjack newbie, there are strategies and methods you may use. Here are some novice blackjack tactics to employ immediately.

House Edge

Most blackjack games have a 0.4% to 0.5% house advantage. Online blackjack varies by game type.

For a beginner, go for a 3:2 standard game. This implies you’ll earn $3 for every $2 bet on blackjack. 6:5 blackjack pays $6 for every $5 wagered.

6:5 blackjack increases the house advantage from 0.4% to 2%, which might affect your long-term wins. We offer a simple online blackjack game for beginners.


Blackjack’s goal is to come close to 21. In blackjack, surrendering and insurance may increase your long-term performance.

Insurance is a side wager that the dealer’s concealed card is 10, resulting in blackjack.

While this may appear secure (thus the term insurance), the cost vs. payment and worth is just not there.

Folding early in blackjack means surrendering. If your hand was weak, you’d do this. You give up half of your bet when you fold and reduce your losses.

You can’t split a 16 if the dealer has a ten and you don’t have two 8s. Here, your prospects of winning are low; therefore, leaving may be best.


Blackjack may be enjoyable and thrilling, but it’s crucial to establish spending limits and an online blackjack money management.

You’ll have hot streaks. Being strong enough to move away is vital.

This might seem contradictory to playing online blackjack. Still, it’s the best opportunity to halt, gather money, and increase your balance. When you don’t walk away, you risk thinking you can win again if you lose, and soon, you’re losing.

Set a budget for what you’re willing to lose. When you adopt this perspective, you’ll have a more inexpensive budget since it isn’t in your budget but what you’re OK losing.

Gambling’s “danger of ruin” is losing all you can afford.

FAQs about Blackjack Apps

  • Are real-money blackjack apps manipulated?

As long as you play the safest actual cash blackjack applications, no. The casino always has the advantage, so there’s no incentive to manipulate the software.

  • Can I first play free blackjack apps?

Yes! Most of the suggested blackjack applications feature play money choices. Play money tables use the same software and random number generators as real money games, giving you an authentic preview. We suggest playing a few rounds for play money before playing for real money.

  • Are there safe blackjack apps?

Yes! If two things happen. First, use safe blackjack software. Every method mentioned in this article is safe. Other gambling applications aren’t recommended. Second, do your part. This involves avoiding gambling while drunk or upset, using a secure account password, and keeping computer software and virus protection updated.

If you can do these two things, mobile actual cash blackjack will be secure.

  • Are there real-money blackjack apps?

Yes, several mobile applications support real-money blackjack. Few blackjack apps support real money wagers, so stick to our recommendations.

  • What if my blackjack apps disconnect?

Blackjack apps disconnect depending on the casino’s procedures. Most include disconnection protection that preserves action until you can rejoin. Online blackjack is an individual game. Therefore, no other players must wait for you to rejoin. Live dealer games may have a time limit to reconnect.

Before downloading betting applications, read their disconnection policies. Before continuing, make sure you’re happy with the process. We promise you that the greatest blackjack applications safeguard gamers.

  • Are Blackjack apps legal?

Blackjack app legality depends on local legislation. These applications aren’t banned in the US, but local regulations differ. Our internet gambling section has a state-by-state analysis for Americans.

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