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Since the inception of the internet, the opportunities that are available for players to claim free money from a casino have become endless. You can claim free money from almost anything and everything. Some casino players might be wondering what a Referral Bonus is all about. Just read along and you be marvelled at how easy it has become to raise funds in a casino.

Referral bonus has a lot of terms attached to it by various casinos. Some casino refers to it as ”tell a friend”, while some are ”inform a special one”. There are a lot of terms used to describe the referral bonus offered at a casino but that doesn’t tell us what it’s all about. Referral bonus can be seen as informing a friend about all the special features attached to a casino and why he or she should sign up with the casino.

To earn from a referral bonus, you would have to provide your referral link to the referred player to use in signing up with the casino. There are a lot of ways to earn via a referral bonus but the most common method players enjoy is the benefits attached to the deposits each player you referred makes. You can earn from a referral bonus as soon as a visitor clicks on your link or after a referred player makes deposit depending on the casino.

How Referral Bonus Works

As soon as you create an account with any casino that offers this bonus offer, you are qualified to partake in it. To get your referral bonus, you would have to tell a friend to register with the casino. Most times, registration alone might not earn you a very substantial amount, so you might also have to persuade the player to make a deposit to his or her casino account.

To refer a player, you would have to copy your referral link and send to the player. The player would have to use the referral link to register his or her account for the casino to know that you were the one who referred the player. You can refer as many players as possible so you don’t need to worry about exhausting the bonus offer.

What to Consider Before Referring a Player

Certainly, after going through the above information the thought of claiming a referral bonus being the easiest thing in the world might have popped up at the back of mind. Note that referring a player might be very easy but it comes with a lot of tutoring and hard work if you are to keep the funds coming.

A lot of casinos offer their referral bonus after the referred player makes his or her first deposit. Telling a friend to click on a link and open an account might be very easy but what about telling them to make deposits? What are the guarantees that if they make deposits, the casino you referred them to would be worth their time? There are a lot of questions that would certainly pop up, so here are a few things to consider before referring a friend to a casino.

Reliability: the referral bonus offer might not be very huge but to keep a steady flow of free money coming into your casino account, you would certainly have to hustle a little. You would need to confirm the reliability of the casino before referring a friend. Take note that some of the casinos that offer players the opportunity of enjoying a referral bonus are scam sites, try to verify the authenticity of the site. Make sure the casino you are referring a friend to is a casino that you have made use of personally because if the casino runs away with the funds of a player you referred, you would have a good deal of explaining to do.

Terms and Conditions: you might have been thinking that since it’s a referral bonus wagering terms and conditions would not be attached. You might not see huge wagering terms and conditions like the one attached to a welcome bonus or promotions but you should know that there are conditions that you would have to meet up with before you would be allowed to use the withdrawal option.

Constant Check Up on your Referral: to keep the funds popping in, you would have to babysit your referral. There are a lot of things that the player you referred don’t know about the casino which might be delaying him or her from depositing funds into the casino. Make sure you keep a tab on the players you referred to a casino if you want to get a good referral bonus from those players.

Referral Bonus and Affiliate Program

Most players confuse the two to mean the same thing. Both might involve making money from telling people about the casino but they don’t have the same processes and advantages. Affiliates do not need to have an account with the casino, in as much as you promote the casino and your visitors click on the link you provide to register or play at the casino, you would get your fair share of funds deposited into your account while to enjoy referral bonuses, you must have an account with the casino and a player must register with your link for you to earn.

Another major difference between the two is the fact that Referral bonus would attract immediate funding of your account as soon as the requirement is met while in affiliate programs, there is a specific amount that your funds must reach before you can withdraw and there are stipulated times that you can make withdrawals.


Referral bonus is one of the easiest ways to raise quick funds to finance your gambling activities. As stated above there are a lot of things to consider before using the referral bonus link provided by a casino but its certain that if you can tell the right friend about a particular casino with your referral link, you would certainly claim lots of referral bonuses form the deposit made by the player.

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