Charmed Hearts Slot

Charmed Hearts Slot Game Review (Konami Gaming)

A Slot Machine programmed by Konami Gaming Developer, with an interesting story-line based on an enchanted heart full of love, with White Flower as the Wild Character, alongside five-reels, twenty pay-lines game with potentials of rewarding enormous prizes

Charmed Hearts Slot

Just as we pay more attention to the originality of slot game innovators, nowadays, it’s tasking to create something convincingly distinct. Just like a player already come across & tried games relatively, these players already conceptualize in their minds that they are well conversant to most design, is there anything they haven’t tried out?

However, occasionally, a player can try something distinct, which is evident that there are still lots of chances for other game developers to showcase their intellects & creativity, peradventure you believe in working a new concept slightly distinct.

The above illustration is precisely the same condition with this slot game developed by Konami, titled “Charmed Hearts.” It includes among the more recent casino slot games from the most famous maker. Charmed Hearts Slot game utilizes precisely the all-ways mode whereby gamers already have an encounter with over the last few years.

However, it uses some spins to put across a unique impression better in comparison to the majority of games obtainable in this group. The uniqueness includes the reel sizes, also incorporates ways to enlarge the game window, even more, thereby weighing one’s opportunity to actualize wins across numerous pay-lines simultaneously.

About Charmed Slot Game

This video slot game is a spanking-new high-street slot game, developed by Konami. Directly From its name, presumably, what comes to your mind is that the game encompasses a romantic story-line, & you won’t get discouraged.

While playing the game, there exists lots of hearts & roses visible across the display, together with a sparkling pinkish-purple color plan which provides the game a look which is both flexible & distinguished.

Charmed Hearts Slot game is usually made available in banks together with alternative penny slots, thereby establishing it more appropriate & befitting for low risk-takers.

However, gamesters do exhibit the alternative of converting currency; perhaps, they cherish to exhaust a few extra across every single spin. Gamesters can place stakes in bits of 50 coins, primarily to maximize the winning potentials. Therefore, an exemplary least stake across this slot is $0.50.

The Game Concept

This game incorporates five-reels alongside a strange arrangement. The starting three reels highlight three characters placed individually, during which the last two adopts six spots instead.

It’s not necessary to get perplexed regarding the pay-lines, because this slot takes the all ways approach, given that the whole left-to-right combos can generate winnings, irrespective of the position across every single reel a character appears. It implies that there exist 972 ways to create winnings, which the developer refers to as “Ultra Reels.”

The assortments of characters over the display refer to what’s to be in expectance of concerning the theme. As regards novices, gamesters can generate meager winnings just by pairing the playing card rank symbols, whereby it varies from nines up through aces. To make large winnings, you might desire to watch for popular symbols such as crowns, boxes of chocolates & perfumes.

The highest winnings materialize from a pretty woman. Appealingly, more so, these high-rewarding characters provide quite meager winnings.

While there exists, five in a line, it can generate winnings worth 2.4x of one’s stakes across each pay-line. That’s cover by the certainty that it’s possible to make winnings across the majority of distinct pay-lines simultaneously, kudos to the all ways concepts.

An Appealing Function

It’s possible to activate this major exclusive feature at random at any moment. It’s possible for this Slot game to appear across any spin, & can include three additional characters place across reel 2 & 3.

These new spots can solely give rise to two possible symbols showcasing a blank, whereby it’s of no benefit to the player, likewise a golden heart. The developer designates these hearts to be as wild characters & it is possible to replace anything further & can assist in actualizing winning pay-lines at any position as possible. Following this, it can generate so many as 3,888 ways to win across a single spin.

White Flower | Scatter Character

There exists a scatter character referred to as a white flower, which acts in for of a scatter character. Each time you actualize three or higher of these symbols, then, you can get prompt jackpots winnings.

Besides, it’s possible to access bonus spins, such that you can get seven or higher bonus games at exact bets, just like the activating spin. In the course of this function, this game appears a lot more often, enhancing one’s chances of actualizing enormous winnings.

Final Words

Establishing a fascinating game is not always as straightforward. This game developer commits intense effort to make the game appear simple to run. Each time you play this fantastic slot game, such players can take advantage of a strange mode, which they have never have an encounter.

No matter the case, maybe it can’t create any confusion & the story-line is sufficiently disengaged to kind of fade into the backdrop in the course of the gameplay. It’s a great option, perhaps, you cherish quite less volatility slot machine, which permits the chances for bigger pays.

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