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A comprehensive manual which covers relevant information on ClickandBuy payment services, a fast-growing brand, offers services to over thirty separate countries, includes among the most exemplary electronic wallet services across the European region, & it’s accessible across a far-reaching scope for players to carry out transaction with in & out of the casino sector.

Just as we have countless renown online banking methods in existence, every one of these various choices never remains valued over an extended duration. It’s quite unlucky just as any sector, at specific periods the firms stop operations. While this transpires across the online casino sector, it possibly denotes several letdowns for patrons which get compelled to use a new system to perform transactions.

The above illustration is precisely the scenario of ClickandBuy. ClickandBuy includes among the most exemplary electronic wallet services across the European region, & it’s accessible across a far-reaching scope for patrons to & fro of the casino sector. This firm offers its payments solutions across to over thirty separate regions & brags of countless users.

It’s quite unlucky every of this above discussed good deeds stopped as at the year 2016, during which this firm refrained from executing transactions. Towards the close of an evolution interval which got finalized as at 26th of August, it thereby turns unachievable for patrons to gain access to their registered accounts with ClickandBuy services.

Likewise, every dealer comprising the majority of online gaming sites put an end to providing ClickandBuy for their members to use as transaction alternatives.

The mechanism behind ClickandBuy Operations

ClickandBuy brand remains a relative classic electronic wallet, although the type which provides gamesters with an immensity of versatility. While you are planning to use ClickandBuy, you will have to create an account with this payment service, after that locate a gaming operator which offer these services to perform transactions.

After that, you will need to employ strategy to top-up money to your Wallet. This payment solution provides over forty diverse means to transfer this money to your account, starting with prepaid choices, account with financial institutions, cards options, etc.

The moment you create this deposit process, then you can transfer funds while you locate & select Clickandbuy through the payment segment of gaming sites which includes this payment solution among their approved methods.

Fill in your credentials with Clickandbuy, then verify the value you intend to transact with, then put forward the application. Given that all information’s provided are accurate, you can get the money straight away in the twinkling of an eye.

Just as obtainable with majority of wallet services, Clickandbuy as well possibly performs cashout requests. Users of Clickandbuy can link up their Wallet to accounts with financial institutions for access to withdrawals ultimately, or probably make some reserves for subsequent time usage.


ClickandBuy usage comes alongside several remarkable benefits. However, the majority of these benefits are identical to the alternative, most familiar electronic wallet services. ClickandBuy mainly functions in the form of significant transaction access to cover every type of Online monetary deals.

So far, a casino platform approves ClickandBuy, then it’s possible to deposit & withdraw funds with just this single account. This payment services make processes easier & never mandates prospective users to register across numerous third-party affiliates.

Also, ClickandBuy gains much recognition as the service provides a considerable reach of security to keep safe members sensitive information’s. At the same time, it gets transmitted through servers from malicious actors & unauthorized access.

Electronic Wallet provides strategies at which players can utilize their accounts with Financial institutions or cards free from repeatedly disclosing sensitive details online.

Lastly, Payments made with ClickandBuy are trustworthy, secured & delivered at a rapid pace, which thereby establishes ClickandBuy to be comfortable & straightforward for usage in the form of cards or alternative standard processors, considered alongside other confidentiality & safety.

Historical Backgrounds of ClickandBuy

Around the year 2010, Deutsche Telekom took over & possess ClickandBuy. Then towards the close of the year 2015, another new holder took the Decision to stop electronic wallet solutions as a result of failure to stay ahead & maintain unparalleled competitiveness across the sector of Online transaction services.

During which Deutsche Telekom refrained from revealing comprehensive details as regards the payment solutions. At the same time, it got terminated, generally, to a far-reaching scope.

Over ten million patrons yet remain to utilize ClickandBuy in any case periodically during such period, which this payment service might by now turns to follow the first-greatest Onlinebanking services across the universe chasing PayPal services.

This firm terminates operations as at April 2016. Yet, users can use & gain entry to their dashboard registered with this payment services till August, whereby this period it ceases activity. Nevertheless, gamers have access to get in touch with the rest of squads at ClickandBuy to retrieve money available in the accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to ClickandBuy Payments

Are there any similar Alternatives with ClickandBuy?

Should in case you admire the flexible & secure nature of electronic Wallet, you’ll come across lots of satisfactory methods broadly utilized across Casinos. It includes Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, etc.

What means can I employ to cash-out money available in My ClickandBuy?

ClickandBuy reserves money yet to deliver to their members for almost a minimum of 6 years after the period they shut down their services.

If you intend to have access to your money, get in touch with the firm site & locate the Support representatives for more insights. Endeavour to get this done very fast as ClickandBuy poses some inactivity upkeep charges following a year it got out of date.

Can I utilize the rest of my funds across Casino platforms?

It’s quite unlucky that this is not possible, as you can only seek the withdrawal request. , the answer to this question is no. The only option is to request a payout of your remaining funds.

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