Merlins Riches Slot (50 Free Spins)

Merlins Riches Slot – New (RTG) Online Slots

Merlins Riches Slot

Merlins Riches Slot

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Merlin’s Riches is an NEW online slot game from RTG. It features 5×3 reels and 25 paylines.

The theme of this slot is based on the legend of King Arthur. This is a story that has been told for centuries and is still popular today.

You will find yourself transported into the world of Camelot as you play this free slot game. There are five reels and 25 pay lines. The symbols are all related to the legend of King Arthur and his knights.

The renowned magician serves as your guide as you search for the jewels of Avalon in this 5×4 slot game, which transports you to the good old Britain of Arthurian mythology. The Holy Grail pursued by the Knights of the Round Table is, in this situation, a top prize of 50,000× the bet. This is possible thanks to the high volatility built into the game, which makes for lengthy and ultimately rewarding gaming sessions. Continue reading this slot review to learn more about what the Avalon mists conceal.

Game Design

The serene meadows and towering cliffs you would expect to find on the fabled island have been expertly recreated by the game’s artists, and they look unmistakably Tolkien-esque.

Additionally, the game has a cute little soundtrack loop that was influenced by medieval music, which heightens the immersion and adds to the game’s escapist romantic atmosphere.

Simple Gameplay

The game’s core mechanics don’t deviate much from the standard one-click slot rules, and new players may be fooled by this simplicity. However, once the bonus features begin to activate, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the details. However, understanding combos are the only way to achieve the big victory; studying the features and their consequences is worthwhile.

The most commonly asked questions

  • Where in Platinum Reels Casino is Merlin’s Riches located?

You can find the game in our game library’s Slots category. Use the search box in the right-hand corner for your ease.

  • To play the Merlin’s Riches slots on my phone, do I have to install an app?

In no way. RealTime Gaming continues to create its games using the officially retired Flash technology, which offers unparalleled cross-platform compatibility. To obtain the same player experience on your mobile device, simply launch your mobile browser and follow the same steps you would on your desktop.

  • Can I play the online slot machine Merlin’s Riches for free?

Absolutely. Merlin’s Riches allows demo play just like every other game you’ll find at Platinum Reels Casino. Log out of the Platinum Reels user account and refresh the home page of the website to play for pleasure. While there, click the Games tab and use the search-by-name function to locate Merlin’s Riches.


The slot machine Merlin’s Riches has enough features for 3 distinct games, so it will take you some time to explore and appreciate them all. Its playing board is quite dynamic, so if you want to stay informed on what’s happening, keep an eye out and occasionally check the help page.

Overall, the game more than makes up for its complexity with impressive payouts and highly engaging gaming, even though we would have preferred a less convoluted combination of features. Set sail towards the fabled island of Avalon in search of your very own Holy Grail!