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Nova 7’s Slot Game Review | Nova 7s Online Slots Real Money no deposit bonus => Get 50 Free Spins !

A Slot game review designed by Real Time Gaming developer, titled Nova 7’s Slot, features 5 x 3 reels, 25 pay-lines, with the storyline subject to astrological engagements on the planet, features up to four wild icon typically Hyper Nova’, ‘Nova’, ‘Solar Flare’ & ‘Supernova’ & most significant prizes set at 38,073 times pay-line

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Nova 7's Slot

  • Bonus Code: PLAT-NOVA
  • 45x wagering and $100 maximum cash out

Overview of Nova 7’s Slot Game

Oh! What a mystery, regardless of your level of a shout, right under the space virtually not a bit of creature, could listen to your high-pitched yell. The same condition applies to Ridley Scott’s 1979 heroical unfamiliar video clips.

Real-time Gaming developer tends to believe that this excitement of call at the top of your voice instead of panic you’ll encounter with this new slot of a storyline based on a Natural world background. Here is a new slot game titled Nova 7’s, accompanied with several assortments of fantastic wild icon programming, fully maximize this plot concept & deliver great rewarding bonus spins feature.

The Natural world exhibits delighted humanity long ago & considered to be a standard story-line for slot games. We can say Starburst which follows suits is quite the favorite game machine ever by players with other similar concepts like Astrodice which gets arranged under a spread out the jungle in a space.

However, Nova’s 7 idea to an extent is strange, as a result of the storyline subject to astrological engagements on the planet instead of just offering a background which covers classic game symbols, alternately Science fiction.

Can we now say the universe the outer space for slot games? Let’s flock together while we cruise to the spheres on the look for brave new world & optimistically alongside incredible money-spinning rewards.

Nova 7's Slot


Nova 7’s secures its background towards desolate planet across the solar system in search for more spiritual discoveries. However, this slot reels are crystal-clear, aside it flaunting the visual artwork idea of the background. Nevertheless, it as well permits the limitless winning video clips to turn out to be exceptional quite better off compared to the usual on a non-adjustable backdrop.


Nova 7’s symbols include the solar system, universe, galaxy, faxed stars, among others the whole of these symbols presents multiple sparkling colors & properly designed illustrations. You’ll come across fresh spark of video clips, likewise several useful applications of musical background. Real-time gaming developer somehow lacks a location of customized sounds right from time. However, the solemn tones quite feel better & advanced particularly for this Nova 7 slot.

However, this slot seems more efficient, incredible across portable gadgets, at the same time. One thing to note is that although the game looks just as fantastic on mobile devices, beyond that, it’s necessary to allow the game controls functional on pint-sized display resolutions which require a separate design. Just as the slot is 100% operative, visual-wise we would have loved if it’s advanced moderately.

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This slot features twenty-five non-fixed lines set across 5×3 reel arrangement, which is quite rare at this point since the majority of gamers desire having the entire acquirable pay-lines running. As a result of discouragement from failing to take advantage of massive prizes across pay-lines rendered disengaged. However, it simplifies the programming by the gaming developers.

Notwithstanding, players can take advantage of cool payouts through matching four & five identical combos of icons, it’s doubtful to blend the characters excluding wild symbol, entirely one-sided with regards to the sets being the focus of attention. Players of this game will stumble upon four separate wild feature Hyper Nova’, ‘Nova’, ‘Solar Flare’ & ‘Supernova’.

Given solar flare, Nova 7’s colored red over second & fourth reels blow towards a higher level & widen to fill their wheel which is possible to occur across just a single reel of the two. Nova comes into view only at the third reel, which is quite livelier. At the same time, the wild alongside a multiplier of 7x including possible to blow which stuffs the entire reel along the line recognized to be a supernova.

Hyper Nova’s are the best wild of all, which transpire in the form of a feature to Solar Flare, such that the reel, considered as wild is possible to become hyper Nova & move this wild reel to proximate reel. Its reel 2 – 1 & 4-5 while the third reel is likely to hold Nova wilds.

Immediately you already examine & grasp this exclusive adventure. You’ll be mindful of the potentials to get first, second, third & fourth reels hypernova simultaneously, besides, possibly the reels at the center might get Nova, thereby magnifying the entire jackpots by 7.

The wilds on the ground fully stuffed on display yield this slot most significant only prizes set at 38,073 times pay-line. Majority of slots allows either 10000x or 20000x. Nova 7’s jackpot offer is more than times two available at other games.

Nova 7’s colored blue emerges bonus spin of about seven in number; you might consider it insignificant pending when you discover pick win giveaway which gives directions to the wild operations.

The bonus spins of this game, additional Red 7 Wilds get included to second, third & fourth reels along a feature to activate over again across this & the rest of function. Supernova bonus spins exhibit exact, however along with seven times multiplier.

Likewise, hyper Nova once more gets the most attention, along whichever wild which turns flare on all reels. While this takes place, the wild gets secured in its position in exchange of reel repeated spin reward.


It’s quite apparent that a game or such possibilities will undoubtedly arrange for less hit value likewise extremely high volatile condition compared to what we already come across several slot games developed by Real time gaming.

It’s quite evident with fresh updates from RTG such as Super 6, seems the firm is planning to arrange branded games that can be appropriate for enthusiastic players. Nova 7’s is quite enjoyable, thereby giving the room to attract more players across the world.

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