Shaolin Fortunes 100 Slot

Shaolin Fortunes 100 Slot

Here is a new game from the house of Habanero, it’s quite entertaining & intriguing. For a while now, Habanero innovations are quite unusual & extraordinary, which thereby builds their reputation as the most excellent & well-known casino games in the sector.

The game conveys gamers just like the previous ones, to a calm, still tense vicinities of old times Chinese place of worship. It layout base on a classic 5-reel type, It incorporates lots of varieties of prizes & high chances of wins. Also, it includes engaging storylines at hand throughout the popular video slots brands.

While exploring the game, a player will first recognize the site arrangements & layout among similar highlights, particularly players that have spin the classic edition.

If you’re an admirer of diverse forms of Shaolin culture, don’t miss out of this game. Regardless of the numerous video collections subject to these weird fighters or the plentiful of documented folk tales centred around traditional lifestyle; the slot is promptly captivating with regards to its perfect visual displays & pleasing background music’s.

Shaolin Fortunes 100 Slot

About the Game | A Traditional theme

The display of Shaolin Fortunes 100 is saturated with beautiful colours & eye-catching characters right from the start-up page to the winnings withdrawals segment. The developer borders the reels with a woody Chinese place of worship concept.

Besides, the menus are user-friendly & accessible, thereby establishing the game orderly & a simplified platform.

Undoubtedly, the characters visible over the reels are entirely comparative to the impressive storyline of the game, including the white birds, Shaolin temple masters, dragons, temples, likewise the entire appearing subsequently. Base on this situation, despite, the perfect slots games, the storyline do not match in line to the point of the game. Nevertheless, it assists gamers over the game’s platform basically, directing them to match the extremely desirable winnings.


The slot presents gamers with the relevant training needed to get to a level of an adept of Shaolin. The brains behind the game mechanism appear to have appropriately ascertained a simplified navigation system.

Shaolin Fortunes 100 makes available a game with high success chances to their committed players. Indeed, striving to acquire the leading prizes & cashouts has rarely turned out easy.

Gamers need to utilize the designed characters for their use; just as it is, over the platform with games of this type: the higher & more elaborate the progressives, the heavier & gigantic the earnings.

Despite a hundred functional paylines accompanied with two hundred & forty-three approach to win, the slot does not compromise its jackpots accrued to committed players.

Shaolin Fortunes 100 undoubtedly merits checking out with all the privileges mentioned above accompanied with the simplified gameplay.

The progressive winnings must accumulate from the left towards the right over a functional payline. Besides, the player has the opportunity to feature the lines to turn on before playing the game.

The golden bell game symbol depicts the games wild & can replace the remaining characters to form a progressive, excluding the scatter, noted as the red Shaolin monk.

Shaolin Fortunes 100 Slot

Bonus Spins & Commissions

Should in case the scatter appears any point over the reels at the centres, i.e., (second, third & fourth). It enables the player to open up the extremely longed-for free spins.

All through this reward, it advances to the prompt winnings co-efficient, gamers can get several bonuses spins subject to the number of scatters visible.

Further, then the unusual bonus spins & odds available, there’s minimal availability regarding free gameplay or auxiliary games. Often, it deserves giving complaints. Nevertheless, there’s a superb & good title available. Fairly restrictions; misses free gameplay. By ignoring the excellent impression of the features, the game’s inventors have efficiently diverted the focus to the section of the game, possibly, it associates to the most rudimental features.

With this slot brand, gamers need to concentrate on making headway with a couple of progressive winnings over the authentic 5- reels utilizing the most standard of elements. Somehow, this concept appears exhilarating.

Shaolin Fortunes 100 Slot