Gonzo’s Quest Slot

Gonzo’s Quest Slot Review (NetEnt Slots)

This is one of the most loved and well-renowned games by NetEnt. We’ll be sharing with you every piece of info about this game in our review. Either you’re entirely new to this game, or you’ve played it somewhere before, we’ve got you converted on all you’re to know. We will start from the basic concepts, then delve into the advanced ones, which include the variance, free spins, payouts, symbols, rules, RTP, gameplay, tips, and hints. Continue reading for a full analysis of this slot.

Try the free play demo game of Gonzo’s Quest

>>Play on Gonzo’s Quest Slot

If you want to play Gonzo’s quest, our best advice is for you to initially play the demo game. It’s the best way you can have knowledge of the rules and the overall gameplay. When you spin the reels, you’ll immediately feel the entertainment and fun that the game provides. You’ll experience a great number of features, and you’re even able to trigger the Free Falls. You’re also able to check out the best coin values and levels of bets to figure out the perfect one that you’ll love to play. Are you willing to play a huge number of spins using low bets? Or you prefer raising the stakes and target the maximum payout? Because there are no risks involved in this demo game, it’s an amazing way of planning the way you manage your bankroll well anytime you play using actual money.

Where you can play Gonzo’s Quest for actual money

Gonzo’s Quest SlotWe will all agree that the best way to feel everything about a game is to play its free demo. Yet, it’s with no doubt actual money that offers you the most thrill and buzz. After all, you can only win real money when you play using actual cash. Looking at how popular this game is, you’ll find it easy to see casinos that have the Gonzo’s Quest game. Even at that, you’ll need a little effort and research to find the best casino that you can play Gonzo’s Quest.

You don’t need to fear, we’ve done everything necessary for you by comparing casino operators to figure out the best. You should know that we’ve done thorough research on the safety credentials and licensing so you can get only legit casinos. A number of gamers underestimate the necessity of playing slots in a safe casino. The thing is that if you use just any casinos, there’s a tendency that the games might be rigged, your personal info will likely be susceptible to fraudulent activities, and you may not even get paid for your winnings. It’s actually not worth risking when it has to do with your safety. Our top Gonzo’s Quest casino websites got their licenses from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, so you should have full confidence that you’ll be secure.

The licenses issued by the UK Gambling Commission is the only way for the assurance of your safety. As a matter of fact, by law, online casinos need or hold a license in order for them to operate in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission secures players via strict regulations and guidelines. For operators to get a license, they need to have a state of the art technical security to protect their private info. They need to also invite independent trials of their games and payout for the Verification of their viability. They need to also show a commitment to responsible gambling and player protection. Because of these, we will only be recommending casino websites that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

Even though the United Kingdom License is primary, we also have some factors you need to consider when you want to choose the best casino website to play Gonzo’s Quest slots. We look at the welcome bonuses offer to ensure that the terms are fair and you get a great deal. We dig out the casinos that provide a lot of promo offers and even free spins of this slot. We also look at the payment options provided because several persons prefer using wallets like Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal. After all, the withdrawal process for these methods is quite faster. If you like any of the platforms we provide here you can read more about them in the in-depth reviews we provide.

The last thing you need to consider when choosing where you can play the Gonzo’s Quest slots is their betting limits. Several online casinos have a similar number of bet levels and coin values, so several gamers are catered for, even at that, we have a number of casinos that provide more betting limits, which make them the best options for experienced gamers and high rollers. As you continue reading this review, you will know more about the betting limits.

A full overview of Gonzo’s Quest Slot

The game was launched in 2010, and it’s continued to be loved by players. It was the foremost premium slot of NetEnt, and this game raised the bar when it have to do with graphics, features, and gameplay. This slot was the foremost to unveil the new premium Avalanche feature. This doesn’t only offer you the chance for multiple wins on every spin, but it also gives you the chance to get high payouts all thanks to its growing multipliers. The free spin of the game feature (Free Fall) is an actual highlight, where you can multiply winnings up to 15 times. This review’s next part will reveal to you more info on this game.

How to Play: Gonzo’s Quest Rules in a Nutshell

Even though this game has introduced mind-blowing game mechanics, that hasn’t made the game complicated to play. There are very straightforward rules to playing these games and it’s extremely simple to begin. This game had 20 pay lines that are enabled permanently. Just like almost all online slots, it has quite a number of coin value and bet levels you can pick from. Everything that’s required of you is to choose the betting limits you want and begin to play. Just like most slots powered by NetEnt, this game has the autoplay option. You’ll be able to choose the number of spins you’d like to play, then relax and watch every action as it unfolds. The advanced autoplay settings give you the chance to choose the circumstances you’d like the auto spins to stop. The settings include the money you are able to win anytime you hit the feature of Free Falls, or anytime your cash decreases or increases by a particular amount.

The Paytable: Symbols, Payouts, and Winning Combos

The theme of this game is taken from the Spanish conquistadors’ times and the way they explored South America. This game has seven basic Mayan style symbols. The symbols with the maximum value include the ones of striking faces or masks. Line up five of the gold and blue masks rumble to get the highest payouts of 2500 times. The least paying symbols are depictions of animal carvings that look like beasts.

In this game, there’s also a wild symbol. The symbol emblazoned in the question mark substitutes for every other symbol without exceptions. You need to stay glued for the golden Free Fall symbol. You can only see them on reels one, two, and three. Line up three Free Fall symbols on one pay line, and you’ll trigger this Free Falls feature.

As said in this review or Gonzo’s Quest, there’s the Avalanche of free symbols in this slot. Instead of spinning, symbols go into place, and every winning symbol combination triggers an avalanche. You’ll see the explosion of the winning symbols and they’ll leave the reels, giving room for new symbols to cascade from up and fill the places. These Avalanches continue till you create new wins, so you’ll be able to pocket a lot of payouts from one paid spin. The win multiplier will increase with every new Avalanche. The first Avalanche includes a multiplier of one time that increases to two times, three times, and five times respectively. When you hit a lot of Avalanches, it can significantly increase your wins, so they’ll swiftly be your best friend anytime you start to play with actual cash.

Image Gallery and Theme Overview

The theme of this game is historically adventurous. The introductory video displays the scene; in 1541, on the ship of Spanish explorers off the Peru coast.

This game’s lead character is based on Gonzalo Pizarro, who is a Spanish explorer. Gonzalo is a maverick explorer who stylishly steals a map, jumps ship, then goes into the jungle alone to look for the golden city. Gonzo checks out his map and will have to bring down a wall of cryptic blocks that cascade in Avalanches. What you’re to do is assist Gonzo in this quest by tumbling the focus so his path to riches can be clear. It is an amazing concept and immediately takes you into the adventurous scene.

Animation and Graphics

The Gonzo’s Quest game’s graphical quality is extremely amazing. It has an introductory video that is cartoonish and takes you into the theme then shows you the Gonzo. The game’s entire look is a reflection of the theme that includes foliage like a bright jungle and an image with Mayan style around the reels. You’ll get an experience of this gameplay’s great feel with the free play game of Gonzo’s Quest that we provide.

Even though this game is about ten years old, the graphics and animations haven’t aged at all. It has an eye-catching color palette that has a lot of bold colors that reflect the adventurous theme and the jungle setting. The reels symbols are depicted as rocks, and you will get an idea of the Gonzo’s target destination with each spin. With this approach, you’ll bet the exploration storyline and let you know that that particular wall is the one that stands between the explorer and the riches he’s looking for.

Each time you line up any winning combo, there’ll be a dramatic explosion of the symbols into a rock dust cloud, which gives the chance for the place to be filled with new ones. This starts the joy while you play, with that your win multiplier will also be boosted for each successive Avalanche.

One other quirky feature you’ll find in this game is the lead character. Gonzo is positioned beside the reels while you play and increases the fun you get from playing this slot. He rejoices anytime you win with his quirky dances while he moonwalks across your screen. When you hit a major win, he will hold out his hat so he can collect your bonus as they pour down. If you go away from the reels for a long period of time, he will pull put a map, and remind you that he’s waiting so you can clear the rocky road to the Gold city.

This game’s sound effect is a perfect reflection of the theme. Don’t think about its repetitive theme tunes that can be quite annoying as they are standard in several slots. There’s a more subtle approach in this game. The sounds playing in the background takes you into the Southern American jungle environment with insects chirping and birds tweeting. For every spin, you’ll hear sounds of rocks taking into place. When you win, you will hear a rock explosion sound and also a vigorous flurry of classic Spanish guitar music. Intensity is built with this anytime you create a lineup of a lot of successive wins. Anytime you hit this game’s Free Fall feature, you will hear classic panpipe tones that continue playing out in this feature.

Betting Limits at Several Online Casinos

In this slot, there are twenty pay lines that are enabled permanently. You’ll be able to adjust the bet level and coin values to figure out the perfect wage that’ll suit your play style. The coin value starts at just one penny, so you can use at least 20 pennies to play each spin. If you’d like to increase the stakes, almost all casinos give you the chance to increase the value of the coin up to 50 pennies at most. You also have the chance to choose between one and five bet levels, which makes the highest bet for each spin 50 pounds. Even though 50 pounds for each spin at max is enough for almost all gamers, those who have the most experience when it comes to high rollers will likely see this as a limitation. Nevertheless, if you’d like to play with higher stakes, our recommendation is for you to play this game at 888casino. This operator is different from the others as its coin value can be as high as 2 pounds. With that, for each spin, you can bet a max of 200 pounds at this casino, which makes it a perfect alternative for players who love to stake high.

The Free Fall Feature

One great highlight of this slot is its free fall feature. Anytime you line up three golden Free Fall symbols on any pay line, the symbols wall will open up, and you will see Gonzo pass through them by foot to the city of gold, which is right behind the reels. With this feature, you can get ten free plays that can be re-triggered with three more bonus symbols. One thing that makes the free spins of this game very mind-blowing is its Avalanche multiplier. Even though the Avalanche multiplier of the base game gets to a max of five times, it can get to as high as fifteen times in Free Falls. With the first Avalanche, you’ll get a 3 times multiplier, with 6 times, 9 times, and 15 times respectively given for every successive Avalanche. Not to talk about the fact that this even gives you the chance to get epic wins in its special feature.

Overview of Gonzo’s Quest RTP

RTP, which stands for Return to Players is widely known by experienced players of slots. It is an indication of the theoretical payout percentage of any casino game. Legitimate slots list their Return to Players in the rules of the game, as it’s a great sign of the profitability of playing the game. It’s necessary you know that they calculate the Return to Players over a wide amount of spins. Because of that, any given session of play will likely not see your payouts exactly be in line with the Return to Players. You’ll sometimes leave with a lesser return, and anytime you’re lucky, you can get a greater amount. The official Return to Players of Gonzo’s Quest is 95.97 percent according to NetEnt, but this will be rounded to 96 percent in the rules of the game.

We can fairly say that the slots NetEnt has are fairly higher than the ones powered by other providers because they are all more than 95 percent.

Hit Frequency, Variance, Volatility

You’re now aware that the Return to Players of Gonzo’s Quest is quite high. Even though that shows that you’ll profit from playing the game in the long term it also gives you an idea of the variance. Before we go into the Gonzo’s Quest slots’ volatility, let us take a little time to let you have more info on these advanced concepts of slots.

Volatility, which can also be called slot variance, is a description of the amount of risk involved in any slot. It lets you know the frequency of wins and the size of payouts. The level of risk of a slot’s volatility is low. Because of that, you’ll see that the frequency of wins is quite high while you play. Even at that, these wins will be on the lesser side. They give you the chance to play for more time with no too much fluctuation to the bankroll you have. On the other hand, the level of risk is quite higher on high volatility slots. You’ll likely be required to play for a long period of time before you hit bonus features or songs. With that, your payouts will be significantly higher. Just like you imagined, this info is important anytime you’re wagering actual cash.

The slot of Gonzo’s Quest is said to be that of medium to high volatility. What that means is that you’ll need to exercise patience anytime you play the game and you’ll most likely play for a long period of time to attain huge wins. Even though you should expect to get some little payouts while playing, you’ll likely see a significant reduction in your bankroll before you get a good payout. It boils down to what you prefer personally, either you play slots that have low or high volatility. Normally, if you play slots of high variance, you should have a higher budget and also a lot of free time so you can continue playing till you get a win that’s big enough to cover all you lost.

Mobile version of Gonzo’s Quest: instant play, compatibility, and application

The importance of mobile compatibility has never been as high as it is now for developers. Gamers are choosing the convenience of using their tablet or mobile phones to play casino games now more than before. This trend was embraced in 2011 by NetEnt, which was when they unveiled their initial array of NetEnt Touch games for mobile. The first mobile slot to be created by NetEnt is Gonzo’s Quest. They’ve professionally adapted the mobile slot for the best gameplay on smaller screen display gadgets. You can flawlessly and smoothly play this game, and it provides similar gameplay like you’d get in the one for desktop.

Gonzo’s Quest Slot for Tablet, Mobile, and Desktop

You’ll be able to play this game on several devices. It’s compatible with Android and iOS devices and is featured in every reputable NetEnt casinos’ mobile game selection. There’s no better way of playing this game on the go. You can check out any of the Gonzo’s Quest casinos that we recommend to immediately play the slot in your browser. You’ll also be able to download the native applications from the Google Play Store and itinerary. Either you’d love to play with your browser or the app, it all depends on you.

Player Experience

This game is a very iconic title in the selection of NetEnt slots. It’s been in existence for more than ten years, so why is this slot lover but several players? Well. Its top-quality graphics alongside its quirky theme, as well as its sound effects, are surely the top reasons players love this game.

This is the foremost slot to unveil Avalanche gameplay mechanics, and we can now see this is several famous slots by NetEnt. With this gameplay style, the experience of playing will be very exciting. And alongside the growing win multiplier, offers the chance of winning big.

The Free Falls, which is the main feature of the slot, provides the most exciting spice of the game. It has a multiplier that is around 3 times to 15 times, and you’ll get your most epic win with this feature. Nevertheless, a couple of players have stated that the growing multipliers, both in the free falls and base game, hardly reach the highest level, and that can be annoying sometimes.

Legit or Fake

There’s no way we’d have written this review of Gonzo’s Quest slot if we’re not totally sure of the integrity of this game. It was a simple task to verify that this slot is a legit one. For beginners, the developers of this game, NetEnt, are known and trusted worldwide. They’ve won a whole lot of great awards for the top-quality games that they make. They’re licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, which means that you can trust them. The eCOGRA has independently tested this slot. This is a verification that the game payouts and results are fair, and nobody can tamper with them.


  • Free Falls with as high as 15 times multiplier
  • The mobile slot can be used on both Android and iOS devices
  • Innovative Avalanche Gameplay
  • The Return to Players is friendly, as it is 96 percent
  • Imaginative and quirky theme
  • Animations and graphics of superb quality


  • Doesn’t have a bonus game
  • In most casinos, the maximum bet is quite low

Even though we’re aware that this game is legitimate, you’re still required to pay attention to the casino you decide to play it. You’re only sure that the game isn’t rigged when you play it in a licensed casino.

When you choose a casino website that’s regulated and licensed by the UKGC, you’ll be fully confident that you’ve got a fair opportunity to win, and that you’ll be able to withdraw your winnings. Casinos licensed in the United Kingdom give you a safe environment for gaming where you’ll be covered. You can check out for certificates to know if you can trust a casino. You can alternatively choose any of our chosen casino websites to make sure that you’ll be secure.

Tricks and Tips – How to Earn Big

Generally, slot machines are games of luck. Your winning big or not is normally just luck. Expert slot gamers will mostly have tips and hints to share for your success with slot machines. We’ve checked out most of them and chosen the best ones from them. We can’t offer you any form of a check that’ll guarantee your success. Well, a lot of people have independently tested Gonzo’s Quest to prove that it provides fair results. Nevertheless, what we’ll be able to do is share quality advice to assist you in getting the most fun out of playing this slot and one that can even increase your odds of earning huge money.

  1. Make use of the bonuses well

The welcome bonuses of casinos are normally in the direction of playing slots and you’ll also be able to find bonuses that particularly provide free spins of Gonzo’s Quest. Definitely, there are requirements that you’re required to meet when it comes to bonuses so you can withdraw the earnings. Even with that, they’re great ways of extending your playing time, and it will give you extra chances of winning without the need to spend a lot of your money.

  1. Effective management of bankroll

We all know that there’s so much fun when playing slots, but you’re required to make sure that your bankroll is managed efficiently. This fast-paced game can swiftly take a huge sum of money from you, so you should always have a limit to the amount you want to spend before you begin playing, and you need to stick to it. Making use of autoplay is a fantastic way of staying in control of the amount you’re spending.

  1. Play with Maximum Bet

With bigger bets, you’ll get bigger payouts, and because of this, several seasoned players make use of Max Bet anytime they play the Gonzo’s Quest game. When you increase the bet level and coin values it will make the payouts to be significantly higher than when you play with low stakes. Just ensure you stay within your limits because your bankroll will be exhausted quicker when you bet with higher stakes.

  1. The free play of Gonzo’s Quest

Perfection can only be attained when you practice, and that’s why a useful tip is playing the free version of this game before you bet with actual cash. Even though this slot has simple rules, free plays will give you the chance to attempt several Settings, bet labels, and options without any risk of money. It’s a fantastic way of totally preparing yourself to play confidently.

VR slot of Gonzo’s Quest

Truly, NetEnt is the pioneer of online casino gaming, welcoming new innovations and setting the standard of what players should expect from casino games. In 2016, NetEnt announced that they’d be invested in Web VR technology development for the creation of the most engaging and immersive casino games in the iGaming industry.

In 2017, at the ICE Totally Gaming Conference, NetEnt made an announcement that they’d be developing and releasing their foremost Web VR slot game. The iconic slot that’ll be getting that VR treatment was the Gonzo’s Quest slot.

At the ICE conference in 2018, which was the next year, NetEnt unveiled their progress in the VE game development. VR was the main presentation of the company, and they unveiled their foremost totally playable model of Gonzo’s Quest VR. They even made the game to be playable via a web browser with its state-of-the-art Web VR technology.

The gameplay was taken to an entirely new level with Gonzo’s VR. As expected from NetEnt, the sound and graphical quality of the game is outstanding. They also incorporated the Avalanche gameplay into this game. What made it different from the normal Gonzo’s Quest game is the game’s really immersive nature. While the main character is animated in this game’s video slot, in the VR version, Gonzo comes to life. The game’s settings are full of lush green jungle foliage, and you’ll have the chance of exploring a 360-degree experience of the game, having a view of the game like you’ve never had. We’re sure that games will love this new way of playing games and that NetEnt will also take the challenge of providing the web VR variants of their other iconic and popular slots.

All Casinos of Gonzo’s Quest Slot

If you love all you’ve learned about Gonzo’s Quest, and you’d like to play using actual cash, we advise you to check out our top five Gonzo’s Quest casinos. We also included a complete list of operators who feature this slot. Every one of them has been reviewed and verified trusted, safe casinos licensed in the United Kingdom. You can check out more about these operators in our in-depth casino reviews.

Complete List of Gonzo’s Quest Slot Casinos

# Casino Rating Bonus Bonus Code
1 Read Review 20 Free Spins use code: BIT20 BIT20 Visit
2 Read Review 50 Free Spins CASH Visit
3 Read Review 100% up to €/$100 + 150 Free Spins FIRSTDEP Visit
4 Read Review 100% up to €/$ 150 Use Link Visit
5 Read Review 10 Free Spins Use Link Visit

Gonzo’s Quest FAQs

For the completion of our review, we have gathered the questions people ask frequently. If I still have some doubts about this sky, you can check out this section that follows. You’ll see the answers to the frequently asked questions about Gonzo’s Quest slot there.

What’s the RTP of Gonzo’s Quest?

The RTP of Gonzo’s Quest is 96 percent, as stated in the rules of the game. Wells thus is around five, and the actual RTP is 95.97 percent.

How to earn in Gonzo’s Quest?

When you match three or more symbols in any payline in Gonzo’s Quest, you’ll win payouts. There isn’t any strategy for a guarantee that you’ll win on each spin. Nevertheless, you can check our winning tips to know how to have an advantage.

Where will I be able to play the demo of Gonzo’s Quest?

You can play the demo of Gonzo’s Quest on this page. With our demo game, you can practice and mine the rules prior to you playing with actual cash. Several online casinos also give their seasoned players the chance to try the slot for free.

What’s Gonzo’s Quest touch?

This is the actual name for the slot’s mobile variant. NetEnt Touch games are fully optimized for mobile play, and they are compatible with Android and iOS devices. We have dedicated a section in this review for the mobile slot, you can check it out.

Where can I play Gonzo’s Quest for actual cash?

If you’d like to play Gonzo’s Quest Quest actual cash, you need to play at a regulated and licensed online casino. We’ve made a list of the top Gonzo’s Quest casino websites for you. All of them are secure, safe, and give their new players bonuses.

Let’s hear from you

So, that’s our in-depth review of the Gonzo’s Quest casino. We’ve taken our time to give you the best review that’s thorough, reliable, and thorough. We have now given you the chance to also give us a review of the game after you have played it. Was your experience fun? What’s the most you’ve won from it? Do you have tips and tricks to share? We are willing to hear from you, so please ensure to use the comments section below to tell us what you have in mind.