Monopoly Roulette

Monopoly Roulette hot properties

Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties is an online casino game that is formed from the combination of Monopoly and Roulette. It is created by Wiliams Interactive and the major part of the game is about roulette.

Monopoly Roulette

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One board game that is widely recognized all over the world is monopoly. Although, there are some players that regarded it as an outdated game when compared with the games we have nowadays. However, for the past one hundred years the game has been in existence and still relevant till today. Also, a game played by many players all over the world for a century is roulette and which has shown no sign of going into extinction in years to come. Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties is formed as a result of the combination of both monopoly and roulette. It is an online casino created by Williams Interactive with the major part being about roulette. One additional position is available on the reel that provide the players the opportunity of playing a bonus game.


As stated earlier, the major part of Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties is all about roulette. You will need to understand the game standard follow by the reason for the uniqueness of the game. Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties is played on a wheel that is split into many segments or divisions that a ball will land on. The wheel is made up of thirty eight segments with the numbering starting from one to thirty six and each segment can either be black or red. Out of the remaining two segments, a segment represent 0 whereas, the remaining one represents the Hot Properties segment. More details will be provided for better understanding of the Hot Properties segment.

To place a bet, a large layout will be provided for the players that contain all the figures on wheel for each round and to bet on the other bigger part of the wheel. After betting, the player will observe a button that will be pressed to spin the wheel. Once the wheel stopped, the position of the ball will determine the winner and the loser. The winner will be settled and the loser will forfeit their bets. There are many options available for the players to bet upon on the wheel with the payout for each bets being different. Below is the various type of bets that can be placed by players that can be classified mainly as inside and outside bets depending on the position of the bets. The probable bets that can happen are stated below:

  • Staking on a row of 3 figures is known as Street and it is done by putting chips beside the row. The odds is at eleven to one in case a win occur.
  • Staking on 1 figure is known as Straight and it is done by betting on the figure. The payout is at thirty five to one.
  • Staking on 2 figures is known as Split and it is done by betting between the two figures. The odds is at seventeen to one.
  • A stake covering a whole column of twelve figures is known as Columns. The odds in case a win occur is two to one.
  • Staking on 4 figures that made a square is known as Corner and it is done by putting a chip in the middle of the block. The payout in case a win occur is eight to one.
  • Staking on 2 rows that cover 6 figures all together is known as Six Line. The payout in case of a win is five to one.
  • A staking that obstruct twelve figures in appropriate order is known as Dozens. The payout when a win occur is two to one.
  • Whenever the ball land in between one to eighteen or nineteen to thirty six then the bet has been won.
  • Whenever the ball land on either black or red, the bet has been won if it lands on the chosen color.
  • Whenever the ball land on either odd or even number, the bet has been won if it lands on the chosen number.

Staking on tiers, voisins, and orphelins can be done also once you are a veteran player of roulette. This is refer to as the Classic French stakes and provide options that cover some part of the reel. The layout of the bet is in form of a racetrack.

Chances Available

As stated earlier, Hot Properties is the other part of Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties we said we will look into. Everything we have said above can be applicable to any variant of roulette but the Hot Properties is only for this version of roulette. This is also indicated on the wheel as a segment for players to place their bets. The segment is made up of yellow color. Player will win this bet when the ball lands on appropriate segment.

If the ball land on the segment, then the player will be directed to the bonus game of the Hot Properties which is basically deal or no deal. In this scenario, you will be deal with eighteen cards that will be shown to you before flipping them over and shuffling them. Each card as its own monopoly properties and different value they can amount to. The player will need to select 5 cards and this can also be hasten by pressing a button tagged quick pick. After selecting the five cards their values will then be taken note of. Then, you will received an option of the amount of prizes you will go away with. In case you do not accept the offer, then the game will continue and you will need to take another 5 cards out of the stock. After that you will receive a new offer too. In case you did not accept the offer again then you will be given two chances but you will need to pick three cards this time around. Then each chances will come with its own offer that you can either accept or reject. In the last round, you will be left with 2 cards and if you refused the last offer, then you will be offer the final prize available after picking one of the two cards.

Similarities With American Roulette

If you want to make comparison for this game then you should only compare it with the double zero American version of roulette. This is because there is no hot properties in the normal game instead second zero is what the button is used for. The house advantage that you will likely find in every American table for roulette is 5.26 percent same as that of the normal roulette.

Then according to the available information, the house advantage on the option of the Hot Properties is unknown since there is nothing to corroborate it. But, using the amount paid that have been observed in some rounds of bonus as a sample, we can deduced that the house advantage might be nothing more than 2 percent which is lesser compare to other options. The deduction we made is based on the player accepting the final award after rejecting all initial prizes. In a situation whereby the player did not wait for the final offer and have accepted one of the banker’s initial offer, then there will be an increase the amount of house advantage. The actually amount the house advantage will be after increasing have not yet been ascertained. Therefore, the best advice we can give is that the player should wait for the last offer except the amount awarded in one of the initial offers is a big money that you cannot afford to let go. When such scenario occur, no one will blame the player for accepting that particular offer.

Combination of Two Games

There is no big difference in the wheel of the standard roulette and Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties except the bonus session that was added to the wheel of Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties which stir up some controversies. Also, not only the fan of roulette will be happy to play this game but the inclusion of some resemblance from monopoly game will also attract monopoly fans. The players that prefer the American 2 zeros game will also see no harm in trying out this game. The only caliber of players that will not be interested in playing this game are the players that are contended with the one 0 on the European reels since their own payouts will be better. For a player that want to try out other game that is better than or as exciting as the one he had played before together with a better percentage payout, then Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties is the best option.