Mini Roulette Table Games

Mini Roulette is a simpler version of the standard roulette that has Microgaming as its software developer. It is a game based on thirteen divisions on the wheel with the zero division being the house advantage.

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About Mini Roulette

The big table used in playing roulette may intimidate some players most especially new players. Although it is a game that does not require experience before it can be played but a huge amount of money that will be in the betting section might makes new players to be fascinated. Nevertheless, that should not stop the player from playing the game. Then, that brought about the question of why can’t the game be made simple so as to make it accessible to all caliber of players. That question is what brought about Mini Roulette which is a smaller version of the standard roulette. The figures on the wheel have been reduced together with the options for staking. However, the gameplay does not change, it is now left for you to decide whether to play this game or not after reading this review.

Reduced Size of the Wheel

As stated earlier, there is no difference in the gameplay between the older versions of roulette and mini roulette. However, instead of playing the game on a wheel segmented into thirty-eight divisions as the standard version this one have only thirteen divisions. It is numbered from one to twelve with the other space labelled 0. The player will stake on the position that they predicted that the ball will stopped. After that the dealer will spin the wheel and the winnings will be giving out. There is no figure the player cannot stake on with the payout being eleven to one. The different kind of stakes the player can make include:

  • When it require 2 figures it is called Split and the odd is five to one.
  • When it require 3 figures, it is called Street and the odd is three to one.
  • When it require 4 figures, it is called Square and the odd is two to one.

Also other stake can be make when the player stake on the colour or if the number will be even or odd. 6 positions will be covered after staking and the payout is of even money. The payout of the game is the same for every position on the wheel. Only when the ball land on the 0 that the house advantage will be effective. After staking, you will need to spin the wheel by pressing a button. The wheel will soon for some time and the ball will be fixated at a position once the wheel stopped. Then the number the position where the ball stopped is the winning position. If your bet was placed there you will received your winnings and if not you will forfeit it. You can also stake the exact amount after a round by triggering rebet or you can stake any amount you want.

Players should note that in this game there are different strategy you can use. When playing at some casinos online the La Partage rule will apply to the game. This implies that whenever the ball lands on 0, half of your stake will be returned back to you. Therefore, instead of losing all the money you used to stake, you will get half of it after losing.

Stay Clear of Zero

The odds of every position on the wheel except that of zero. The zero is the one that give the house an advantage over the player. Although, you do not need much technique to play the game but, in a situation whereby the La Partage rule is effected at the casino, the best thing is to avoid the zero. Because even if you lose and the ball lands on zero you will still have half of your stake returned. Therefore, you can stake on any other positions that you think the ball will stopped at. The house advantage when La Partage rule is effective is 3.85 percent but, when not effective it is 7.69 percent. Therefore, it is better to play the game with the rule being effective.


Playing Mini roulette does not mean you will have higher chance of winning over those playing the older versions. It is just a version that has been made simple for players and they can play the game when they are still doing something else. There is no big deal in the setup of the game, it is made easy to navigate. In essence, players should note that it is beneficial to play with the rule than without it.

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