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You will notice that the offices of most online casinos are packed in one particular place. But this doesn’t mean that the players come from that place. Online casino players are everywhere, from Canada to the UK and Europe, not forgetting New Zealand and Australia.

Different governments have different policies when it comes to online gaming and these policies make or break the online gaming industry in that country. The same way these policies could favor online gaming is the same way that they could break it. But looking at the online gaming industry through a global lens, we would say it’s not leaving any time soon. Regardless of this, you need to keep yourself informed concerning some things when it comes to the legality of online casinos in your country. It could be just to know more about the situation in your country or it could be so that you don’t have any issues later.

Do Not Play Games At Online Casinos if They Are Illegal In Your Country

It’s not every government that bothers itself when it comes to the legal matters of online gaming. And as you probably already know, laws are not always what they seem. You might understand one thing but it actually means another. But the authorities do say that if online gaming is not explicitly said to be illegal, then it’s not. So this would be a great area. This simply means that the government doesn’t want to concern itself with the regulation of online gaming. So you can play and even collect your winnings with no issue. And actually, that is the USA’s description. Not all though. There is a restriction on online gaming by the Federal Government of the United States. But of late, some states have changed things up. And this is even better for everyone, the authorities, the players and the casino operators. The USA is an online casino market on its own.

There’s also the Czech Republic. Like Australia, this country banned online gaming. So like you can read from the reading, if you put in Czech republic as your country, your registration will be blocked. Nevertheless, even if you manage to sign up, you will lose your earnings.

Online Casino Game Providers and Country Restrictions

There are quite a lot of implications when it comes to casino games and their providers. Licensing, legalities, nature of games and permits cannot permit certain games to be played in certain countries. The best example we could get is Canada. There is no ban on online gaming and the players have no worries about not getting fair chances at winning their prizes. But one very popular game provider NetENT left the country. Canadian players still have a wide range of games that they could play.

This is just an example because Canada is definitely not the only country. UK players dont have access to Spigo games, Microgaming and Quickspin games cannot be played in Denmark and players who reside in the UK and Israel cannot play Ezugi Live Games. So it would be hard for players from different countries to have the same range of games and the same promotions.

Taxes Surrounding Online Winnings

We also ask you to make sure to check for the taxes you could incur when you win at an online casino. First of all, you should know that we are not legal experts. And so this is just a conclusion and not defining legal facts. First of all, if in your country there is no regulation when it comes to online gaming, if you win big, you might have to pay taxes and the rate could amount to up to 10%. On the other hand, where there is regulation like in the UK and Europe, the casino operator beats the taxes. The authorities want their own profit else online casino games would not be legal.

You should note that winnings from online casinos and winnings from sports betting are treated completely different.

For more convenient and smooth operations, tge operators of online casinos decided to start paying the taxes. And luckily enough, the authorities removed the stupid law. It would be hell if each player had to pay taxes.

To cut it short, the government keeps a close eye on online gambling because this one is a high source of tax income. They do it for the cash.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Casinos

How do I know if I could play online casinos games?

Like we said before, different governments have different policies when it comes to online casinos. So make sure to know which casinos welcome your country. Make sure that you understand how exactly your country feels when it comes to online gambling. Also, you might not be able to play some casino games even if you fulfill all the necessary eligibility criteria. This is due to restrictions placed because of the licenses of game providers.

What awesome casinos can I play in my country?

So there are quite a number if really good online casinos. But the unfortunate thing is, they do not always allow players from every country to play. All you have to do now is to check the countries accepted and see whether your country features.

Can I play live dealer games in my country?

First of all, there is no straight answer to this question. While some live casino developers offer their devices everywhere, some do not. For example, if you are a resident of the UK, you cannot play with Lucky Streak and Ezugi; if you reside in Australia, you cannot play Evolution Gaming’s live dealer games; and Canadian residents cannot take advantage of the live casinos NetENT offers.