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Recently, there has been a change in the gambling laws of Switzerland. This has scared a lot of people as they believe it will be difficult to to find great quality online casinos. We have made sure to comb through all our resources so as to being you only the best. And take it from us when we say that we had a lot of options.

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How To Embark on Your Online Casino Journey in Switzerland

online casino switzerlandThere was a major change in the world of online gambling in Switzerland as of this year. A series of laws were passed and these laws allow only casinos operating under a Swiss license to continue operating in Switzerland.

This is going to cause a lot of upheaval especially on the side of the players. We do know that in the near future, players will find even more and perhaps better online casinos to play at. Also, they could still play at their favorite casinos just by bypassing these laws using cryptocurrencies and VPNs.

Even with the use of a VPN to mask or change your country and the usage of a cryptocurrency, playing an online casino is basically the same like in the rest of Europe. No matter how many laws are amended, the modis operandi of casinos and their basic information don’t go under these amendments. So don’t worry yourself about this law as signing up should be the same like always.

Newbies to online gambling think that the registration process on betting sites is not straightforward. This is not true. There is little complication in signing up for an online casino as it is basically the same like signing up for anything else. The information they would ask you is the basic information needed at most sign up pages like Amazon for example.

It might be still be a scary process for some. And we know this. That is why we have detailed everything you should know if you are interested in playing at online casinos as a resident of Switzerland.

The first step is to check out the bonuses and promotional offers. You might be the type of person who cannot play without bonuses. Or you might be the type that can live without them. No matter the type of player you are, our advice to pay attention to them.

This is because you will find that the bonuses get very innovative and have a lot of variety. Also, getting acquainted with the bonuses is in a way, getting acquainted with the site you want to play on.

Yes choosing an online casino takes a quote a lot of consideration. But there are two main factors that need to come in play– whether you are in Switzerland or anywhere else in the world.

You need to know if that site is good both in the objective and subjective way. When we talk about it being good in the objective way, it means that you are talking about things everyone can agree with. For example, everyone wants great customer support agents and a large variety of great games.

Subjective on the other hand is what appeals to just you. What suits you basically. For example, the theme of a casino. Some might find it crass while you love it. So it varies from person to person. And there is no answer that is “wrong” or “right”.

You could also talk about subjective when it comes to promotional offers. You will know just how you plan to use a casino when you see the bonuses offered. For example, they might be offering a bonus on a game you specifically do not like and do not play. That is bad, subjective to you. Because someone else would find it a great situation.

So for a promotional page to be considered good, it needs to appeal to what is subjectively good but also what is objectively good. When we talk about the subjective side, we mean that the design of the casino shouls appeal to you. So you should like what it offers when it comes to bonuses or design and themes. For example, when you see bonuses that match the amount you plan on depositing on this site, that’s a good thing. And we move on to step two.

With step two, you need to consider the terms and conditions. Here again, we will talk of the subjective ans objective angles. There are cases where everyone will notice the Disadvantages. And you also have offers that seen very untrue. Foe example, you could realize that wagering requirements would make it impossible for you to claim winning from the bonuses. Or that you would have to make a higher deposit as compared to the player who didn’t choose the bonus.

You also get instances that are based more on preference than anything else. You might terms that will say that only particular games have to fulfill particular wagering requirements. Based on which games have caught your interest, this information is could be useful or not at all. Also, the amount that comes in play with the wagering requirement (let’s just assume it is not extra) could be useful as well depending on the amount of money you want to wager.

For us, the perfect idea of bonuses and promotional offers are those that take each type of player in mind. They don’t care if you are a high roller or just playing for fun, they have something for you. Also, you have other things that you should take into consideration. Some of these things are the maximum amount of money you can win, the limits on the bonus, and if there is, the code that would permit you to have access to this bonus or promotional offer.

You should look at it like this. The promotions are simply an overview, a test to gauge whether this site has caught you interest. The next thing would be some kind of zoom to know if the things that interest you are actually safe and of great quality. It doesn’t matter if you are the greatest fan of promotions or if you don’t like them at all. You will understand why we are saying all this. We are sure that you will comprehend more when it comes to operations as choosing an online casino from Switzerland to play at is not all easy.

Step three is to go through the games so as to make sure that you like some of these games. Yes, bonuses are great and all but how are they useful if they are just for games that you never play or don’t like first of all. It might seem obvious but it is very important to check. And if the casino you’re playing on is even a bit good and your tastes don’t range to the eccentric, you should be fine.

But there are two sides to the coin when it comes to games. You have to test out the quality of the games as well. Yes, you love slot games. Yes they propose these games but are they any good? The good thing about most sites is that you have the demo option which allows you to take a chance on the games without betting real money.

You could also know if these casinos have great games by checking if they have passed the test of fairness and randomness. This is very important. The very last step is to check for the developers of these illustrious games. It is a great way to check as you have a lot of well-known and great name like Play ‘N Go and Microgaming that are famous for producing great games.

This step is a very important one as it not only secures the game you will play, but it exposes you to even more games. You could go from your best software provider and find games that it has developed. This is makes your search time shorter. Make sure to check for live casinos, that is of course if you are a fan or would like to be.

Step four is to make sure that this casino supports the payment option you can use. This step seems like a no brainier but it is unimaginable the number of people who have skipped it. A lot of the best online casinos have quite a range of payment methods for you to choose from. You should be able to find this easily. Most times, you will find it in the terms and conditions page or it will be shown as you sign up.

No matter what, don’t forget to cross-check again to make sure that you can really find the option you prefer there. Another thing you should go through is how much time the processing takes and also the fees you will have to pay. The last thing you want to do is get scammed. If you cannot find this anywhere on thw site, contact customer support. They’ll tell you all you need to know.

The last step and fifth step is the registration process. Make sure you really are ready to register on online casino. Make sure that you really have gone through all the steps and done thorough research. If you are satisfied, then you can head over and fill all the necessary forms.

Whatever you are asked her isn’t really a call for concern. After all, it’s the same things that are asked in most other registration forms. Obviously, there are some things that are quite different. Here, you have to detail your spending limits, inputting the amount you would prefer not to go above.

Actually, a casino that doesn’t ask you this is waving a red flag in your face. It is not a complete turn off to some people but you really need to think about it. Apart from that, you are asked for the more personal things. You have to input stuff like your email address, your name, your home address and others.

You would do well not to forget that each person is entitled to just one player account. These rules can be applied to your IP address and your home address. The next thing you should think of is the password you are going to use.

Make sure to use one you can easily remember but also something strong so that you won’t get hacked. You might encounter a really secure casino site but if your password is weak, you can easily lose your data. When you are done filling in your details, satisfied with the terms and conditions (and accept them) then you can proceed. You can play now.

Payment Options that you can use at online casinos as a Swiss player

You notice that we did not say “online casinos in Switzerland” but “online casinos as a Swiss player*. This is because players can use a lot of cryptocurrencies to make transactions. But as concerns payment methods, Switzerland is quite traditional.

They are not like a lot of other countries. These people prefer the use of cash to pay for their goods and services. As a result of this, you have traditional payment options when it comes to paying at online casinos. So we will go into depth with these payment methods. We will also talk about methods you can use of you are playing on a non-Swiss but European site.

Credit and Debit Cards

Paying with cash at online casinos right now is not possible, not in Switzerland or anywhere else in the world. The methods that come really close to these are the credit and debit cards. You can get one of these very easily. And unless you woke up in our alternate future, we are pretty sure you know the basics on how they work.


It was hard for Switzerland to come into the modern era but finally they are in. You now have payment options like e-wallets. It is quite normal that these online ways to complete financial transactions are not really popular in Switzerland. This is because they aren’t really known. Right now, the hottest ewallet on the market is one that basically everyone knows or has heard of; PayPal.


Like we said in the option that comes before this one, we have the feeling that players from Switzerland are searching for something different when it comes to payment methods. This is most especially when they want to retain their anonymity but remain safe at the same time. Cryptocurrencies are a great idea and what other than the giant in this domain, Bitcoin?

online casino switzerland

How to measure the reliability of an online casino in Switzerland

The same ways you checked if any site is trustworthy are the same ways you will use here. The law in Switzerland night make some things a little bit different. But the difference not that palpable. So you can just so what you have always been doing no matter the changes. We know that new casinos are coming in and we don’t know if feedback from players will be reliable or even existent.

The reputation of an online casino doesn’t come in just a day. It is a hard process because of the constant changes in this industry. It is more easy to get how these sites function in other parts of Europe because they have a longer duration. But you have plenty ways to define how reliable a site is.

In the previous sections, we have mentioned what you should do before registration. Many of these were that the appearance of a site says a lot about it. Also, going through the games is very helpful. This should guide you and tell you just how much the developers put into their site. We are not saying you should just start playing on the site after this, but it is great to.

There is some other way you can know if a casino is reliable or not. You can read through reviews that are unbiased. Make sure to check for the privacy policy of each site and how they use SSL encryption to keep the users’ data safe. You should also check for the licenses and in the next section we will talk about it more.

Licensing and Web Casinos

Switzerland is not straightforward in its laws concerning gambling and so licensing is also not straightforward. But what is necessary to know is that the regulatory body that takes care of this now is the Swiss Federal Gaming Board. This was implemented in 2019

We know it is extremely shocking and maybe even scandalous. But before this, no body ti regulate online gambling actually existed, and this includes every other casino game. And signing up on a casino that has no license is a great risk.

You can decide to play on a casino that is out of Switzerland. Make sure you check the license before getting into anything. You have existing regulators that are very trustworthy and you know you can trust the casinos they license. Some of these regulators are Gibraltar Gaming Commissioner and the Malta Gaming Authority. These are not all though.

Casino Games to Play at Online Casinos in Switzerland

Of recent, there might have been some complications for players residing in Switzerland because of politics. But there is no complicated angle about the way this country loves its casino games. They are quite traditional so you have more of the classic games. There are a lot games and we can’t even pretend we will talk about all of them. But we will just give you a few so you can have an idea of what you would find at Swiss online casinos


Switzerland is an old school country. So it is not really surprising that they love poker which is as classic as a casino game can get. You have different variants of poker, from the Three Card Stud to Texas Hold’em. But there are details that underline each and make them very different from other casino games. It is not a game of chance but a game of skill.

Video slots

If there is one area where the Swiss have completely settled in, it’s slot games. Though the traditional slots are popular, you will find video slots a lot more information Switzerland. This is simply because video slots are much more innovative than the classic slot in terms of sponsorships, themes, design and ways to play.


A lot of people love bingo for a lot of reasons. First of all, it is simple and straightforward and based on probability. All you have to do is Mark off numbers from cards and win through a number of combos. You have variants of the game. But the general rule is, when you get a full house, two lines, a line or four corners provided you get the entire ticket full.

Gambling and the Swiss Government

In Switzerland, the conditions surrounding gambling are a little complicated. So we have to start from the very beginning. Years ago, more than 200, gambling was extremely popular in this country. But it got banned in the 16th century because it wasn’t considered a very religious pastime.

The laws underwent a lot of changes until there was a complete ban in 1921. This ban was a lot more consistent than the laws passed as it lasted to the end of the millennium. Also, by this time there was a difference made by the Swiss government between games of chance and arcade games. From that time, you can see a lot of land based casinos though you won’t see a huge number of them.

The other significant thing that shook up the situation was Switzerland voting for its laws around gambling to be amended. The only casinos that can legally operate in Switzerland are casinos that have gotten certified in the country itself. We really want to see how this goes and if it will last like the ban that was passed in 1921. Or just die down like plenty others.

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