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Seek out the Super Fruit Slot game from August Gaming, with classic slots action! Read our review to see why this is one of our favorite new games.
A Slot Game developed by August Gaming, arranged across an incredible setting of southwest China, alongside archaic background, over a 3×3 game reels, alongside winnings generated over eight non-adjustable pay lines

Super Fruit Slot

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Perhaps you crave so much to have an encounter with couples of fruity entertaining adventures; then, you’ll undoubtedly have great delight engaging playing this incredible slot game tilted “Super Fruit.”

A smart concept developed by August Gaming arranged in the striking setting of southwest China, you’ll get your mouth watered while you assemble luscious fruits such as blackcurrants, oranges, strawberries, lychees & durians.

This game developer goes the extra mile to project some gold ingots & the lucky number 8 into the combination to stress that it’s a fruit-themed slot alongside a Chinese twist.

As a supplement to back up these fruity & golden characters, the users can as well experience grenades revolving across the reels, generating some unpredictable winnings.

Super Fruits also put across an extremely outlandish musical background, having an impression of associating in a Tv game presentation, reflects out immediately after the game opens up. Indeed, the inspiring tune can arouse the player’s pleasant disposition while he/she journeys over an attractive background.

As regards the graphical aspect of the game, the developer employs a thick blade of grass which adorn the limelight, during which the green trees get spotted through the orange highland appearing right there in the setting.

Indeed, it’s adorable visibility. However, it’s corresponding characters across the reels which can stimulate your interest to come across, particularly a complete display of lucky 8s.

Kick Off the Quest to access some Fascinating Winnings

The game brags of its archaic setting, arranged over a 3×3 game reels, alongside winnings generated over eight non-adjustable pay lines. The fascinating aspect is that every single of the character position spins separately.

Intelligibly, it’s not a concept which everyone will cherish as a result of the graphic impression of the entire nine spots running concurrently.

Peradventure you have for once played whichever of online bonus slot game alongside an Asian theme ahead, then you must have probably realized that 8 designates the happiest figure in Chinese tradition.

The various gambling alternative provided by this game developer already gets motivated by this notion. The game commences with the least range as minimal as 0.08 credits, establishing it more favorable for gamesters that cherish to play with minimum bet sum, up through to a maximum stake worth eight credits for each spin.

Delightful Winnings

Please have in mind that it’s likely the users get overwhelmed each time they steer through at the paytable of Super Fruit as a result of winnings varying from at least twice of one’s line stakes, through to incredible leading winnings worth 3,000x.

The winnings have something to do with nine of the ten characters appearing over the reels. Therefore, it’s time to have an overview of the enormous jackpots available to take advantage.

Gold ingots indicate the character of wealth in Chinese tradition, & turns out to be more productive to an extent each time these characters come into view in this game.

A player can obtain the coupled-least winnings worth 2x, for whichever combos of single, twofold or threefold ingot character. Besides, reclusive lychee yields twice the wins, whereas 5x & 10x are available for two & three of this symbol across a pay-line accordingly.

Indeed, you’ll have access to an exclusive prize equal to 10x each time the user makes visible a line of oranges. The blackcurrants & Strawberries yield more so tastier winnings worth 15x, during which the durian character worth 20x.

Besides, a player can have access to a worth of 20 times for making visible rows of just one ingot. The subsequent surge in the paytable refers to twofold ingots, which commensurate to 30 times, whereas the multilateral ingots yield golden winnings equal to 50x.

A player tends to know his / her fate each time they assemble lucky 8s, while the proportion gets magnified by 100x.

Super Jackpots for Full Window

Appealingly, the paytable as well highlights exclusive odds for a full display of characters. The winning returns get magnified with regards to the overall bet instead of the line stake to get this super jackpot.

Peradventure, you’re fortunate to assemble collections of fruit over the entire nine points, then you can access to the least prizes worth 20x of one’s bets. This range gets raised to 100x of one’s bet for a full display of ingots, during which the juicy prizes are available for some particular fruits.

A comprehensive display of 8s is quite an unusual observation, highlighted by the mesmerizing jackpots available in attaining this target.

Peradventure, you include among the limited that are fortunate to encounter 8s over the pay line, then there is no way you won’t have your account gets filled up with massive winnings equivalent to 3,000 times of one’s bet.

Prepare ahead for Some Unpredictable Winnings?

You’ll never think of Grenades to come into view as a character in a fruit-themed slot as it is something you’d least anticipate.

The presence of Grenades in this bonus Super Fruit slot game showcase to a considerable extent how strange the squad at August Gaming is; however, there’s no way you’ll make complaints each time these symbols show up across the reels.

The grenade is the character that stand-in for others; however, the system on how it operates is quite distinct to wild characters. Rather than contributing to winning, they burst out & respin to any of the remaining characters.

Most times, its likely players get frustrated while the new character appearing most often fails to match the rest of the characters across the pay line. So, you may realize that these grenades do act as blockers.

Each time the character get matched, its likely such user encounter a great sense of relief, particularly when it refers you already make visible a row of 8s. Having the whole of grenades get exploded into exact character across every single spin would have been a more rewarding one. However, this game developer distinctly perceived that it’s something that would be over-generous.

Craving More Super Fruit Fun?

Its likely Super Fruit impressions sound vaguely familiar in the minds of the knowledgeable online casino gamesters due to some casino slot games also portion out exact name.

The majority of these portion attributes alongside Super Fruit by this software developer, for example, their plainness & objectives over archaic gameplay. Therefore, you may have an interest in exploring them. Perhaps you sought extra-fruity entertainment.

Holland power Gaming

Peradventure, you never get anxious regarding the bonus features & desire to assemble some standard characters across the reels, then try out this Holland power gaming innovation titled “Super Fruit”. You’ll come across these symbols, plums, lemons, cherries, watermelons & oranges to enjoy.

The game entails the lucky red 7s. However, you’ll so much be delighted perhaps you make visible some symbol kinds commensurate to 500x of ones bet.


Do you have an interest in having an exploration of enjoying some gameplay in a traditional casino? Do explore the Super Fruit slot machine developed by Pipeline49. The game gets formulated in an old cabinet pattern, finish up alongside thickset icons below.

The paytable appears across the reels of this game with just one line. During which 7s often connotes the most significant rewarding character in this kind of standard slot games, watermelons take over the top spot in this game, yielding a fascinating highest jackpot worth 2,400 coins.

Final Words

Its possible Super Fruit never brags of the smoothest visuals. However, there is so much to adore this game. The setting & gambling alternative establish it a remarkable option for gamblers considered to be low-limit, alongside there exists exceedingly huge jackpots available, & jolly musicals which assists in making brighter the most boring days.

Contrary, you’ll get discouraged peradventure you desire to play online slot games overwhelmed alongside bonus features.

Substituting grenades just don’t cut it when you compare Super Fruit to the array of feature-rich fruit-themed slots that have been released by other software providers. In a nutshell, Super Fruit will solely greatly delight you with some substantial offers.

Perhaps you strive to actualize a comprehensive display of identical characters. Peradventure you never, then you crave for a more exciting reward.