Best eWallet Online Casinos

Best eWallet Casinos

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Nowadays, the number of people that have started spending money on an online casino has reasonably increased. For this reason, there is a need for security and convenience in the online method made use of. To effectively handle this, the e-wallets, which is electronic cash has come to a a place in which you will be able to get anything on the internet, and you can as well use it in making the transfer on any computer or smartphone.

We can as well say that it is the virtual credit or debit card that you link to your savings bank account. Considering the advent and the availability of the eWallet, we are taking it upon ourselves to provide the detailed analysis tour customers on the need to make use of the e-Wallet casino

This analysis comprises a comprehensive review of the particular aspect you need to clearly understand the method you want to make use of before the selection of online payment. In this review, we will be talking about the casino payment that is widely used. Steps to take in creating the account, and some other things that you are meant to keep in mind

Aside from this, we will as well talk about the different safety benefits that give an insight into the fantastic casinos that are available for you in the market. Sincerely, we hope that the information provided will be helpful while you make a deposit

Payment for Easy Gambling

This is absolutely a service that is so beneficial in such a way that it makes online gambling a natural thing that you won’t have to stress yourself on at all. The system has an inbuilt software component; this is what it used to make proper storage of all the data of the players. Also, it ensures the total encryption of the information given by the players.

The information we are particular about is appropriately stored in a centralized server and well encrypted with SSL such that it won’t be easy for fraudsters to perpetuate their evil activity. Subsequently, we are going to discuss how you will be able to use the electronic wallet to fund your online gambling platform

Popular eWallets that you are supposed to know about

Just like it happens in different sectors, if there is a high demand, there will also be some businesses that will be making a conscious effort in meeting the requirement of the people. Talking about the eWallet casinos, some of the best wallets have been identified in such a way that good reputation has been earned in the industry

Neteller is the first one we will be addressing, its establishment was made in 1999, at first it’s head office was based in Canada, later it was switched to the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man to be precise. The company was very efficient that it was able to process over 80% of the online casino all around the world

The second one that we will be addressing is the Ecopayz, and the founding was made in the year 2000 such that it is one of the online casinos that is secured

Lastly, Skrill happens to be an example of eWallet has come up with extraordinary growth since it was established in the year 2001, and its operation cut across over 200 countries making use of 40 currencies

How does the eWallet payment method works

payment method

The first thing you have to do here is to select your choice of provider, after then you can decide to visit their official website and make the registration that is needed, all that you need to spend is not up to 10 minutes. All the financial data you supplied are well stored in a single place. What you have to do at the point is to upload the amount you intend depositing and make the connection with your credit or debit card

The next thing you will have to do now is to select the particular online casino you wish to place your bet on. The moment you make the proper identification of the casino site, what you are to do next is to navigate your way straight to the payment options. Make the necessary setting, and choose the eWallet you desire. The next display you will encounter is the prompting that you are to supply your login details. The moment your account is verified, you can easily deposit the amount you so desire.

Talking about withdrawal, it is not so hard, the same process you went through when you are making the deposit is the one you will have to go through. The only thing that you have to do is to input the amount that you want to withdraw and choose the eWallet you intend using. All the deposits made are processed immediately, and your new balance will reflect in your new balance directly. For the withdrawals, all are processed within 24 – 48 hours

How do you create an eWallet Account?

It looks so much convenient to set various debit card, bank account, and credit cards into an efficient and faster way of making online payments. The process is not at all rigorous. What you are required to do is to download the application and install it, after then you should fill in the other critical necessary details. It is essential for you to understand the fact that you can store multiple cards in an eWallet account such that you will be able to edit or delete the account based on the preference you give to it.

Having done with the account opening and verification process, then you can proceed to make your payment on an online casino. That moment when the operator request for your information, your details are going to be added automatically, then you will have to put in your password, and things will start to work fine. Of course, it is an efficient and fast way to make an online payment without having any issue

Are there any extra charges?

The simple fact is that great products always attract additional charges when they render any form of service to their customers. It is essential for players to note that there are four types of fees to be incurred before they plan to sign up for any of the eWallet services. Firstly, when you want to send money to another person or business entity. Reasonably, the cost that you will incur on this is relatively low, and most of the merchant’s charge as little as 1% on any of the transaction carried out

Secondly is the fee incurred when you want to receive money, this is also relatively low, and most merchants do waive off charges any time they wish to receive money

Thirdly is the fee incurred in converting currencies on the receipt of payment in another international currency. Extra charges incurred on this is always 3 – 5 %

Lastly, is the fee you incur when you leave your account for a very long time, with this you will be charged for inactivity, the estimated amount of time before you can be penalized is six months. The penalty can be charged by the operator either annually or monthly, but then be rest assured that online casinos do not charge any extra fees when you make use of the e-wallet for withdrawals and deposit

Things you are meant to know regarding the eWallet Casinos

eWallet Casinos

On subscribing to an entirely new service, you will have to give due consideration to some factors, and these factors will influence the kind of provider you decide to choose and make use of. The fortunate and unique thing about the eWallet service is the fact that the majority of your information in various bank accounts can be stored in just a single place. For this, players are given the ample opportunity to store up to 5 credit and debit cards in an account. All the information can be accessed on your computer and smartphone

One other important reason for you to make use of the eWallet is how swift the processing is being made. Anytime you want to deposit your real money, and you don’t have to enter any payment info. All of the information needed as already being stored in the eWallet account created and this system fetches it automatically while you are about to make a payment.

For this reason, you will not have to go through the stress of bringing out your card to type out the long numbers

Part of the advantage of making use of the eWallets is the fact that it has compatibility with different currencies all around the world.

For this reason, people who are always moving around will have the chance of different currencies. But then, one of the most important you have to be very conscious about is the exchange rate of each of the currency as it varies among the providers

To wrap it up on the advantage of making use of the eWallet is that it is highly safe and secure to make use of. Millions of dollars are being spent every year by the service provider to ensure the fact that every personal information and the activities carried out by the players are well secured and protected against the evil action of hackers. Compare to the credit cards, and you don’t have to get yourself worried if you lost your e-wallet. All you need to do is to lock your account, and any unauthorized access will be prevented.

Advantages of eWallet Payment Service

  • All your banking account can be arranged into a place
  • The payment is well secured, and all the details dropped by players will be encrypted
  • All the transactions will be processed within 24 – 48 hours
  • It is a convenient and easy way to send money

Disadvantages of the eWallet Payment Service

  • Extra charges might be charged by sourcing account
  • You can rarely see bonuses and promotions
  • The banking method is not at all ideal for making offline payment

eWallet Casinos with Bonuses

The common thing is that most of the online casinos do offer bonuses and promotions to attract new players, and also ensure sustainability and continuity for the existing players as they make use of a particular payment method. Some online casinos will give you a generous bonus when you make use of Paypal, and this cannot be considered to be the case with some other e-wallet payment.

Lots of bonuses and promotions are made available, which are in the form of com points or free spins. If you are making use of the eWallet, have it at the back of your mind that the method is reliable and secured, but then, if you are the type that prioritizes safety over any other thing, you shouldn’t be much concerned about the bonuses and the likes


In looking for an online casino that accepts the e-Wallet payment system, there are some other factors that you will have to consider, which include how safe the online casino itself is, more importantly, how safe and trustworthy is the eWallet of the service provider you want to make use of. The thing is that most of the online casinos are now advanced to the extent that they provide a well-secured atmosphere for the players, they ensure that all the details dropped by the players are well encrypted so as not be stolen by hackers

The Secure Socket Layer, also is known as SSL a popular and advanced technology in which the majority of the online casino makes use. It is very efficient in securing the private and personal information supplied by the players to the online casino

One thing that players have to understand clearly is the fact that all the casinos that are top-rated are well licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, Alderney, and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. You will see the gambling logo at the top or bottom of the online casino site. Players who carry out their gameplay should rest assured that all their information is safe, there is additional security when you make use of eWallet

For you to successfully carry out an online payment, it is a must for you to put in your log in details. All the banking details dropped will be shown in a coded way, and it can never leak to the third party for security purposes. In fact, when making a registration for the eWallet service, all the details and confidential dropped are kept with anonymity. Providers have made a conscious effort in ensuring a excellent identity verification to ensure all things are kept safe.

Recently, the report gotten on issues that are related to phishing emails and online scams has risen. For this reason, it is very important you stay very conscious about this so that you will not be a victim. Virtually all the eWallet providers always orientate their customers on how they can be security conscious and stay safe. Some tactics are employed in ensuring security; part of it is the usage of very strong passwords, also the changing of the password regularly, and lastly, not sharing the password with any other person. Additionally, do not always forget to update the application so that you will not be missing out on any of the security patches made

Of recent, the majority of the eWallet providers have made an introduction of the Real-Time Transaction Monitoring, and this is made to ensure stronger security.

An instance is the Neteller, as it offers the 3D secure technology, which is well supported by the Visa or Mastercard. Part of the security feature is the usage of the SSL, additionally it is the Three Domain Technology that gives a password in which the customer must validate and is always checked by other parties that are actively involved in carrying out the transaction. Of course, this can be said to be an advantage to the cardholder, the bank itself, and the merchants.

Is Casino Payment Vogue?

Of course, it is a known fact that the world is actively involved in carrying out daily transaction making use of the eWallets. ,Most of the online casinos make provision for this, as gamblers find it swift and efficient to make payment

You will like the withdrawal limits

It is essential for players to be able to differentiate between the different withdrawal methods made use of in the online casino. Although most of the operators allow you to carry it out for a transaction, then most did not give the chance of using the eWallet for withdrawal

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