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All of us have seen casino slot machines that have conventional pay lines which run across them, and almost all of us are used to games that have 243 winning ways where you can just create a winning combo when you place symbols on adjacent reels. It is also quite common to see 1024 ways of lining symbols up, but this Yggdrasil Gaming’s Gem Rocks video slot is likely the first we have seen where you’ve got 4096 ways of getting a prize-winning combo.

This is an impressive number that comes because there are six Reels in Gem Rocks, instead of the common five, while there are four symbol positions in each. Colorful rocks largely make up those symbols, every one of them has a gem embedded in it, even though Monster Rock can occasionally turn up to assist in creating some huge winnings. More rocks make up the surroundings to the manor Reels, every one of them in an eerie blue-gray shade that has a little setting sun behind them, then studded with more precious jewels. Well, you’ll see a win-meter at the left side that we will talk about later.

Located in Sweden, Yggdrasil is a relatively new company in the scene, which has been operated since 2013. But within a short period, they’ve won several awards that include the 2016 and 2017 EGR Slots Provider, alongside, 2017 Innovator of the year by International Gaming Awards. We are sure this video spot will improve the developing reputation of Yggdrasil as an innovative games developer.

Six rocking reels

Its 6 by 4 symbols grid tumble fine in place with a cool clicking sound and generic music. Well, I felt saying it’s Rock Music will be very obvious. The money you win every time is dependent on the number of matching symbols you have on a connected reel from the LHS and the number of them on one reel in that row.

All three of a kind across any reel will earn you a prize, and that increases the moment you land four, five, or six of similar ones across more reels, but if there are over one example of the winning symbol on any of the Reels, it’ll multiply the prize. For example, if there are two similar symbols on one of the Reels, it is doubled, and the multiples can multiply themselves, which leads to some likely huge rewards. Even though one spot is taken by most symbols on the reel, it is also quite common for huge symbols to land, in 2 by 2, 3 by 3, or maybe 4 by 4 blocks, which makes it seamless to get some huge winnings.

The values of symbols vary, from the purple diamonds to the brown cross that pays five, the, fifteen, or twenty coins each when they land on three, four, five, or six Reels from the LHS, via the gems colored green, white, blue, and aquamarine that is each worth quite more. For a crescent moon gen, you can earn 10, 15, 25, or 35 coins. Although you’ll earn the best prizes with the red star, and it is worth twenty, forty, sixty, or two hundred coins. There aren’t any conventional scatter or wild symbols here, nor are there any unique free spins round, but you shouldn’t worry because there are other bonus features in Gem Rock.

Prizes Cascade

There’s a Cascading Reels Feature in this slot, and that means that I’d any becomes part of a winning combo, it will disappear and leave empty spaces for the new symbols when they drop. As every slot blow up, there is a little explosion and a pause propr to new symbols falling down. Although if this new mix results in the completion of another winning line, you’ll see one bar in the win meter light up and then see a Monster Rock creature on the Reels.

The color of the guy will be the same as the standard symbol and is in a 2 by 2 block that’ll likely help in completing a combo. If another winning line is created from this, extra bars will light up, which results in a 3 by 3 sized Monster Rock showing after the 4th consecutive win, then a massive 4 by 4 Moster after the 9th consecutive win. There’s a substantial winning potential from this feature, particularly if they pattern the friendly Monster Rock after a symbol of high value, but irrespective of its color, it is a distinct way for users to get consecutive wins.

Bet Options and Range

With no pay lines to place your wagers on, there is only one option of changing the coin values that are multiplied by 50 times in giving the entire stake for each spin. With the coin range of between 0.01 and 1.00 giving an entire bet of 0.50 to 50.00, it is a game that’s directed more to casual bettors instead of high rollers that want to land some massive payouts, but you’ve got the opportunity for a couple of decent winnings along the line, particularly when several symbols of similar types show on every reel.

There is also a free version, which is excellent for practicing the game, but you can clearly not win any cash prize.

Similar to every Yggdrasil slot in this range, it is a reliable and fair slit machine where they randomly determine the results and there is a good RTP ratio.

Other Gems

Even though this slot’s theme is rock-based, it’s quite unique; there are some others that have gems, or maybe hot inspiration from games like Candy Crush or Jewels where users just lineup symbols that match.

In this genre, maybe the most common slot is WMS-powered Gems, Gems, Gems, and there isn’t any prize for guessing this game’s theme. It has a more common layout compared to Gem Rocks, where users spin four sets of Reels simultaneously, and along with substitutions, there is a free spins bonus feature that multipliers that are up to 4 times can apply to every winning like across any reels set.

A Little Game Gem?

Usually, cascading rocks are dangerous to an extent, but here, we’re very happy to see them blow up then new ones will drop into their positions.

Having 4096 winning ways across six Reels can seem quite overwhelming initially, but as soon as the combos begin to land it then becomes way clearer. Well, it might take some time before you get used to working out multipliers when you notice lots of similar symbols.

Similar to the games range of the entire Yggdrasil casino games, they developed Gem Rocks in HTML5, which makes it mobile-friendly for anybody that enjoys playing games on their tablets or smartphones, while they can also play it on laptops and desktop computers.

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