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lightning joker slot

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In spite of its original nature, the features and design of the beautiful Lightning Joker slot game can appeal to some people.

  • High volatility of about 10,000 times your bet.
  • There are mystery wins, multiplier strikes, and rapid spins.

There are times in your life when you have certain experiences that make you believe you’ve seen all life has to offer. You feel like there’s nothing new and exciting again. All good things come and go, each “new” is just a subtle imitation of the previous things. This is the situation before the Lightning Joker slot game by Yggdrasil Gaming was tested. You may think this is another slot game having a Las Vegas theme with a low payline count and reels. And guess what, the Yggdrasil Gaming team has succeeded in creating a game that while having an overused style, is exciting and adventurous, removing all notions about what you expected.

Be prepared to be a little disappointed at first glance. The design of the original 3 by 3 simple fruit grid is a clear purple “pink checkered background”, and there’s little more in its design except for a gold border. It really grows on you, however. Yggdrasil uses a mixture of “elegance” and “simplicity” in describing this game, and it’s hard not to follow their reviews after a while. First, get your bet ready, and options vary from the least bet of 5 pounds or cents for each spin to about 50 euros or dollars.

With this placement, it is easy to point out that combinations consist of 3 identical icons on the payline. The game featured five paylines, so it’s easy to keep an eye out for potential winners. It is not really worth talking about these symbols, because most people might guess what they are. However, to be on the safer side, players will receive lemons, cherries, watermelons, grapes, bells, stars, and sevens. In terms of values, it ranges from 0.8 times the bet for 3 cherries to 5 times the bet for 3 stars. The wild symbols are 16 times the worth of the bet, and it also replaces any game symbols other than the Lucky Lady Joker.

Other statistics show that the RTP of the Lightning Joker is an average of 96.3%, matching with its volatility, as both are very high. The hit ratio is 17.6%, which is not bad, however, when you consider how these modes work, it feels higher as it ends up being a very interesting game.

Features of Lightning Joker

Here, the game starts getting hotter and hotter. To be honest, there are not many features, but they seem to be very successful, and they can be effective, which is surprising. The features include mystery win, multiplier strike, and rapid respin.

Rapid respin is activated on two reels that are fully equipped with corresponding symbols. When this occurs, two reels will be kept until the third reel lands a respin. This basically gives you another opportunity to win.

This feature can bring a second feature, called multiplier strike. The feature is enabled when the matching symbol (whether wild or not) covers the entire grid. After the activation, lightning bolts randomly select the multipliers ×2, ×3, ×5, or ×10 for the win.

Lastly, mystery win is activated when a minimum of two symbols of the Lucky Lady Jokers are available to provide the mystery win:

  • Two Jokers give a win from 2 times to 10,000 times the wager.
  • Three Jokers that aren’t in together give a win from 100 times to 10,000 times the wager.
  • Three Jokers that are together on the payline give a win from 1,000 times to 10,000 times the wager.

When a mysterious win is obtained, the amount increases like a game program, without specifying where it is, which will be very interesting when you are playing.

Final Words

Of course, the Lightning Joker slot is a nice surprise. This may not seem like the truth, but the blend of the game’s features as well as the frequency with which they are gotten, along with the manner Yggdrasil arranges them can mean a very enjoyable experience. Our first thought was to know why Yggdrasil chose to take the player through this overused path, although this theme appeals to lots of players.

Lightning Joker is such a great game because of its impressive gameplay. The number of features may be small, but they often occur at the right frequency to keep players interested and award them wins. In spite of the game’s minimalist outlook, the design is basically okay. The classic regular icons have a dark, deep, and shiny appearance, just like a carefully polished wood, complemented by the mix of lightning, making the most of various visual effects.

For those who are disgusted with the idea of fruit slots, the mixture of these features may be enough to change your opinion. If you generally like this style, then this online slot is a good instance of the kind of game you love and a lot of interesting bonuses. Another advantage is the friendly low-stakes mode, which allows people with tight budgets to play the game and have the opportunity to make a big hit.

We especially love the Joker icon. They’re both not that impressive and typically award wins between 2x and 30x, however, if you gain three consecutive ones, you can expect huge surprises. Mystery Win, and the game in general, functions similar to the Dark Joker Rizes by Yggdrasil Gaming, but this is much better. In addition, Yggdrasil enlivens the atmosphere and eliminates the really terrifying Joker and his creepy laugh.

Yes, this online slot has a fruity theme, but it is still very attractive. Players who don’t love fruit slots may not be enthusiastic about it, but for enthusiasts or those looking for something casual but amazing, profound, and with great potential, the Lightning Joker slot may be worth playing.

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