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Jackpot Express

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Do you want to play an amazing online slot game? This review of Jackpot Express by Yggdrasil Gaming contains all the information you need to know about the game.

Players can get tickets to the stunning Jackpot Express, a casino that is floating, and travels through the fun 1920s, and offers Yggdrasil Gaming’s 3 progressive jackpots. There are not many types of this jackpot on the Yggdrasil list, and none of them have played on a boat.

To be honest, despite the game’s ideal location, many slot machines are not based on this riverboat theme. That’s why this theme creates a good first impression. Also, with three different progressive jackpots available for grabs, Jackpot Express will start with a positive review. How will it fare when we’re done with our review? Let’s find out.

Like we have mentioned, the game’s first impression is excellent. This game that has five reels, as well as twenty paylines, is located on a big riverboat, and the river is decorated with a white pole made of shiny gold. Yggdrasil gave a lot of decorative art designs to improve the game’s atmosphere.

Overall, the graphics quality is top-notch, and the jazz soundtrack emphasizes the ancient charm of the world. The only problematic thing was the boat passing through various buildings. Being in such an environment filled with buildings is a bit drab, but it doesn’t matter.

From twenty pounds/cents on mobile or desktop devices to 100 euros or dollars, this low-to-medium volatility slot game provides a total return to player value of about 96.2%, and if there are no jackpots, the RTP would be 91.2%. The biggest win is the most important aspect here, but the 32% hit ratio helps to improve the game and it may be suitable for betting purposes.

As for the icons, they start with the low-paying cards on the chips, and these have a dull white background. A higher-paying icon is more suitable as they depict other players being on the river. Here you will see a card with a shark on it, a lady who smokes a cigarette with a holder that has the image of Audrey Hepburn, a dice or champagne lady as well as a trustworthy captain.

The captain is the highest paying symbol with a value of 12.5x the bet for five lines, and the card guy has a value of 5x. The wild with a 1920 theme has the same value as the Cap and it can also replace the regular payment icons.

Features of Jackpot Express

When playing to grab part of the jackpot, Jackpot Express has several other features to keep players interested. Additional benefits include the popular and huge Wheel of Fortune game, which awards Roulette Free Spins, Jackpot Bonus Game, Dice Free Spins as well as Card Free Spins.

When you get three scatter symbols, you will activate this bonus feature. The wheel replaced the reel in the middle by spinning to display free spins or jackpot games. The game has three various rounds of free spins and each of them awards 10 free spins you can’t reactivate. The spinning will then move to any of the rooms below:

  • Free spins for roulettes: The roulette spins every free spin to give one sticky wild, free spins (+1 or even +2), 1x up to 5x wins on your coin bet, x2 or x3 multiplier for a current spin, or nothing at all.
  • Free spins for cards: At the end of every spin, two cards are dealt, one card for you, the player, and the other one for the game’s dealer. If you have a higher card, you will receive one sticky wild, which will be randomly added to the reels.
  • Free spins for dice: a pair of dice will be rolled for each winning spin. Then it multiplies the reward by the total of both dice from x2 up to x12.

The ultimate prize of the Wheel of Fortune is the bonus game for the jackpot. The game is played on a three-level wheel, and more and more cash prizes are provided as you go up. Features with three, four, or five scatters will be activated at levels one, two, or three respectively. Every wheel level can reward you with coins (thus bringing the feature to an end), multipliers, cash rewards with respins, or the arrow that takes the gamer to another level.

Mini jackpots can be won in level 2 and side jackpots in level 3. If the player hits the arrow in the third level, they will move to the middle of the wheel, where they win the big jackpot.

Facts have proven that the Yggdrasil Gaming jackpot slot machines are very popular, and we believe that Jackpot Express also has that same potential. First of all, the theme is an excellent one by the developer. This is not the type of game you see on casinos every day, so we appreciate that. The art and decoration style, animation as well as graphics are constructed per the highest standards of Yggdrasil Gaming.

With many different features for you to activate along with a high success rate, despite the lack of usable features in the base game, the game promises that there is still a lot to explore. The Wheel of Fortune is activated after fifty spins for the first time. It was a pleasant surprise, and the result was a 50 times victory in the bonus game for the Jackpot.

In addition, when the features are few, Jackpot Express can also test your patience. In the mid-term, due to the high success rate, you receive very high profits, although this value is not great since the RTP does not have a jackpot. In the case of payouts without a jackpot, players can expect to receive a maximum of 2,175 times their wagers.

And of course, many people that play games with the word “jackpot” may not even worry about features like RTP. The goal is to win the big prize, nothing else matters. Be very careful if you’re in this category. This is the information you need to understand.

When you reach around 100,000 euros, the main jackpot will drop, while the remaining two will be the mini jackpots for 4,000 euros and the side jackpots for 500 euros. This is a good amount, but it doesn’t come close to other high-level rewards of Yggdrasil Gaming, such as Empire Fortune or Joker Millions—if you are in search of the maximum available payout.

Of course, it’s a game for the main jackpot and every other thing is a beautiful addition, however, aren’t these always what you see with all slots that have jackpots? All things considered, Jackpot Express definitely has a lot to offer. It is a captivating game with a set of interesting features that will allow you to get entertained while hoping for great wins.