GiroPay Casinos

GiroPay Casinos – Best 10 Online Casinos that Accept GiroPay

GiroPay Casinos

Players who live in Germany and Australia will be glad to review the GiroPay casinos due to the fact that this mode of processing payments was made for you.

This is an internet-based payment platform created in Germany by a couple of financial institutions in Germany in the month of February 2006.

They introduced this system initially to respond to the unending demand of the industry for internet banking services, and it’s based on internet banking and gives customers the chance to make payments and purchases online from the bank account of users through direct online transfers conveniently and safely.

This mode of banking is available via over 1600 banks that operate in Austria and Germany and offers its service to over 14 million customers.

Because GiroPay is a very popular mode of banking in Austria and Germany, it processes over one million payments every month and is second to Sofort that carries out over two million transactions monthly.

If you do not stay in a place where this mode of payment is used, I’d recommend you read our Trustly review as it provides similar services and reaches more countries in Europe; another great option is Citadel Casinos. For Dutch gamers, iDeal casino is a good alternative.

Top casinos that accept GiroPay in 2021

These are the top 10 casinos that you can make use of GiroPay for the fastest withdrawals and deposit.

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Deposits with GiroPay

When you find an online casino that uses GiroPay, simply choose GiroPay as the banking method you prefer, then select your bank. You’ll be redirected to the login page of your bank where you’ll need to input your PIN, account number, and a couple of other needed details.

You’ll be sent a TAN (transaction number) from your bank, which you be required to confirm for the approval of the transaction.

In a situation whereby your bank provides a 2 Factor Authentication token, you’ll need to use it to digitally sign that transaction.

They’ll authorize your payment in real-time, then they’ll instantly deduct the amount from your bank account.

Instantly, your bank will notify the casino that you just made a deposit, and you’ll then be sent back to the gaming site confirming that they’ve successfully processed the payment.

You’re given the chance to deposit as much as 5,000 euros, and you’ll be charged a certain amount that varies around 0.9-1.2 percent including 0.08 euros for every transaction, and the higher your transference, the lower the rate.

Withdrawals using Giropay

At any online casino that supports GiroPay, you can ask to withdraw your money through this mode of banking. You’ll need to include your banking details in this process.

In almost all cases, they’ll instantly transfer your funds into your bank account.

Typically, operators of online gaming platforms would not charge you anytime you withdraw through this online payment method, but GiroPay is going to charge you according to the amount you’re withdrawing.

Benefits of using GiroPay

In GiroPay, there are a lot of fantastic features when it has to do with online gaming.

It’s a secure and safe mode of payment that gives you the chance to instantly process every transaction of yours without the need to wait for hours or days for the amount to be sent from your bank into your account in the casino.

You aren’t required to open any more accounts as you’ll carry out every cashouts and payment of yours through your bank account.

People who play online casinos prefer any banking option that gives them the chance to play with no need to reveal too much info. When you use GiroPay, your private financial information will remain hidden for the gaming site, and that’s fantastic.

Making use of this method of paying is also advantageous to players who do not want their bank account statement to show casino charges.

Apart from gambling websites, GiroPay gets to over 60 percent of commerce firms located in Germany.

Disadvantages of using GiroPay

The initial downside to GiroPay casinos that you notice at first glance is that they’re only available to Austrian and german players and leave players from other parts of the world.

At best, users who have an account at any of the combined banks can access Giropay services, but almost all areas still cannot access the service they provide.

One other major drawback is the uniform commission that users pay for every transaction. Several casinos charge a fee, but GiroPay will always charge you. They’re not high, so GiroPay will surely be the first for Austrian and German players.

Besides, the GiroPay site is only written in German.


Austrian and German online players can make use of GiroPay casinos to recharge their accounts with no worries about the security of their money or data. Nevertheless, you must be ready to pay a fee for every transaction.

The fees vary from bank to bank. If you’re a great player, you’ll be charged a lesser fee.

GiroPay is not yet available in Europe, so at the moment only Austrian and German gamers can use the benefits. This may change as time goes on because banks affiliated with GiroPay expand their network.

Frequently asked questions about GiroPay casinos

1. Can you find GiroPay in all countries?

You can only find GiroPay in Germany and Australia, as well as in international banks. So if you do not live in those places, GiroPay isn’t for you.

2. Is it free to open GiroPay accounts?

There is no GiroPay account as there is no need to sign up to make use of the service they provide. They’re integrated into over 1,600 Austrian and German banks, so remittances function as immediate banking services.

3. Fees?

Some fees may vary from 0.9 percent to 1.2 percent plus € 0.08 for every transaction GiroPay charges. In most cases, it is picked up in online casinos, but sometimes gamers pay these fees. So it’s cool to know about that.

4. Is this a secure payment method for online casinos?

This is an integrated and a simple mode of payment that does not require registration. No personal info was disclosed when making a deposit at any online casino.

Also, casino XYZ fees will not appear on the balance of your bank account. If you used Giropay to make payment, you get anonymity. Your data is secure and will not be sent to the casino.

Every of your info is encrypted and secure.

5. How “immediate” are GiroPay’s withdrawals and deposits?

Right here already says! Because GiroPay works with Instant Bank, every deposit you make are transferred directly from the GiroPay account of yours. It is not possible to make withdrawals from the GiroPay account you use. Therefore, you’ll be required to make use of your personal banking information to withdraw your profits.

6. What alternatives are available if GiroPay is not available to me?

We’re committed to promoting and testing the top payment methods at the casino to get the most out of the casino experience you’ve gotten. If you’re searching for instant banking, there are a few options worth checking out.