Jurassic Park Slot

Jurassic Park Slot Review (Microgaming) Online Slots Real Money

Jurassic Park Slot is a video slot game that was launched in 2014 and the software provider is Microgaming. It is made up of five reels, three rows, and two hundred and forty-three means of winning. It has a payout percentage of 96.67 percent and it has high volatility

About Jurassic Park Slot Game

Have you ever wonder what it will be like when playing a movie themed slot game? Microgaming has developed a slot game that will allow players to have such experience and it is named Jurassic Park Slot Game. The title of the slot game is derived from a movie that was released a long time ago with the same title as the game. This game can be found in many online casinos powered by Microgaming and allow players from Canada to have access to the game. In the game you are going to come across different animals that are represented by amazing icons. However, before you start playing this game it is advisable you research about it. This is why this review has been made to provide players with adequate information about the slot game.

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Playing Jurassic Park Slot Game for Free

The Jurassic Slot Game is available to players in two different versions. You can either play the game for free or you play with real money. Everything that you will come across when playing the game for real money is also available in the free mode. As stated before, the slot game was created after a popular movie that was released in 1993. Jurassic Slot Game was launched in 2014 by one of the notable software provider in the gaming industry called Microgaming. The only difference between playing for real money and the free mode is that you will need to deposit for the former whereas the latter does not require depositing. With the free mode you will be able to get familiar with the gameplay. Also, you can practice the way you want to play the game and perfect your strategy by playing for free.

Playing Jurassic Park Slot Game for Real Money

As stated above, you can also play the slot game for real money in order to win prizes. Before you should play this game at any online casino in Canada there are some factors that need to be consider. You need to make sure that the casino can guarantee your safety and security of all your person details. To know if the casino is safe and secure, it must possess at least a license from any of the recognized regulatory body. Some of the recognized body include the following:

Also, when registering with any online casino you should consider the kind of bonus option the casino will offer the player. There are many bonuses and promotions you can benefit from Canada online casinos such as welcome bonus, free spins, and reload bonus.

Gameplay of Jurassic Park Slot Game

Microgaming is the software developer of Jurassic Park slot that is made up of two hundred and forty-three means of meaning. It is made up of five reels, three rows, and lot of symbols. It is a classic slot game and there are many variants of the game. The gameplay of the slot is simple and straightforward. All you need to spin the reel is to click on a spin button that is place at beside the reels. There are different kinds of icons on the reels that contribute to the winnings of the players. You will be rewarded with a win if you are able to obtain at least three if three identical icons on the fixed bet lines. You can also make use of the wild and scatter icons to boost your winnings. Playing the game is not hard but, for a new player it is advisable to first try the game in free mode before opting for real money. The slot game was designed to resemble a Jurassic Park by using amazing graphics and fantastic soundtracks. There are many bonuses that can be claimed when playing the game. The minimum amount you can stake is 0.30 euro and the maximum amount is fifteen euros. It has a high payout percentage and it is suitable for players that prefer betting low amount of money. You do not need to keep spinning the wheel yourself if you are playing for long. You can select the auto play feature that will make the reels to spin automatically.

Symbols and Ways of Forming Winning Combinations on the Bet Lines

Jurassic Park Slot contain two major types of icons which are the dinosaurs and the main characters in the movie. The dinosaurs icon you will come across include:

  • Triceratops
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Dilophosaurus
  • Velociraptor
  • Brachiosaurus.

Jurassic Park sign and Tyrannosaurus Rex represent the wild icon in this game and they appear in different colours like red, black, and white. Fossil of w mosquito that is covered with an amber yellow in colour represent the scatter icon.

To win in this game all you need to do is to obtain identical icons on the bet lines. There are four characters in the game and when you land them the payout can be from two thousand and five hundred to found thousand coins. You will be given six hundred to one thousand and five hundred coins for landing the dinosaur icons. The highest amount you can win from this game is one million and nine hundred thousand coins.

When you land the wild icon it can act as a replacement for all other icons apart from the scatters on the bet lines to form winning combinations. To activate the free spin session, you will need to land a minimum of three scatter icons. However, if you land scatter icons not up to three you will be rewarded also but the payout is small. There are five free spin sessions and each of the session you will be given twelve free spins.

Theme, Graphics, Designs, and Soundtracks

When you are playing the slot game if you are not careful you can used a lot of time. This is due to the amazing experience and fun you will obtain from playing the game. The main animals available at the Jurassic Park are thе dinosaurs and you will have the opportunity to see them in the game. The game took place in a jungle consisting a lot of wild animals. At the background, you will be awaiting the appearance of Tyrannosaurus Rex and when you start moving through the jungle you will come across the Velociraptor. The theme of the game is amazing with a lot of features that will allow you to enjoy it to your maximum satisfaction. When mentioning the best animal slot games in the Canada casinos, Jurassic Park Slot will be among. This is so due to the different fantastic features available to players in the game.

The graphics of the game will allow you to see the innovative aspect of the game whose software provider is Microgaming. In this game, you will not be shown repetitions of movements and sounds unlike some slot games. High quality graphics was applied in this game that will keep players glued to their screens. The symbols that are on the reels are designed to resemble different types of dinosaurs and characters. There are five dinosaurs and all of them are showcase on the reels likewise there are five main characters.

The soundtracks in the games was applied perfectly to the game and match with the graphics. The music helps to bring the park back to life and it is of high quality. You can be playing this game, having a good time, and enjoying music at the same time.

Jurassic Park Slot

Jurassic Park Slot

Jurassic Slot Game Betting Options

As stated earlier there are two hundred and forty-three fixed bet lines in the game and it is on these bet lines you will need to stake on. The highest amount you can stake on the game is fifteen euros and with this low amount it can be deduced that it is meant for players that like betting low. You will be given the opportunity to adjust the size of your stakes. The size of the coin can be set from 0.01 to 0.05 and the amount of coins can be from one to ten. The minimum amount you can stake is 0.30 euros and the maximum amount is fifteen euros. This betting range is common among slot games developed by Microgaming. You do not need to spin the reels yourself, you can activate the autoplay feature that will allow the reels to be spin automatically. You can also check the information about the maximum wins obtained from this slot game from three buttons you will see at the bottom of the site page. You can also make adjustments to the setting from one of the button. Thirty to three hundred coins is the staking limit and you can make it appear on the screen.

Features of the Jurassic Park Slot Game

There are many features and symbols available in the game that have effects on the winnings of the players. One of the features is the free spin session which will be activated when you land at least three scatter icons. In this feature, there are 5 levels and during each level you will have the opportunity to benefit from various unique features. You will be given twelve free spins regardless of the level you are playing. However, there are certain instances where you will be given more free spins in a particular level. All the five free spins levels represent each of the dinosaurs in the game. During the first level which is the T-Rex, you will have the option to turn all the reels wild which will improve your opportunity to land a win. The second level is the Velociraptor level in which you will have the option of obtaining the multiplier wilds. You will be given a multiplier between times four and times six. Wild icon can be divided into two in this level also. The third level is the Brachiosaurus level, you will have the chance to use the free spins and obtain multipliers ranging from times two to times six of your earnings. The fourth level is the Triceratops level which is the main round in this session. You will have the opportunity of turning all the reels wild which is why it was given the name Running Wilds. Also, you will be rewarded with a minimum of twelve wilds during the free spin with each spin giving you a wild. Also, you will have the opportunity of receiving one additional free spin in this level. In theory, it is possible for this sequence to keep on going for a while. The fifth level is the Dilophosaurus level where it will remain five more reels to spin for free. At random, an icon will be divided and in the process change to a wild. It will not resemble the normal wild icon but it can carry out all the functions of wild.

Another feature is the bonus feature which is the popular Tyrannosaurus Rex feature. The software provider is popular for putting this feature in its games. In this feature, you will be liable to additional thirty-five wild icons. To activate the bonus round, you will need to land a Tyrannosaurus Rex when you sight it inside the jungle. When this occurs, a big additional wild will showcase on the screen and it will divide into uncountable wild icons all over the screen.

Payout Percentage or Return to Player

The payout percentage refers to the amount of money the players will receive back from the casino after playing a particular game for a long time. It is usually express in percentage form and can be as small as 75 percent and as high as 99 percent. The higher the payout percentage the higher the amount the player will receive back from the casino from his wagers. The payout percentage of Jurassic Park slot game is 96.7 percent. With this high payout percentage, players have more opportunities of winning. Although when you compare the payout percentage of this game to that if other games with the same theme it is quite low. There are many slot games from other providers that have a higher return to player. However, with the RTP of Jurassic Park Slot you stand a chance of winning.

Variance and Volatility of Jurassic Park Slot Game

The payout percentage discussed above is to let the players understand how profitable the game can be. However, not all the necessary information of the slots have been provided. Players will want to know the frequency of winning and how big it can become. Variance and Volatility are the concepts used in slot games to explain it. The two can be used interchangeably such that any low volatile slot game will give you winnings often whereas the high volatile one will give you rare winnings. However, the good thing about the high volatile slot game is that the payout is always big when you have won eventually. Jurassic Park Slot is a game with high volatility thus using the analogy above, it means players will not have much chances of winning.

Compatibility with Mobile Devices

Nowadays, all the slot games that were being created are ensured to be compatible with mobile devices. Being a classic slot game that had been in existence for many years, Jurassic Park Slot cannot be played on mobile devices too. However, the software provider developed many variants of it that can be played with mobile devices. There is no separate downloadable version for the Jurassic Park Slot alone because you will have to play it with real money and you cannot do that unless you access it through the casino site. Since the mobile version was released, it has been making waves in the gaming industry. Many players are using their smartphones and mobile devices to play the game.

What Players will Experience While Playing the Jurassic Park Slot Game

A lot of positive reviews have been received from players that have tried out the Jurassic Park Slot Game since it was released. Among the most played slot games at online casinos in Canada is Jurassic Park and this is not surprising because it was created with the aim of it having relevancy in years to come. There are many online casinos in the Canada that you can register with to have the best experience of the game. You can check out the list of safe online casinos you can sign up with on our page. It is not like some slot games that you will lose interest in after playing for a long time. The game can make you stay glue to your device for a long time without you knowing.

Licensing and Regulating – Safety and Security

Before playing any slot game players will want to know if the game is safe to play. When it comes to Jurassic Park Slot you can be assured of your safety and security since the software developer is Microgaming and the game is among the best slot game in the US gaming industry. Microgaming has been operating for a long time in the e-Gaming industry and it is reliable. The UK gambling commission is also responsible for making sure the game is being operated with fairness. The fairness of the game is also determined by eCOGRA, which is an independent body that carry out tests to determine if the game is operating with fairness. When you see any game displaying the eCOGRA certification then you should be rest assured that the random number generator of the game is functioning perfectly. Also, Malta Gaming Authority is also responsible for the licensing of the provider.

Merits of Playing Jurassic Park Slot

When you play the Jurassic Park Slot game, there are lot of things you can benefit from it and some of them include the following:

  • The game is made up of high quality graphics and designs
  • It can be played from free at online casinos in the UK&Canada
  • Availability of five free spins levels
  • Contain only two types of symbols
  • The gameplay is easy understanding it is simple
  • Opportunity to make adjustments to the bet size and limits
  • Different variants of the game are available
  • The safety and security of the players are guaranteed

Demerits of Playing Jurassic Park Slot

There is nothing that is one hundred percent perfect therefore, whenever there is advantages there will be disadvantages. Although the advantages may be more than the disadvantages. The main downside to this game include the following:

  • The bonus round is not differentiated
  • Betting limit is low
  • It is not compatible with mobile devices

Tips to Use When Playing Jurassic Slot Game

Gambling generally is a game of luck which implies that no matter how much you have planned if you are not lucky you will not win. The random number generator is the machine used in operating games. But, there are some means by which you will increase your chance of winning. These tips were gotten from players that have had many experiences with the game including winners. Below are some of the tips that will give you better chance of winning

Ensure you are playing with the maximum stake

When you play the maximum bet you will be able to win massive amount of money when you win. For instance, if the payout is times one hundred of your stake and you place a bet of 0.30 euros then you won. The payout will be thirty euros but, when you play the maximum bet of fifteen euros the payout will be one thousand and five hundred euros.

During the free spin focus more on Triceratops level

Among the five levels during the free spins session, the one with the most benefits is the Triceratops during which you will be given wilds per spin. Thus, since you have twelve free spins it implies that at the end you would have accumulated twelve wilds. You will have more opportunities of winning in this level.

Register with casino that offers massive sign up bonus

After registering at online casino powered with games from Microgaming, you will be eligible to claim your welcome bonus. However, it is advisable to play at online casino that offers a huge welcome bonuses to the new players. Among the bonuses you can be given is free spins which you can use to boost your chance of winning. Some casinos only give you additional money whereas some give you free spins and some can give you the two. Although you will need to comply with the playthrough requirements but when you have a larger bonuses you will have more opportunities to activate the reel.

Do not play short term

When told to play the maximum bet it is for players that the money they want to use in playing can sustain them for a long time. If you are with a limited amount of money it is better you play lesser bet to stay long in the game.

Comparing Jurassic Park Slot to Other Slot Games

For a low roller slot player that like betting low amount of money then you need to try out Jurassic Park Slot game. Although it is not all caliber of players that the game is appropriate for but there is nothing stopping you from playing it. Also, the developer has created many variants of the game. Nowadays, there are many options that players can select from instead of Jurassic Park Slot Game. You can check out the other slot games that have been compared with this slot from our site. Most especially they are slot games from the leading software providers such as Playtech, Betsoft, and Net Entertainment.

Casinos Offering Jurassic Park Slot

There are many online casinos offering the Jurassic Park Slot game to players from the Canada. All the casinos you are going to find the game in the Canada are powered by Microgaming and they are licensed by the UK gambling commission. Below are some of the online casinos offering the game:

# Casino Rating Bonus Bonus Code
1 Read Review 100 Free Spins Use Link Visit
2 Read Review 20 Free Spins use code: BIT20 BIT20 Visit
3 Read Review 80 Bonus Spins on the Game Wacky Panda Use Link Visit
4 Read Review 50 FREE SPINS Classic Sevens Slot Use Link Visit
5 Read Review 40 Bonus Spins Use Link Visit


Jurassic Park Slot Game is a video slot developed by Microgaming, a software provider company that is among the best software providers in the gaming industry. The developer is known for creating high quality slot games since it was created. Jurassic Park Slot Game is made after a popular movie that has the same title with the slot name. It contain five reels, three rows, and a payout percentage of 96.7 percent. There are many features that increase the winnings of the players such as the free spins, wilds, scatters, and bonus rounds. The free spins is divided into five levels with each level bearing the name of each dinosaurs in the game. The major downside to this game is it not being accessible on mobile devices. However, to make up for this, the provider developed other version of the game that are compatible with mobile devices. It has an amazing soundtracks coupled with a fantastic graphics and designs. If you are a low roller and you are a player from the CA then you should try out this game.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Jurassic Park Slot

The payout percentage of the slot game is?

When choosing the slot game to play one of the thing that should be consider is the payout percentage also known as return to player. The payout percentage of Jurassic Park Slot Game is 96.67 percent which is quite high and implies that players have a huge chances of winning.

Is it compatible with mobile device?

No! Microgaming is yet to optimize the Jurassic Park Slot Game for it to be compatible with mobile devices. However, there are other variants of the game that can be played on mobile devices, smartphones, and desktops. You can only play the Jurassic Park Slot on your desktop for now.

Can the game be played for free?

Yes! You can play the Jurassic Park Slot Game for free. The game is usually available in demo mode and the real money mode. If you want to make real money from playing the game you will need to choose deposit and play with real money. However, if you are new to the game you can try out the free mode to get accustom to the gameplay.

Can I win bonuses from playing the game?

When selecting the best slot game that you can play, one of the factors that is consider is the bonus round in the game. Jurassic Park Slot Game has a bonus round that is unique to some of the slot games developed by Microgaming. During the bonus round, you will be able to landed many wild icons.

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