Katsubet Casino (50 Free Spins)

Katsubet Casino No Deposit Bonus – (50 Free Spins)

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KatsuBet Casino


  • The creator is established
  • A wide array of games
  • Multiple promos
  • New casino with potentials
  • Mobile optimized website


  • The live chat isn’t available 24/7
  • Withdrawal limits

Not everyone will be familiar with the KasuBet name, and the website isn’t looking familiar, either. Nevertheless, you need to believe that we have been here before.

The former name of KatsuBet Casino is Mars Casino before it was changed to its present form, likely because the ownership was changed. DAMA N.V. is now the one operating the casino, and it’s the one behind a wide array of top online casinos.

We used to love Mars Casino, and we’ve linked to it and also referred to the casino several times here. The casino news is one of the sheer amount of casino themes that looked excellent alongside lots of great games and bonuses. We are disappointed that it’s no more, but so you can be updated, we swiftly created an account with KatsuBet then spent our time playing through the website.

In the review that follows, you’ll see our detailed experience. Continue reading to know if we can place KatsuBet in the same place as its predecessor or if this is just a flop that was unable to impress.


In the UK and the western world in general, “Katsu” is a world well known as a Japanese marinade type that is merely added to chicken and used to make dishes such as Katsu Chicken Curry.

Thus was also what we understand the word to be, but we are certain this KatsuBet doesn’t have the intention of giving it a name that’s basically Japanese fried chicken. We don’t really know too much Japanese, but it seems the word means “Success” or “Victory”, and that sounds more sensible.

The “Bet” that’s in the name is very obvious. Normally, as you can notice with websites such as Rabona Bet, the suffix denotes that the websites provide sports betting and also online casino games. There isn’t any sportsbook available at KatsuBet, but we are expecting that it will be added someday.

The casino was established during the second-place, towards 2020 end. It is a time of uncertainty when it comes to gaming and sports, and we understand the reason an online gaming website fan looks quite apprehensive about establishing a sportsbook around that period. However, we are guessing that they’ll add one in 2021, and that’s when the name of the casino will make more sense.

Yes, a bet is always a bet either it is placed on a spin of Roulette or a football game, but we shouldn’t go into the semantics here. When it comes to casinos, if you make use of the word “Bet,” what players expect are sports bets.


Just like Mars Casino, KatsuBet Casino can be navigated easily. All the things are neatly laid out and the design is very stylish.

Before, we’ve made complaints regarding desktop casino websites that make use of the three-line mobile menu and use a sidebar that pops out and does not stay on the screen every time. That’s something always used on mobile casinos, and that’s a format used so they can conserve space. It isn’t necessary on desktop casinos, and that is the thing that frustrates us here.

But in KatsuBet, the sidebar opens fast, and it isn’t sparsely occupied, like the way it is on lots of websites. As soon as it pops out, you can select from options such as “Tournaments” and “Promotions”, and you can also switch between Russian and English, which are the only supported languages here.

When it has to do with iGaming developers the website also goes all out. You can choose from top games provided by several developers, which positions this casino on par with casinos such as MELbet, which is one of the top casinos we’ve seen when it has to do with games.

Every favorite of ours is here (Yggdrasil, NetEnt, BetSoft), and there is also a wide array of game developers available alongside your favorites.

Out of the limitless amount of games on display beer, some of the ones we love most can be seen in its Jackpot section, where you can possibly win a life-saving amount of money using just one spin. But honestly, almost all games aren’t out there placing bets with 10 euros and hoping to withdraw like 15 or 20 euros.

They’d like to try to win big, and they will take every chance they get even if they are to have a 100 percent loss. They’ve got Mega Moolah games, NetEnt jackpots, BetSoft jackpots, and so on.

They’ve got a Bonus Buy section that you can buy the bonus and aren’t required to wait till it unlocks and a section just for Bitcoin Games.

Lastly, there is a Live Casino in KatsuBet, and it is full of creatives like Evolution Gaming and Ezugi, making sure that there’s a varied and large choice.


There are 4 tiers in the KatsuBet Welcome Bonus, and you can qualify for all. Firstly, you will get as much as 100 euros as a 100 percent Matched Deposit Bonus, alongside 100 spins for free.

You’ll get a similar 100 percent as much as 100 percent offer with the 4th deposit, although with no 100 Free Spins. For the 2nd and 3rd, you’ll get 75 percent of as much as 100 euros and 50 percent as much as 200 euros respectively.

That is 500 euros and 100 Free Spins in total, and that’s solid. Although it isn’t as much as the ones front Bitstarz and the likes where you can receive lots of BTC up to thousands of euros, it is good for players who don’t bet high. They can’t only get as much as a 500 euros bonus, it is also spread across several deposits, which means they can take time and not force themselves to deposit more than they want to.

There are also Free Spin bonuses and Reload bonuses. A thing we love most here is that it has real money tournaments, which is called Slot Combat Tournaments.

They run these tournaments every couple of hours, and that’s part of the VIP bonuses. The VIP program has eight levels starting from the Jade Talisman level going up to Kabuto.

Immediately you get to the eighth level, you will get 20 percent Cashback. But you’re not required to make it to that level to receive cashback, because you’ll get an offer of 3 percent right from the initial level.

Banking methods

There’s so much to like in this casino, and we’ve talked about several pros above. Fast withdrawal should also be added to them because you can get your money within minutes with the use of almost all payment options. As a matter of fact, the pending time is less than one hour, and they should process all cryptos and e-wallets on the same day.

Nevertheless, that’s the end of the benefits when it comes to payment options. Almost all the problems that we’ve got with KatsuBet have to do with its payment options.

First of all, every debit and credit card payment always comes with fees. We understand the reason for these fees, as the casino is required to pay the money to merchants, and they want to cover the cost, but several websites pay the cost themselves to benefit players.

For deposits and withdrawals, you need to pay the 2.5 percent fee for Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro, but this website is for cryptocurrency reviews, so almost all of you will likely make use of Bitcoins, Tether, or Litecoins, and all of them are free of charge.

Another issue we’ve got with the payments of KatsuBet is that it has a fixed cap of just 4000 euros or 0.4 bitcoins for either deposit or withdrawal. It is more than enough for average players and will cover a small stake player’s needs, but it isn’t ideal for medium or high stake players and basically makes the casino not useful to them.

It creates issues with winnings via jackpots as well. What will happen when you win a jackpot of 400000 euros, are you to wait for 400 weeks before you can withdraw your money? Or will the developer release the money? It is usually the latter, but that isn’t always the case because we’ve heard stories of huge winnings promised to be paid in installments every month of 5000 or 10000 euros because of the restrictive withdrawal limit.

If you’ll be making use of KatsuBet, we would recommend you stick with cryptos or EcoPayz. These methods aren’t only easy and fast; you will also avoid paying any unnecessary fee and will take advantage of the high withdrawal limits, as they’ve got some methods with even more restrictions.

For example, if you choose to withdraw via bank transfer, there isn’t just a 4000 euros max limit, but it’s got a minimum withdrawal of 200 euros, and your bank might also charge some fees.


  • Swift withdrawals
  • Payment options vary
  • A wide array of hands
  • Well-known operator
  • Top-tier developers

User reviews

While creating this review, this website is only a couple of months old, so there aren’t a lot of reviews from users. All the ones we’ve seen are positive, and the reports are good.

On a positive note, we’ll no doubt the heritage of this casino. The mighty DAMA N.V. operates it, and the brand is responsible for several top online BTC casinos.

Additionally, it only works with established and trusted payment methods and developers, so there is nothing you need to worry about when it comes to that.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the withdrawal limit?

There’s a weekly withdrawal limit of 5000 euros in this casino. If you exceed the amount, they’ll roll over your withdrawal to the period that follows.

  • Who’s the owner of the website?

This site is operated and owned by DAMA N.V., and it’s one of the top names in the BTC gaming sector and one that we respect a lot.

  • Can people in Australia play here?

Of course, anybody in Australia is free to play here. As a member of fact, this casino targets the Aussies quite more than some others.

  • What currencies do they accept?

You can make use of several currencies to play here, and that also includes cryptos.

  • What are the Languages of the website?

Even though they’ve got a lot of currency options, we can’t say the same when it comes to languages. While creating this review, they only use Russian and English.

  • What are the other websites launched alongside this?

They launched the great Savarona Casino a while after KatsuBet Casino, and it’s got quite the same features and benefits. You can check it out if you are searching for another top website.

Final Verdict

On the About Us page of this casino, it didn’t mention Mars Casino. That was quite a disappointment for us because we enjoyed Mars Casino and hoped that they’ll pay some homage to it. Nevertheless, we totally understand what’s likely the case, particularly if a change of ownership was the reason for the rebrand.

If any of the operators of KatsuBet are reading this review, they’ll likely be frustrated with how we insisted on mentioning Mars Casino and trying to compare the two websites. If that’s the case, they will even be angrier by what we will say next:

We prefer to play at Mars Casino.

You shouldn’t get us wrong, as KatsuBet is not bad. As a matter of fact, it is very well made, has a beautiful and stylish design and has a lot of things gotten right. Nevertheless, we just do not feel that it is on a similar level as Mars Casino.

On another hand, it is likely one of the top casinos we’ve reviewed in 2021 and would easily be in our top 30 from the hundreds of websites we have reviewed. Although, the issue is that Mars Casino was part of our top 10.

So, what’s the issue with KatsuBet? Well, at first, it doesn’t have high bonuses, nor do they focus on BTC players. Mars Casino used to feel like one casino targeting BTC players, which puts it on par with casinos like Oshi Casino. KatsuBet looks more like a casino that offers BTC as an afterthought.

Also, the theme isn’t what we really like. It is fine if you decide to loosely create your website around a theme, even if the theme is just defined as “Japanese.” But when you decide to replace a website that’s got a unique and strong theme, it stands out and has a poor appearance by definition.

It is just like when a movie company decides to reboot a classic. If the original movie had a lot of following, everyone expects you to be excellent; if you allow the original to be better than the reboot, you’ll be very much hated. The bar was set high and now has been cleared.

Surely, Mars Casino is not like Jumanji or Ghostbusters. It is far from a classic. The thing is that a similar idea also applies, and KatsuBet needs to live up to a lot.

On the positive side, KatsuBet is very smooth and fast, it’s hit a wide array of games, and it doesn’t have fantastic bonuses. It will still be worth it if you check them out.

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