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Let It Ride is a casino game that’s based on poker. Let It Ride offers players a chance to win money and jokers. Learn more about this game in our objective review.

This table game has become more popular as a kind of poker derived from the standard five-card format. You may find this poker game at casino sites in places where it is legal to do so.

In this game, players get three-hole hands. The goal is to use the three-hole hands and the two community ones to form the best possible five-card poker hand.

Even though it’s not as well-known as baccarat, roulette, or blackjack, you may find this game in a prominent location on the gaming floors of many casinos.

You may experience this poker game, risking no money by enjoying the free demo version on our page. If you’re ready to play for actual cash, click on “Play Now” to get your bonus.

The Game Fundamentals

At the start of each round, you must divide your staked money equally among three wagering circles. Put $3 total, for instance, in those three circles.

After the opening round of betting, the dealer will give you three-hole hands to look at. Two community cards are also handed out, but they remain hidden.

Withdrawing 1/3 of your bet may be done twice. After you have seen the hole cards, you have your first opportunity. You may cancel the stake within the first wagering circle at this moment.

After the next community hand is dealt with, there will be a second chance. You may cancel your first or second bet if you have already canceled the first.

When you let all three bets stand, the game is said to be “riding.” When the betting is done, you reveal the three-hole hands and use them together with two community hands to form the best possible five-card hand.

Payouts might be as high as the pay table indicates. You win the hand if your starting hand comprises two tens or higher. But if you have a set of nines or below, you’re out of luck.

Game Rules

A quick rundown of the fundamental processes involved in playing the game follows.

  • You make bets in three separate betting areas, with each circle receiving the same amount.
  • The dealer gives three-hole cards to you.
  • You may choose to take back your initial wager, or you let it go.
  • The dealer starts with the first shared card.
  • A player can take their second wager off the table or leave it.
  • The dealer places a second shared card face up on the table.
  • You turn over a new card.
  • Any payouts are based on the five-card hand of cards and the associated pay table.
  • In this game, you may make side wagers if you want. These bets allow you to increase your payoff for a winning five-card or three-card combination.

Three Card Hand Odds

You may use the three hold hands as the basis for one of the optional side bets. The odds on each card in this three-card wager are different.

This payout schedule represents yet another typical casino payout structure. Once again, however, you shouldn’t just assume that the regular three-card bonus payments are in effect.

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Five Card Hand Odds

The deck size for this poker game is 52 cards. You may calculate the probability of receiving a five-card set.

However, you probably don’t want to figure out each of these numbers independently. So, learning the odds is best.

Alternative wagers

In this game, you may make a side wager for only $1. You may win extra money via the side wager.

You may make two additional bets in this game: five-card and three-card bonuses. We provide more details on both sorts of bets below.

Bonus Payouts on the Three Card

The “pair plus” bet in three-card gambling is analogous to the “three-card bonus” wager. You will get various rewards depending on your first, second, and third hole hands.

Compared to the ordinary pay table and notably the five-card wager, the maximum payouts for three-card bonuses are lower. However, the three-card stake gives you a better chance of winning a prize.

Bonus Payouts on the Five Card

For the extra bet with five cards, standard poker hand rankings apply.

The great 20,000 to 1 payout is a particular highlight. You might expect a similar reward after hitting the jackpot on a slot machine. Additional high-paying combinations include four of a kind, a straight flush, and a full house.

Online vs. offline play

This online poker game is played precisely the same way in land-based and online casinos. There are, nevertheless, subtle differences between the two variants.

  • Various comparisons: The game has a limited selection of comps available at online casinos. Regarding bonuses, the only things you can count on at online gambling sites are cashback, free slot spins, and increased deposit/withdrawal limits. The benefits of traditional offline casinos are extensive. The live game, for instance, offers players the chance to win free alcoholic beverages, hotel rooms, limousine rides, dinners, and more.
  • The minimum bets in online casinos are much smaller: You may play this poker game for as low as a dollar per hand at several online casinos. For comparison, at brick-and-mortar casinos, a minimum stake of five or ten dollars is often required before you may play.
  • A land-based casino’s vibe: The primary disadvantage of internet casinos is the lack of human connection. Conversely, you may converse with the croupiers and other gamblers in land-based casinos. When playing the online version, you have complete control over the game’s pace. In the brick-and-mortar variation, the game pace is mainly in the dealer’s control.

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Cheating the Game

The online version of this game doesn’t permit any cheating. It is impossible to cheat at an online casino since the games are all programmed to be random.

Variants of this poker game at offline casinos have had players who tried and succeeded at cheating the system. They caught virtually every cheater, and those who attempted it spent time behind bars.

Card marking

One standard cheating method involves marking cards using invisible ink. Players may use it in card games, including this poker game.

The player must label the decks and use specialized contact lenses or eyewear to carry off this strategy. The second kind reveals the hidden writing.

However, the dealer and the other players can’t read the ink. However, casinos use sophisticated scanners to inspect playing cards for undetectable marks.

Cooperating with the game dealer

Collaborating with the game dealer is among the most common cheating methods. When the dealer stacked the deck, they would get a portion of the winnings.

Collaborating with casino employees, like dealers, makes detecting and punishing cheating more difficult. However, when this occurs, the casino will pursue legal action against everyone implicated, including the croupier.

Cooperating with fellow players

Sharing information with other bettors is a less appealing approach to cheating in this game. It’s possible that card trading would occur if used in this fashion.

Slipping aces to other players might help your side win a hand. However, the casino could catch you red-handed far more quickly.


Payouts will only be made with a set of tens or better, as shown. It will nullify your wager if the total number of participants falls below this threshold.

The maximum payouts in this game are when things become very interesting. Large payments for the four-of-a-kind, royal flush, and straight flush are available without making a bonus wager.

House Edge

You can minimize the house advantage if you play this game well and apply a good strategy. If you play perfectly, you may reduce the house edge to 3.51%.

Compared to other casino games, this house advantage is about par. While the odds of winning aren’t as good as in games like baccarat and blackjack, they are better than those offered by most slot machines and some table games.


  • What’s the best strategy for winning this game?

It would help if you used the proper technique to minimize the casino’s advantage. Even with flawless planning, the house has a 3.51% edge in this game.

  • Where can I find out how much of a balance I need to play $1 tables?

The online real-money version of this poker game in Pennsylvania may be had for as little as a buck. The minimum bet in Keystone State casinos is only $1 for each hand.

To stay in the game for a more extended time, you will need to allocate more funds toward it. The minimum session cost is $20.

  • What is card counting? Is it allowed in this game?

One may, in theory, count their cards in the game. In practice, though, counting cards won’t help you beat the house.

Only in blackjack does card counting provide a significant benefit. If you want to take advantage of the rules, play blackjack at a land-based casino.

It takes strategy to win in. You need to use a winning approach to increase your chances of winning. Even though this table game is one of the best-paying table games, your odds of winning are still lower than at baccarat, French roulette, or blackjack. The RTP of 96.49% you may get with flawless technique is somewhat respectable compared to several other games.

Which has higher odds between blackjack and this poker game?

When visiting Pennsylvania and New Jersey casinos, playing blackjack will increase your odds of winning. There are online casinos where the RTP for blackjack games is more than 99.5%.

However, there is a caveat: you need a perfect plan to win at this level of RTP. Since the blackjack strategy must account for a far wider variety of outcomes than this poker game, it is more challenging to master.

A 96.49% return to player means that the poker game doesn’t have the same probability of winning. It’s a less strategic game, but it’s simpler to learn.

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