Lines of Magic Slot

Lines of Magic Slot Review Online (Felix software) Slots with Real Money

A Slot Machine programmed by Felix software developer, with the story-line inspired from a remarkable movie, titled Merlin, Harry Potter, , alongside five-reels, twenty pay-lines game with potentials of rewarding enormous prizes

Lines of Magic Slot

Lines of Magic Slot Game Review

The idea behind Merlin, Harry Potter, movies are superb; the masses often get captivated with gurus & their performances. Among the fun which emanates from incredible magics which the characters put across is the war alongside their wicked oppositions.

Also, the deep commitments employed. Felix software developer thereby engages this small portion of described above to this Lines of Magic Slot game.

Lines of Magic is an online slot game programmed by Felix Developer, overwhelmed with mysterious elements & great books, this slot machine enables gamesters to encounter some specific instance of magic concepts.

Harness much strength & more so, gamers can take advantage of exclusive spins which secures enormous winnings, sufficient to appease, more so the wisest guru.

The Game Play

Lines of Magic encompasses five-reel & 20-pay line & runs through over some mystical illustration story-line. The background of this game is engaging, elaborate viewpoint, alongside extremely complementary catches of red & blue colors, thereby constituting the majority of the background color scheme.

The visuals are striking, manually sketched, an enchanted appearance & impression. The game gets overwhelmed with lots of vitality, an idea solely improved smoothly, simple sparkles that go along with all winnings.

Typically, the game aims its users to establish combinations from left to right over the reels. Gamers have alternatives for modifying the stakes for each coin, the number of lines intended to play & the number of coins for the stake for each line (reaching a max. of 10).

As regards less-worth characters, it’s necessary to make visible three in a line to obtain winnings, few of the higher-quality characters, notwithstanding, often reward meager jackpots for only two identical elements.

The least-worth jackpots emanate by blending the ever-famous card rank characters, varying from nines through aces. Users can access huge winnings as compensation for flashy treasures & glowing sevens (the most mystical of numbers).

The high worth out of these regular characters is the wizard, capable of rewarding 750 times the pay-line bet; perhaps five symbols appear in a line.

A Magician’s Bonus

In this slot game, there exists some exclusive characters & features distributed all through this game. Firstly, the developer uses a book to represent the wild character such that it can replace other characters over the reels, or assemble its prize pay-lines.

This approach generates large potential winnings. While you blend five books in a line, such participants can get 5,000 times the pay-line stakes.

Pentagram | Scatter Character

Pentagram designates the scatter character. While a player actualizes three or higher of these characters over just spin, then, such player can get jackpots equivalent worth 20x of the total bets per spin.

Furthermore, the entire winnings flow along with ten bonus spins, every single of the lines rewards 2x multiplier, establishing them of high worth.

Nevertheless, the best part of this bonus is the type that stays active all through the gameplay. Also, the game includes a potion character, obtainable over the reels across the reels on any specific spin.

It cannot reward jackpots; however, the game monitors & records the number player already obtained while running the game. While you already receive 35, it can then activate an exclusive feature, whereby such player can get one bonus spin such that the first, center, & last reels, entirely converts to a wild character.

This feature can generate massive combos, & if such player has luck, he/she can get numerous five alike character winnings.

Conclusion | Powerful Energies to Create Substantial Winnings

Lines of Magic slot machine is engaging, animated. The game incorporates a lot of exclusive features, whereby players can make the most of them for substantial winnings.

Perhaps you never have a flare for a magical story-line, then the chances for you to find the game interesting are slim. On the other hand, Lines of Magic is an ideal option if you ever desire a perfect action blended with numerous enchanted activities.

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