Spartan Warrior Slot

Spartan Warrior Slot Game Review | Epic Battle of Spartans

Spartan Warrior Slot

A slot game review programmed by Rival Gaming developer, titled Spartan Warrior slot, features 15 pay-lines, which displays stages of this legendary war front accompanied with a uniformly fabulous musical, along jackpot symbols represent multiple & critical stages in the fight, having its Wild icon depicted as Swords & bet limits set within the range of 0.01– 75 coins

Overview of Spartan Warrior Slot Game


In history, verifiably, Achilles refers to the overpowering Spartan Fighter that terminated the life of gallant & notable tormentor during a war. This crisis eventually resulted to the ruin of Troy through the gesture of an exemplary horse made of wood – & operators of this game can land some massive winnings during which they ease stages of this legendary war front accompanied with a uniformly fabulous musical.

Thumbs up to this award-winning software designer by name Rival Gaming which has been able to come up with this incredible slot concept titled “Spartan Warrior.”

This slot jackpot symbols represent multiple & critical stages in the fight, comprising of the place of pilgrimage which Sparta citizens violated the war occurring between Hector & Achilles.

Likewise sailing boats through which these Sparta citizens landed with, & good-looking Briseis of which Achilles so much thinks he had feelings for, i.e. to have an affair together. Also, the unique creature that offered this powerful fighter an insight which the rest of his type battled.

Also, players have the privilege to take advantage of a Battle Round giveaway whereby it’s possible to battle the appearance of Achilles primarily to engage in a contest against adversaries to obtain jackpots, during which the Wild character represented as Swords doles out 100 Bonus Spins.

Battle Bonus Feature

While you make visible three or higher of the Spartan Shield symbol across the reels simultaneously, it thereby activates superb Battle Bonus Round feature, & it’s mandatory to select any two from stockpiles of ammunitions available to combat against one out the three adversaries.

The jackpots tend to rely absolutely on your pattern of fight &, in the end, the player’s triumph along with the war.

The War Front

As a prerequisite to obtain winnings while the base game is active, it’s necessary to from three to five of the identical symbols. While you bring into view Briseis, then this icon offer returns worth 300 shekels, during which the symbols which represent the ongoing war by Hector & Achilles rewards 350 shekels.

Also, the Temple at its discretion can offer worth of 400 shekels, whereas Sailing boats offer assistance in shooting up 500 shekels.

Swords | Wild Character

Nevertheless, players have the opportunity to land some 10x winning multipliers while they form five of intersected sword characters across a pay-line, alongside incredible payouts worth 5,000 shekels. The sword symbol as well substitutes the rest of icons which assists in establishing additional winning pay-lines.

Achilles’ Hard hat | Scatter icon

Besides, pay attention to Achilles’ head protector, which represents this slot Scatter icon, while three to five of this character can activate a bonus spin feature. Three of these Scatter icons tends to activate ten bonus spins, while four can activate twenty bonus spins, & five tends to enable a hundred bonus spins.

Whereas it’s possible to earn jackpots magnified in threefold all through Bonus spins feature, thereby sparing incredible opportunities to collect massive jackpots wins.

Spartan Warrior visual artworks create a time-honored/archival impression. Likewise, the war front amidst Achilles is particularly inspiring.

Bet Limit

Regardless of this slot fictional attributes, players have the privilege to play with a minimum value at 0.01 shekels for each spinning, nevertheless, perhaps you aspire for massive payouts, then go ahead stake up to 75 shekels for each spinning action.

Also, it’s possible to select pay-line bets. At the same time, you merge 1 – 5 shekels alongside coin denominations which varies starting with 0.01 – 1.0 shekels, across this fifteen pay-line designed slot for each spinning action.


From the onset, Rival Gaming so much desire to work out a story-line subject to a fairy-tale concept & thereby transform it to a uniformly mythological slot machine. We can attest to the fact that this software developer accomplishes this admiration.

Aside players having the privilege to obtain a hundred bonus spins & 3x jackpot wins with the wild symbol, they can as well turn out to be Achilles & make a headway to land some massive bonus offer.

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