Fruity Mania Slot

Fruity Mania Slot Game Review

Fruity Mania Slot

Fruitlike! Just as its name implies, fruit, a rich source of raw nutrients to the body. Over the years, game developers have regularly used this element as the theme for slot games; it’s not so unique.

Decades back of early development of slot games, fruits are the first set of themes used to create slot games & designates the jackpots players can win. The same custom applies to today’s invention, a little bit modernized, & makes the most of familiar characters over the reels of contemporary slot games.

Fruity Manis slot games center its storyline on fruits, a concept programmed by Felix Gaming. The fruits include; bananas, lemons & apples, such that it prompts gamers to create combinations of these elements over the display. When it comes to exclusive features, Fruity Mania is less significant; however, it’s of high worth as regards sparkling colors, huge winnings, & excessive entertainments.

About Fruits Mania Slot Game

Fruity Mania encompasses five-reel & 20 pay-line available at casinos that support games from Felix Gaming software developer. It employs an exceptionally bright, soothing color plan overwhelmed alongside green, orange & yellow.

The display interface blends for this game background. The developer arranges an icon positioned across a coconut drink, such that it directs players straight to the paytable, during which the reels get encompassed by a bamboo casing.

The characters are quite straightforward; however, they exhibit a unique, gleaming appearance, establishing a collection, charming & visibly striking.

This slot work such that users need to blend similar characters from left to right over the pay lines in-play, whereby gamers have the privilege to play from one to twenty pay-lines, alongside ten coins of varying values on each line.

Invariably, gamesters need to make visible a minimum of three characters in a pay line to actualize winnings, alongside enormous combos generating huge rewards.

The majority of the characters run identical low-worth winnings, such as; plums, bananas, lemons, cherries, & the entire maximum is 100 credit winnings; perhaps five of the symbols show up in a line. Apples have a tendency to reward worth 400 stakes, whereas strawberries symbols are the most profitable of the whole fruits, rewarding 400x the original pay-line stake.

Limited Exclusive Features

Two exclusive characters show up over the reels in this game. Slot fans should be conversant with the two symbols.

Tropical mixed drink| Wild Character

Tropical mixed drink designates the wild symbol in this game & can replace whichever character obtainable in this game, actualizing winning pay-lines.

Seven | Scatter Character

This gaming developer designates the scatter character as the “Seven.” While a player makes visible three or higher of these characters over the display in the course of a single spin, thus, such a participant can earn massive winnings, which is the most significant sum obtainable in the game.

Also, while three of the character reward 50x the overall stakes per spin, whereas, once a max of the maximum of five symbols shows up, it generates 500x the bets, which is a great advantage.

Final Words | An Impression of Traditional Themes

Fruity Mania slot game shocks players with lots of amazements. However, there exists no bonus spins & a bonus spins game, which is quite common & is inevitable to come across in contemporary online slot game.

This slot is a good match, perhaps you cherish a widespread gameplay pattern of traditional slots & don’t fancy excess features.

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