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Kitty Cash Slot

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Read about Kitty Cash Slot designed with a cat theme, 5 reels, 9 pay-lines, know the prizes to win, features in there and play for free

Clearly from the title, on your own, you can deduce yourself that Kitty Cash Online Slot has to do with cats, of course. These cats are all over about these slot reels. Likewise, all other characters you can find therein tell of cats one way or another, whether their bread of choice inside a case of tuna or the exact fish. Other option are cherished toys inside a bead of cotton or scaredy-cat.

The slot game has several other cats, while each of them appears a bit non-identical, probably recognizing different notable cats. One of the cats takes much resemblance as Benny out of Top Cat, one more flashing very similar to the Cheese Cat & extreme more blackish cat that probably had entered out of the Meg & Mog book collection.

Though several developers have brought about diverse slots, this particular Kitty Cash Slot includes the flashiest video games we have ever come across. It’s a dark purple scene that represents the work of art for a little illumination, added to flora that edges the border of the game display; also the whole characters in eye-catching colors.

Without any doubt, Kitty Cash Slot is a slot considered with an animated movie feeling that provides the slot a kind of a good feel – in short; it establishes that Kitty Cash Slot is not the greatest slot as per artworks aspect.

Whenever you play Kitty Cash Slot, you can notice an inspiring small rattle that follows; it’s scattered with an irregular cry. The key feature therein is the Bonus spin feature, which you can turn on with scatter icons for all features catered for in Kitty Cash Slot.

The gameplay and Network of Kitty Cash Slot

In Kitty Cash Slot has 5 reels, finish with more spoor. Only make space for 9 pay-lines over the 5 reels, even though you may decide to spin not up to 9 (you tap the markers beside the pay-line digit to adjust the digit of pay-lines high and low).

Winning can only occur in Kitty Cash Slot while you must have appeared characters one after the other over the pay-line in the path of left towards right. Still, it begins with the reels by the extreme left, more than half of the characters requiring 3 consecutively, while having the main 4 characters in this slot requiring only 2 (presenting you with a game to win regularly).

All the main 4 characters are cats – while the purple one with lace inside her curls is 750x the coin value provided you get 5 back-to-back, the cat colored orange, also the pink & blue cat releases 100x, 300x, 500x, accordingly.

The characters with two different cats (one of these is putting on a black tie with the other green), a coat of wool, full fish, vermin, bones of a fish (we imagine this is the full fish).

Tap the auto-play control towards the left part of spin control, while it allows you to spin the game nonstop good enough for 100 rolls, more so the bonus spins feature subsists without any external control once you select the auto-play feature.

The wild icon is the cat colored black & can replace every other character therein to allow for more payouts. Besides, you can see that any payouts that turn out with the wild character are magnified twofold, the same as any winnings with which the wild is over the pay-line not becoming active.

The can of tuna represents the bonus spin character. It’s a scatter icon; moreover, it reacts slightly dissimilar to the regular scatter symbol. Normally, a scatter symbol does come into view at least 3x at any point on the slot towards starting the element – at this point, it should appear at least 3 times across the pay-line.

Bonus Spin Feature

In Kitty Cash Slot, the count of bonus spins possible to get at the play-mode lies absolutely on the count of tuna scatter icons found to start the feature. 2 scatter characters could get you 5 bonus spins. In contrast, 4, 5 scatter icons could get you 10 & 15 bonus spins accordingly. At the bonus spins feature, any winnings depend on a 2x multiplying co-efficient, making the round better-off than normal.

At this level, you have the pyramid character included. The pyramid is equipped with features also it’s far from what you may wish to chance upon while you travel over a cemetery before dawn (moreover, if you travel around a cemetery at dusk hours, you most likely be entitled to anything you come by!).

It’s an extra scatter icon that you could win if it shows at least 2x over a pay-line. Suppose the pyramid stuff the whole pay-line, you could acquire a winning of 200x.

Wrap up

It’s reasonable to tell there are better slots than Kitty Cash Slot on the web today. Kitty Cash Slot lacks mind-blowing visual artworks, a theme, impressive additions, or more so a massive jackpot. Therefore, at first glance, you can’t see anything so enticing to encourage you.

Meanwhile, Kitty Cash Slot introduces good palpation of the concept; also, maybe you are a fanatic of slot games. You could win every time & be able to spin many rounds in a few time (because of no delays with the features); most likely, Kitty Cash Slot should be a very suitable option to try.

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