Red Dragon Slot

Red Dragon Slot: Good for Low, High Budget, Demo & No-Download!

Red Dragon Slot

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In Red Dragon Slot by 1×2 Gaming, ally with Wild Ninja to slaughter this Red Dragon on your mission to discover fortune & get massive spoils & bonuses, Download-free.

Once you have the conviction deep within you with what it takes and relevant skillfulness to contend with the all-powerful “Red Dragon” on the mission to hit large booty and gifts. You’re all set to start this slot fling of Asian motif designed by 1 x 2 Gaming.

Before anything else, you have to justify yourself deserving to the Wild Ninja. You can do this as you gather a mixed bag of classic items from China like air cooler, Nun chucks, headgear, flashlights before this Wild Ninja engages you on the mission to look for the Red Dragon.

The dignitary adds money over the characters that draw nearer so well to cause him upset. Meanwhile, the game presents several rewards to catch on your route, as well as the hit-or-miss Pagoda Bonus.

From the slot bet value of just as low as 0.01 coins per rolled reels, Red Dragon Slots is a stunt that considers players of any money plans to bet, be it high roller or the frugal players. They can bear the specified bet limit to set the reels rolling according to their pocket with no pressure. In case you don’t have that time yet to trek through China, you may ally with Wild Ninja on any smartphone of your choice.

Stone Age China

Kickoff, the escapade behind closed doors of a nearby temple seen to board the treasure reels, also goof around the adjacent territory to look for your items. Please do your best to look for a minimum of three Scattered Pagoda; meanwhile, 5 is better since it has the cue to unlock the Bonus Spins.


Your ultimate aim in this Red Dragon Slots is to look for & conquer the Red Dragon on your mission to discover fortune, double-check to catch any top-ranking character on route.

The bonuses are 500 coins in case it’s sushi you see, 550 coins if its headgear you come about, 600 coins in case it’s Nun chucks you find on the way, 650 coins if it’s air coolers, & as much as 700 coins if it’s flashlights.

The Wild Ninja does come into sight at any time you could show yourself likely to become his trainee thenceforth, you can start the bonus level of the adventure.

This Wild Ninja can maneuver his judo talents to wreck & substitute the characters at the main game just to hit extra rewards; the rewards be a tower of your strength pending when you could see the scattered Pagodas & start the Bonus spins.

First, discover three Pagodas, then you see yourself turn on 10 bonus spins, discover four Pagodas to start 20 bonus spins, also appear the entire 5 Pagodas to turn on 30 bonus spins. Whereby all the booty is released twice the actual value.

And lastly, you have to find the Dragon characters that can make you get to the Red Dragon; also, note that as you see extra dragon characters along the line, the higher this red Dragon awards you.

Go Wild

You can be upset & lose your temper to wreck the Red Dragon. Nevertheless, you’d not go wild at this slot machine’s benevolent winning combinations that are already put in place to permit any devotees of slot games to benefit on their special spin bets.

Spin any from the 1 to 25 pay-lines during any spin, 1 – 5 coins for each pay-line, & coin denominations of 0.01 – 0.5. This range implies that the bets differ from the least coin value of 0.01 for each spin to the highest coins of 62.5 for each reel you roll.

Conclusion: Stay away from being Wasted

Taking to account the whopping rewards and gifts made ready for killing the Red Dragon, without any argument, Red Dragon Slots is performing at a high level –Be in no doubt that if you fond yourself spin the game to hit for real cash, you stay away from being Wasted.

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