Reactoonz slot

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Reactoonz slot

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Specifics about Reactoonz Slot

  • Developer: Play N Go
  • Return to player rate: 96.51%
  • Variance: High
  • Number of Reels: 7
  • Pay-lines: 7
  • Least wager (considers all pay-lines): £0.20 (GBP)
  • Maximum wager: £100 (GBP)
  • Best payouts: 4570

For and Against of Reactoonz Slot


  • Unusual slot layout
  • Features a different range of modifiers
  • Gargantoon feature enable hefty chances to win
  • Pull-down reels (Cascade)


  • It’s tough to have the ultimate modifier (Change agents)
  • It requires five identical characters to land payouts

Play’n GO’s Reactoonz whip up their autograph 8×8 reel network. Watch out for the winnings lined up by corresponding characters, while the least bet amount is 0.20. The play attachments and Bonuses encompass all kinds of features not related along with supplementary wild characters & icons-causing displacements.

All the same, Reactoonz slot is a perky & spaced-out game to fiddle with created by Play n Go, having put up a groovy face-off-5 layout. Reactoonz slot includes among Play’n GO’s best-entertaining game options & remains a good smash for users.

Play’n GO’s, in another direction, has introduced a series that adds in a complete series of new bonus features. Check out Slots Temple to Try to play Reactoonz 2 slot.

Artistic effects

The characters found across these slot reels don’t stay inactive, just like they often do with slot machines of these kinds. Instead, the stockpile of spaced-out symbols, a few with a single eye, along with the other two eyes, usually gaze at their matches near them.

It requires more time to get the reels active for spinning, while one or another of these can, more so, starts tittle-tattling, during which others wink, then continue to explore. But, in the real sense, it is captivating to look at & thus establishes a quick connection with the machine, despite in preparation to begin playing this slot reels.

Reactoonz slot is a high-powered and relational slot game. Even though the slot got launched in 2017, it remains one of the most appropriately programmed slots on the market. As a result, it grips the attention of users.

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Reactoonz slot – It’s Dials

The game consoles arranged for this Reactoonz slot is that user-friendly;

The whole dial is placed under the menu of 3 parallel lines – except the spin control (this is a vast control colored green)

After you tap the control, the game directs you to the setup for the bet control with which users can bet with anything from 0.20 coins & 100 coins for each spin.

At this control, players can fix their auto-playing features, while you must have set up with win and loss thresholds at hand.

Navigate all along to the setup to tweak the spin control, sound intensity, and all sorts.

This slot paytable is an exciting and lively description of how the whole features operate, including the value of the characters.

If you can browse through the slot guides for play, it presents a more detailed illustration in prints of the slot gameplay.

How to Adjust the limits for loss

Perhaps you operate with the Automatic-play feature; be conscious of this slot limits for loss. So do not only adjust the control to its Max; kindly ensure the value set is okay for you even though there’s a loss.

Ascertain to reserve some of your balance so you can have winnings to hold on to.

Variance and Return to Player

Reactoonz RTP value is 96.51%. About the latest release of slot games, it’s one of the better winning rates.

Many new online slot machines are anything from 96% – 96.5%. Hence, the Reactoonz slot is a bit better in this range.

The Volatility

Note that Reactoonz Slot is of high variance. It implies the game may not bring in jackpots so frequently; however, the winnings in place are much more possible to be fair than usual.

Tips for winning with Reactoonz Slot

Peradventure Reactoonz slot rolls in with the Cluster gameplay. Thus, a combination of at least five characters is required to pair up and down towards landing payouts. Complementary characters have to be close by, maybe on the reels or rows; diagonal marks here do not matter.

The characters deal with lining up winnings that vanish from sight away from the reels, with a game system identified as Droopy reels in various ways, such as Avalanche Reels, Cascading Reels. Or rather ordinary actions, no special effect.

Wild characters – A twist of yellow firebolt

The Wild icons come as a twist of yellow firebolt. And, it does not appear over this slot reels anyhow like that. However, it needs to be triggered off by any means.

For each round that the reels are spun, you can observe just that blinkered character selected at random encircles by a radiance of lightning. For example, suppose the characters of lesser value continue to add up to one of the pieces of a winning combo; thus, spawns 2 Wild symbols at the spin that proceeds after.

Besides, you can find the Gargantoon, as it has the propensity to machine out the Wild icons whenever just by exploding any from 4 and 8 of these randomly across the reels.

Bonus Elements

Immediately you rack up 25 characters in the box gage. The mass reserved inside is now transmitted onto the other part of this slot reels, with which it is racked up right there inside the Quantum box gage.

You can find 4 Quantum spring Reel Modifiers;

Incision: The Incision deposits a Wild icon by the middle of the reel layout, then put identical characters along the diagonal strip that can line up winning combos while it does this.

Conversion: When you activate the Conversion modifier through the Quantum box gage, the slot picks any from the low-value blinkered Martian icons towards altering another character.

Implosion: Implosion can turn from the 3 and 6 characters found about the reels to Wild icons.

Demolition: This feature disposes of the whole blinkered characters found about this slot reels, including any paired characters.


Gargantoon is the Quantum freebies with which any user would be eager to hit. However, this feature can only come into play once; every other four bonuses are already over. Also, you’d have to play another 25 characters during the box game.

If luck would activate Gargantoon, this feature hops across the reels, using up a 3×3 portion of the reel grid. Not just that, it also functions as the Wild symbol to make sure it’s able to spawn fabulous winnings.

Later on, this Gargantoon splits itself into two different 2×2 symbols that spawn more massive winnings.

And last but not least is the Gargantoon conversion to 9 respective Gargantoon Wild symbols, thereby allowing the only hope to bring up massive cash winnings.

Variable Bonus

Frequently, once there’s a spin-play round that causes no winning, the variable bonus activates in a slight loss. At this feature, Gargantoon can toss from 4 – 8 of the Wild symbols across the reels to hit several winning combos.

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Demo Play for Reactoonz slot

Launch Slots Temple and try Reactoonz slot game in demo play access; another avenue to do this is at Play’n GO official site. The most appropriate method to familiarize yourself with this slot, not having to dine, is through the demo play format of the Reactoonz slot.

For this free-play access of the Reactoonz slot, we often suggest choosing 150 – 200 rounds. In this way, you’d have the means to assess the whole bonus play-enhancements, then decide if or not it’s a game type that accord with your style at a casino that allows for real-money play.

If Reactoonz slot truly tickle your fancy? You can give a shot at the following alternate options;

Reactoonz is an online game type that can cause you to play over again. Maybe you are interested in exploring other awe-inspiring slot machines, do check out a few of our best game choices;

SugarPop! It’s a chart-topping game by BetSoft that allows users to get high on an awe-inspiring online casino adventure along with diverse magnificent bonus lists. SugarPop presents the same match-like pattern to the Reactoonz slot since achieving winning combos allows for other characters & a chance to hit plenteous winnings at just one spin. Better still, you can as well boost to release 12 new bonus play-enhancements.

Yggdrasil’s Power Plant. It’s an exemplary slot machine created by Yggdrasil, with a pioneering cosmic theme. This slot offers users diverse opportunities to hit massive prizes, also the chain effect feature that comes to play. Therefore, any spin during the rounds will be a thrilling option.

Play n Go’s Energoonz. Maybe you wouldn’t like to stray that much from Reactoonz’s thrill; an ideal choice for you is the Energoonz slot. Good enough, play n Go is the brain behind the Energoonz slot; one thing you’d notice with Energoonz and Reactoonz’s is that they both have the same layout and theme. Indeed, you will be happy to try the Energoonz slot; so far, you cherish the vibes with Reactoonz.

ELK Studio’s Cluster Slide. Cluster Slide is a slot game from ELK Studio, while it’s simply spaced-out and incredible, like Reactoonz featuring unusual symbols along with matchless bonuses. Looking from the angle of giant characters, morph icons, more wild symbols, multiplying co-efficient, Cluster Slide, the slot is similar to Reactoonz. Why? Because you don’t need to play a game in the Reactoonz sequel.

The Groups of Reactoonz slot

Perhaps your taste is in search of is a game very similar to the first Reactoonz; you’d have some choices. We realize how hard it is to reproduce the spaced-out artistic – fortunately, Play’n GO had so many sequels in stock.

Reactoonz 2

Reactoonz 2 is the second series coming after Reactoonz. Despite this slot longs to be a modernized edition of the initial, yet it’s somewhat a flop.

Despite before Reactoonz 2 slot got launched, players had to disapprove of it for having a low amount as the highest reward compared to the Reactoonz slot. Moreover, play ‘n’ GO discovered the inaccuracy with its mechanism by raising the Max. Payouts to only more than 5000x.

Meanwhile, this condition did not come to the aid of the Reactoonz 2 slot while users did not acknowledge it. It’s because the slot considers a bit lesser Return to Player & low-paying play enhancements.

For instance, you’d have to rack up 55 characters to gain access to stage 1 of the bonus. Therefore, it’s challenging to start making the appearance of modifiers (that is, change agents) compared to those in the first series.

Not to mention, there is the hassle of this slot playability getting very complex. Likewise, can you find volatile characters that possibly contribute wild symbols to the reels? However, it’s so challenging to keep up with precisely what’s going on?

Reactoonz 2 slot is the only game we can suggest for lovers of the series. It’s a game type that players will be curious to give a shot at, only to go through the vibes of Reactoonz from a different perspective.

Dr. Toonz

Dr. Toonz slot is another concept by Play’n GO’; you will be up to a more prosaic slot game round. Though it lacks a cluster pays mechanism, you’d have a layout of 4096 winning ways as an alternative. Therefore, Dr. Toonz could be a better option for freaks of slots inclined to more vintage style.

In the Dr. Toonz slot, you can also find the Quantumeter, while it’s much easier to charge than that of Reactoonz’s second series. In this case, players can activate the Quantumeter by popping up each winning character rather than being determined by the count of cascades. likewise, the game has three features at hand:

Quantum Wild symbols: As many as six wild icons are included across the display

Conversion: Convert up to 8 characters

Crumbling: you can notice all characters that pay low are plucked out & substituted with the two most valuable characters. It boosts the ways to win to 26,144.

Apart from all these features explained above, there’s a bonus spin element, while the best reward is a substantial 22,000x.

General remarks of Reactoonz

Reactoonz slot makes one of the most trailblazing and exemplary game titles launched over the last few years. Hence you can get high on other enhancements & cascading reels beginning from the spin that leadoff. Also, the Reactoonz demo play highlights a similar eye-catching visual artwork, music background & space bonus features.

Intriguing experience

Reactoonz is such an uncommon slot machine that brings up a vibe that something is happening all the time. The gameplay has cascading characters, along with a bonus gauge that comes active. At the same time, you achieve winnings, multipliers, and giant characters.

The whole thing is getting on concurrently while the main game is running. Besides, there’s an avenue to trigger the variable bonus to roll in wilds across to the display.

Regardless of all that is underway on the game, Reactoonz Slot is not that stuffed or excruciating. On the contrary, it is an evening out that gets you enthused despite not having the gameplay difficult.

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Mesmerizing Bonuses

The bonuses here indeed attract attention, making room for new chances to win in several ways. You can notice a mesmeric part that concerns looking over the bonus meter charge, including racking up new play-enhancements to crack.

Sure, a couple of the play elements are strongly preferable to others. Take, for instance; it’s uncommon for the conversion to assist in lining up winning combos with which Implosion & Incision uncovers the most valuable winnings.

Bright chances for Fair prizes

The recurring activation of the play enhancements resulted in so many winnings. While the main game is in play, you can find it unlikely to activate a jackpot-winning that values beyond 10x. Meanwhile, the bonus feature causes a handful of massive winnings – mainly if the Gargantoon happens to show up.

Therefore, maybe you are looking forward to a fantastic online play that makes way for an activity without a break. Yes, of no doubt, play n Go’s Reactoonz is the best suitable game to try.

Frequently asked questions about Reactoonz slot.

  • Can I take advantage of the bonus spins round in the Reactoonz slot?

Regrettably, the Reactoonz slot considers none of the regular bonus spins feature; however, other new bonuses found therein redress the balance significantly. Check through the Gargantoon, Quantum hike, multiplying co-efficient, wild symbols, as it does contribute enough to enable your winnings to increase significantly.

  • What’s the variance for the Reactoonz slot?

Reactoonz serves a hefty quota of unusual space instability, being that it’s a game very high with its variance.

  • What are the highest payouts to expect of the Reactoonz slot?

The highest winnings to anticipate while fiddling with the Reactoonz slot are valued as much as 4,750x of a player’s bet amount. Whereas, Reactoonz 2 slot makes room for a bit increased maximum payout with only more than 5000x, with which Dr. Toonz slot doles out 22,000x.

  • In what way does the Reactoonz bonus feature perform?

The Winning characters are racked up in the box gage to the left part of this slot reels. Immediately up to 25 characters are already racked up.

The mass and power through these symbols spread over to the Quantum gage. Such that it’s possible to activate the custom modifiers (that is, change agents) towards aggrandizing a player’s chances of winning.

  • Which other software is okay for play?

You’d find the Reactoonz series considered most suitable for lovers of this type of slot. However, you can probably give a shot at other slot games of cluster pays created by Play’n GO, such as Honey Rush and Moon Princess.

Massive payouts

All we can say about this slot is that it’s a decent small game, abundant in play enhancements & a bunch of cascading winnings—land one winning at some of the rounds. Run along with the variable play element severally & access enough incredible prizes—an incredible series of 25 winnings with one conversion and two demolitions. We have the full support of the Reactoonz slot.

Play enhancements: Giant characters, racking up of characters, cluster pays, multiplier, seven reels, Bulging reels, Wild icons, Bonus spins, High variance, Cascade reels.

The game plot: Chinese, Mexican, Exemplars, Classical Egypt, Samhain, & Entertainers

Play N Go secures a valid accreditation from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission; Howbeit, this enabled them to cater their games across to the UK endorsed casino platforms.