Slot Vegas Megaquads Slot

Slot Vegas Megaquads Slot Review (BigTime Gaming)

Slot Vegas Megaquads Slot

Slot Vegas Megaquads Slot

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Details about Vegas Megaquads Slot

  • Launch Date: Aug 2020
  • Provider Big Time Gaming
  • Highest RTP rate: 96.59%
  • Number of Reels: 4
  • Highest Winning value: 45,000x
  • Progressive Jackpot: N/A
  • Megaways: Available


Slot Vegas Megaquads puts up a creative adventure that makes it a fascinating, though it’s a newly launched Big Time Gaming initiatives. Incredibly, there’s an equal count of 16,777,216 winning ways on offer, accompanied with multiple play-attachments, though this slot assures enormous payouts. Meanwhile, it can deliver steady payouts to maintain a fun experience. The creativity proceeds out of Las Vegas, a suitable tribute to The Strip.

This slot machine presents its adventure on four series of 4×4 reels on every pack that later merge up while the bonus spins are active, primarily to turn up a large game scene, including up to 16,777,216 winning ways.

Regardless of the bonus spins, multipliers, wild symbols, or whichever play-attachments incorporated, there are certainly fair packs to adore. The adventure is appreciably more exciting than this game; high variance can give an impression about initially. The slot arranges for payouts worth 45,000x of a player bet during which assumes to hold an effective Return to the player rate at 96.59%.

Wager and Jackpots

The bet limit spans from $0.20 to $20. Regardless of the bet size opted for, there’s an opportunity to explore every slot winning way at pending spins.

Concerning winnings, there’s a possibility its turns out pretty surprising while handling slot game with as much as 16,777,216 winning ways. This slot holds limitations to the amount it can deliver, which the developer programs it for 45,000x of the players bet amount, proportional to as much as $900,000, only.

Considering this high winning rate/recurrence slot allows for so many little payouts, Slot Vegas Megaquads claims RTP beyond standard at 96.59%.

How to Win & Play-attachments

This slot begins with an arrangement that encapsulates four slot games, with each of the games feature four rows, four reels, and 256 winning ways.

The four higher-ranking characters have their gages displayed by the left axis of this slot scene. The characters are support that enables players to gather character multiplying co-efficient. It’s achievable each time a combination with four higher-ranking characters aligns across any of the arrays of reels. This kind of combination can increase the multiplying co-efficient of such character, with just 1x. While you continue with the gameplay, the multiplier increases to a high-worth character.

The endmost three reels have it preserve for the usual wild characters of every game scene. Meanwhile, it’s usable to act as regular substitutes, to incorporate in any rewarding combos aligned during the play. It’s impossible to activate different play-attachments through these usual wilds; therefore, it’s just the regular characters that can become substituted with these wild symbols.

Rainbow Wilds

These Rainbow Wilds is applicable over second and third reels, as these wilds are acted as a replacement a second time. If you can appear these rainbow wilds over the array of reels following one another, this can further activate a new play-attachment, referred to as Rainbow Wild Bonus.

While this new play feature is active, the two arrays of reels that activate the feature then combine, that further land you in a scene of 8×4 reels & 65,536 winning ways. Whereas, fourth and fifth reels can generate extra wild. Now, if you can secure payouts of 5 to 8 high-ranking characters, there’ll be an increase with the multiplier gage that later top as much as five tracks to the multiplier.

This slot’s main play-attachment takes place over the 8×8 reels, during which up to 16,777,216 winning ways are in play. Before you can switch over to this level, you’ll require either four or more of the scatter symbols to appear across these 8×8 reel sets. A minimum of 6 bonus spins are available for use subsequently; however, with every extra scatter icon, such players can experience a different three spin-play included to the aggregate at hand.

It commences with icons multiplying co-efficient, which you must have gathered thus far. It accumulates jointly, while you later use just one massive payout multiplier. It keeps increasing the multiplying co-efficient also while you further tally new payouts of high-ranking characters.

This first spin begins with 2-reel sets, such that players can have access to 4096 winning ways with each set. Let’s say you intend to have a broader game scene, up to 8×8; then, you’ll require to appear this Rainbow Wilds over the two arrays of reels while the similar spin is active. Under this circumstance alone, will this slot offer an increment up to 16,777,216 winning ways?

Layout & Story-line

Though this slot various play-attachments cans appear inspiring, however, this slot Vegas is deficient of an exciting theme. The city of sin relationship with this slot is exquisite; meanwhile, while it’s over these reels, I would’ve preferred themed symbols, instead of the mix of Royals, three types of Lucky 7s, Purple Diamonds, and feature icons (regular wild, Rainbow Wild, scatters).

Closing words

Slot Vegas Megaquads is once again a memorable slot from Big Time Gaming, one of the top choices around if you get bored easily and you want new features to explore.

With plenty of smaller wins, but ultimately still a highly volatile game, it can deliver wins of up to 45,000x the stake while maintaining a generous RTP and being a lot of fun. Overall, highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vegas Megaquads Slot

What are the main attributes of the Vegas Megaquads slot?

  • Provider: Big Time Gaming
  • Design: 4×16,777,216
  • Highest RTP: 96.59%
  • Wager Limit (€/$): 0.20 – $20
  • Highest winning value: 45,000x

Is Vegas Megaquads slot playable on my mobile devices?

Yes, all of its mechanics are perfectly mobile-compatible.