Dragon Lore Slot Game

Dragon Lore Slot Game Review | by Leander Games developer

Dragon Lore Slot Game

A Slot Game programmed by Leander Games developer, which arrange Dragon Lore right in an ice cave of a creative atmosphere with an existence of a barracuda dragon which tends to target his subsequent prey across the game reels (5-reel) & 20 pay lines

Having observed dragons that are fast asleep over a fantasy, videotape demonstrates that the terrifying lifeforms need to sleep or have some rest. Preferably, they should prevent anything that may hinder their sleep by any means.

However, this notion goes contradictory in this more recent game innovation developed by Leander Games. Contrariwise, right after this overpowering dragon is awake, this lifeform then kicks off to exhale colorful emission blasts, declaring any of the four is changing reels modifiers with the potentials to yield winnings worth 2,500x of a player’s bet.

Leander Games includes among the software gaming developer having centered its operations in Buenos Aires, Argentina & kicks off around the year 2008. Right from when this developer commences operations, their design squad embarks to engage in a task to make available creative software products across to the gaming sector, including various gamesters.

Leander Games provides the rest of their peers in business the enablement to present their games across a versatile, ultra-modern circulation network that allows games made available to a broader range of online casinos following their LEGA faraway Gaming Servers.

Among these developers’ greatest games so far include Ave Caesar, Afterlife, Alice Cooper & Inferno.

Game Structure of Dragon Lore Slot Game

This developer arranges Dragon Lore right in an ice cave of a creativity ambiance such that there exists a barracuda dragon which tends to target his subsequent chase across the game reels.

The dragon is visible along the right side of the slot display & while a player takes action to get the creature awake can make it get furious terribly, whereby it commences exhaling fumes in four separate colors.

Every single color presents a particular unpredictable reel modifier. Besides, the slot backdrops then get modified to the exact color of the related modifier. A somewhat courageous, however appealing musicals flow alongside reel & win tunes, forcefully disturbed by the howl of dragons while it gets awakens.

Dragon Lore encompasses nine pay characters, likewise a single wild character, such that the whole of them can surfaces & get stuffed. The popular comprises of J, Q & K. Along with the average-value fair include collections of five jewels appearing in green, white, yellow, red & blue.

The highest rewarding character in the game gets depicted by the game’s badges. The wild character surfaces just as a gem in spectrum sunglasses inscribed with the label “Wild” over the surface.

In Dragon Lore Slot game, there exists nothing like scatter character or bonus, since five of the slots appearing across the pay-line can activate the bonus spins feature.

Dragon Lore Slot Gameplay

This video slot game encompasses 4-rows, 5-reels, & 20 non-adjustable pay-lines. The various accompaniments comprise of wild stand-ins, four unpredictable reel modifiers & five categories of bonus spins.

The volatility of Dragon Lore is moderate alongside a return to a player value of 95.96%. Leander game developer considers this particular slot alongside an HTML5 configuration, which thereby makes it accessible for play across whichever of PCs or portable gadgets over the whole of Operating systems network.

Auto-play Accompaniment

A smart AutoPlay feature enables a player to run the game reaching a hundred successive spins alongside two alternatives regarding the period at which this continuous action terminates. Note that the auto spin feature often aborts each time the bonus spins gets activated.

While the user attempts to Face the dragon varies in an amount within 0.20 – 40 coins. The smartest gamesters get compensated alongside winnings ranging from 5x to 25x of their bets for just a single five identical suits. The highest winnings across only one spin get capped at an enormous 2,500x of a player’s stake.

Unpredictable Reel Modifiers

There are cases when the dragon can abruptly get sleepless across whichever spin in the main game to compensate any of the four-reel modifiers selected as Fire, Air, Lightning & Earth. The dragon’s exhalation likewise the backdrop can get modified to exact color like the related reel converter.

The Lightning gets declared by a yellow color, including a payout multiplier varying from 2x to 5x across one or higher wild characters. Perhaps the user actualizes a winning combo across the spin.

The breath turns on a blue trance & the dragon tends to exercise patience pending the time while the reels discontinue. Consequently, the dragon converts a changing number of reel spots to wild characters. The Earth gets accompanied alongside a green color, while the dragon turns one or higher reels to wild reels.

The Fire represents the fourth Reel converter, plainly depicted by red. The dragon tends to throw up Fire across the first reel to convert the whole points to high rewarding Dragon Lore characters.

The first reel gets fixed in position, alongside the rest of wild or Dragon Lore characters visible across the reels, for three re-spins. For an extra Dragon Lore or wild characters, which appears across the respins gets fixed also. The Winnings gets determined following the concluding re-spin.

Bonus Spins Accompaniment

While you actualize five identical whichever of five gem rewarding characters across a pay-line can then activate eight bonus spins.

Every single gem can turn on the kind of bonus spins function related alongside the color & gem, thereby comprising of a particular changing reel modifier gets turns on at a higher pace while the feature is active. Wild characters replace omitting gem characters.

Users of this game can anticipate winnings of numerous bonus spins rounds of whichever color across just one spin, alongside batches of eight bonus spins gets compensated for every single five identical suits.

Besides, it’s possible to reactivate this offer while the feature is active. The game presents some information right the lowest part of the slot screen & it signals the kind of bonus spins is active, including the rest of bonus spin rounds. Perhaps the user already wins exceeding one.

Lightning Spins Feature

It’s possible to activate Lightning Spins via five identical yellow gems. The dragon tends to include a multiplier ranging from 2x & 5x at random across to whichever of wild character in a winning combo.

Then, a value exceeding a single multiplier across a spin gets included & not magnified. An instance is a double & triple coefficient factor across a winning combo that can increase the winnings five times.

Air Spins Feature

It’s possible to activate Air Spins via five identical matches of blue gems. The dragon tends to exercise patience pending the reels discontinues, & converts a variable number of characters to wild characters.

Earth Spins

Players can activate Earth Spins via five identical suits of green gems. The dragon tends to transform one or higher of the reels to stuffed wild characters at random.

Fire Spins

Users can turn on Fire Spins through five identical suits of red gems. The dragon can turn the whole points across the first reel to the high worth Dragon Lore characters at random.

After that, the first Reel one gets fixed in position, alongside the rest of Dragon Lore or wild characters available across the reels, for three re-spins.

Whichever of extra wild or Dragon Lore characters which surface across the respins tends to get fixed in position also. The winnings get evaluated following the concluding respin.

Whereas with five identical suits of white gems can activate the Ice Spins feature. The dragon has the potentials to stand still whichever of the wild character for the value of a changing spin. The thaw counter tends to signal the number of extra spins that the wilds can get fixed.

During our assessment, we get to obtain enormous winnings in the Ice Spins & Fire Spins feature. The average tends to fall in the range of 50x to 100x the first bet.

Notwithstanding, you can only obtain the leading payouts across just one spin of 2,500x the stakes via the Lightning Spins feature alongside a stacked display of Dragon Lore characters having fused with wild characters & can then cause a win multiplier to get included.

Alternative Dragon Reels

Although the dragons are often terrifying lifeforms, gaming developers already use these characters countless times across video slot machines. Several notable instances include the Yggdrasil Gaming concept of Double Dragons & Dragonz created by Microgaming.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, Dragon Lore is an enjoyable slot game. Nothing like dulling moments or interruption of the thrill obtainable with this slot.

Given the four features which operate randomly, likewise, five categories of bonus spins, extraordinary visual artworks, satisfying musicals, including immense winning possibilities, every of this get incorporated into the game components.

Whichever devotees of slot games will certainly enjoy the game. Undoubtedly this slot machine can terminate on most catalogs of most preferred options; you’ll never regret giving this game a try.