Casino Royale

Casino Royale (1967 film)Review on the Amazing Casino Royale

This is an amazing film that was produced in the year 1967, it happens to be a kind of film that was all about the British-American Spy.

One popular thing about the film is that it is largely incoherent and plagued by a production that is chaotic.

When Bond got retired from the M16, he was living well. After he has murdered many agents across various countries, he was later forced to join the service former boss. In the cause of preparing for the mission, Bond got to know that a rich gambler is the target of the investigation and the person happens to be Le Chiffre, he happens to be the major operator in the SMERSH crime syndicate. Bond adopted a method by confusing the enemies by enlisting various agents. He made the proper utilization of Agent Vesper Lynd so as to seduce the Evelyn Tremble who happens to be a very skilful player in enjoying the baccarat game. At the Casino Royale, Tremble has made up with the decision to pose James Bond and challenges La Chiffre in a high stake game. Eventually, Treble Wins and this led to the loss of big amount of money to be enjoyed in the crime syndicate, this happen to be the major mistake made that killed Le Chifffre. As the kidnap of Lynd was made, Tremble ran for her a rescue. Lately he got to know that Tremble was a double agent which later led to his death as he was killed by her.

While all this was ongoing, the real Bond was able to successfully confront the leader that headed the SMERSH. There is a man called Dr Noah, he is regarded to as Jimmy Bond as he can be said to be a nephew to James Bond. Dr Noah have carried out series of the schemes that are highly incredible. This is to the inclusion of the elimination of a man much taller than him as at the time of releasing the atomic bomb. There was a Wild Battle at the casino Royale as the allies of the M16 and the Smersh forces engaged themselves in a fight. It cannot be categorically said that a particular person is the winner as there was an explosion that led to the death of so many people at the casino Royale

The basis of the film is majorly the Fleming’s casino Royale, Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Brocolli are the producer of this only Bond book and they did not have any right to the book. Instead of trying to compete with the Sean Connery, the film maker just had the decision to make the shooting as an imitation of someone’s style in a humorous way. Within few minutes, the issue later went out of control as the 5 directors that are meant to work on the project are not helping matters as there is no cooperation. Also, the screenplay is worked on by 8 writers as they include Ben Hecht, Joseph Heller, and Billy Wilder. Additionally, the performers had problems, most especially the sellers as they didn’t get along well enough, making a refusal to shoot any film with him. Consequently, the film is disjointed and you can hardly follow it up. With the cast comprises all-stars, the unique product design and a good soundtrack, this happen to be a box to hit and later turned out to be a cult classic movie. The release of the second big screen adaptation was made in 2006.

Notes and Credits of the production

  • Producers: Charles K. Feldman and Jerry Bresler
  • Music: Burt Bacharach
  • Running time: 131 times
  • Writers: Wolf Mankowitz, Michael Sayers and John Law
  • Studio: Columbia Pictures
  • Directors: Val Guest, John Huston, Robert Parrish, Ken Hughes and Joseph McGrath


  • Ursula Andress ( Vesper Lynd)
  • Orson Welles (Le Chiffre)
  • Peter Sellers (Evelyn Tremble)
  • Woody Alllen ( Jimmy Bond)