Gambling also referred to as game of chance, is a way in which people place a bet which is usually in form of cash on a particular thing that doesn’t have a certain result, with the hope of getting double the amount they stake in return. The history of gambling cannot be particularly traced to a certain period because it has been in existence for tens of thousands years.

About Gambling

Just like how human beings have a long history of existence, gambling also has been existing for a while right from the creation of humans. Gambling is known to always exist wherever people gathered. This review is meant to take you back memory lane of how gambling started and the notable dates of gambling. Read through the review to have a detailed information on how gambling originated.

2300bc: Earliest Gambling Evidence

It is undisputable that gambling has been existing right from the existence of human beings, the first proof was seen in Ancient China where there was discovery of unearthed tiles which was believed to have come from gambling activities. According to the book of Chinese titled “Book of Songs”, which referenced ” the drawing of wood”, it was made known that the tiles could have resulted from a form of lottery game. It is evident that the money that was used to fund some state works such as the building of the Great Wall of China in 200bc was generated from keno slips. Historically, money generated from lottery games is being used for funding state works and an example of this is seen in Yale and Harvard. The use of funds generated from gambling for civic purposes has been existing for ages and it never stops.

500bc: The Streets of Ancient Rome Dice Laws

Historically, Dice games first surfaced in the writings of Sophocies; a Greek poet, where he claimed that the invention of dice games was through a legendary hero during the siege of Troy, though his claim arouse doubts from different people but he was known historically to be the first person to talk about dice games in the history of Greek. However, no one can dispute the fact that dice games has been in existence since 3000bc when a pair of dice was discovered in an Egyptian tomb but it is certain that Romanians and Greeks of then gamble on anything they lay their hands on whenever they get the chance. The ancient city of Rome forbids any kinds of game of chance, dice games inclusive, even anyone found involving in game of chance then will be charged with a fine that amount to 4x the value of their stake. Due to this, the Romanians created the the first gaming chips known in history which will enable them claim that they are involving in games for chips only rather than playing for real money anytime they get caught. However, you should be aware that this excuse cannot be accepted when you play at a casino located in Vegas.

800ad: China Card Games

A conclusion was drawn by majority of scholars that the first set of card games started in the 9th century in China they the rules that guide the playing of card games then cannot be found anymore. It was suggested by some scholars taht card games involves both the stake and the game such as the card games trading that is being played nowadays by children while other scholars thought the first set of cards were in forms of paper. It is with no doubt that the cards taht were used to play then doesn’t in anyway relate to the standard fifty-two cards taht is being used nowadays.

1400s: Introduction of Baccarat game in France and Italy

Baccarat is a 2 player card game that is found across casinos nowadays. Baccarat first surfaced in Italy after which it migrated to France in the 1400s. Although, this game came into existence in the early days but it still took ages for it to become the Baccarat that is known nowadays. Different versions of this game has existed but the version which is known to be of standard by various casinos originated from Cuba through Britian then to the United States, little changes was made to the rules of the game during this transfer from one state to another. Baccarat game is more of a spectator sport rather than game, however, it’s features made it a good game for high rollers and due to this, it has gain ground in several casinos.

1600: Invention of Blackjack

According to the book of Don Quixote that was written in 1601, it was believed by some people that blackjack existed in form of game named Ventiuna (21), a game found among Spanish. Some thought it came from a French game called quinze (15) while some thought it originated in 1570 from a game called trente-un (31). Historically, the people that invented these gambling games were rarely known. The main origin of modern game was believed to have come from vingt-et-un, a French game that was invented in the 17th century. America is known to have relation with the name “blackjack” and this name was known to be related to unique promotions found in the 1930s in some casinos of Nevada. These casinos pays 10-1 odds if a player wins with one black Jack of Clubs or Spades and an Ace of Spades, this is done to entice players to the casino.

1638: Italian first Casinos

Italy is recorded to have her first gambling houses that could likened to casinos in the seventeenth century such as the Ridotto which was introduced in 1638 to serve the purpose of providing a regulated environment for gambling during the yearly carnival season chaos.

Europe begins to have casinos across the continent in the nineteenth century and more gambling houses were built in the United States during that time as well. More venues for informal gambling stateside were even possible because of the steam boats that transport traders and farmers across the Mississippi. Presently, Las Vegas is known to be the home of most casinos in America.

1796: Invention of Roulette in Paris

The origin of Roulette can be traced to houses of game in Paris, which is believed to have familiarize players with the wheel game which is known presently as the American Roulette Wheel. The European roulette wheel which is knowncto have 1 green zero, came into existence after fifty years of inventing the American version of roulette. Roulette game became well-known among players in the nineteenth century and it gained more popularity in Europe and globally when the single zero form was adopted by the popular Monte Carlo casino. However, the main double zero wheels is still the favorite of Americans.

1829: Invention of Poker

Tracing where poker originated from is not easy as it is known to have existed for ages even before the several card games that has existed. It was believed by some people that poker originated from Persia in the 17th century while some other people believed it originated from Poque which happens to be a French game. These controversies on Poker game made it hard to know its origin but what is certain is that what can be termed as poker was first played in 1829 in New Orleans, this was made known by a report given by an English actir named Joseph Crowell and the date given by this actor is reasonable enough to be chosen as a date for the invention of poker.

Poker game wasn’t quite popular until 1970s which was when the advent of poker tournaments started in Las Vegas. Ever since then, poker has evolved and the introduction of visual and online poker makes it easy for people to see the hands of the players’. People started seeing themselves as millionaires of online poker ever since the qualification and winning of the world poker championship of 2003 by an amateur player named Chris Moneymaker.

1891: Invention of slot machines in New York City

Pitt and Messrs Sittman invented the first gambling machine that can be termed as slots of nowadays in New York City in 1891, this machine make use of fifty-two cards on drum reels to form a kind of poker game. Charles Fey invented the Liberty Bell machine in San Francisco around this same period. The revolution of the slot game started after this machine was made to proof that regulation of winnings is possible.

Due to this Charles Fey invention, some video slot machines of nowadays still make use of this bell icons. The machines that were invented at the early stage were known to be giving gum and cigars in place of money and the ones that give out money were invented after this and they are now found in several casinos globally. The invention of the first video slot machine in 1976 brought about the advent of online video slots.

1910: Gambling in the United States

Gambling in the United States is known historically to be of two sides ever since the arrival of the Europeans in the State. However, the Puritans were known to ban anything that involve game of chance in their new homes while England emigrants tolerate gambling. This two sides relationship that exists in the United States is still in place though the pressure from the public prohibits gambling globally in 1910.

However, people still involve in gambling secretly and it was so difficult to enforce the law. Owing to this, the prohibition on gambling was lifted in the early 1930s and gambling became legal once again, many people see this legalization as a way to get through the years of poverty and hunger that they have went through. The status of gambling online in the United States still remains a grey area up till this moment even after legalizing gambling in various States. This is why most international online casinos didn’t allow US players to play at their venues though it is believed that this will not be so in the nearest future

1994: The Leading Gaming Software Developer

When it comes to gaming software developers that are present in the market today, Microgaming still remains one of the frontier of gambling; being among the largest casino and developer of slot games. The advent of televised casino can be traced back to 1994 i.e 2300bc. Just within the period of five years, the worth of online casinos was more than one billion dollars and it is now an industry with multibillion dollar worth, having more than 1000 online casinos and this figure never cease to stop.

In 2003, Playtech introduced the first live dealer casinos to have ever existed, this live dealer casino brings about the experience of both online and land-based casinos.

2020: Advent of Mobile Gambling

People have created much interest in online gambling ever since it was legalized in 2011 in NJ. The move to legalize online gambling from one state to another and the advent of mobile gambling is in being implemented in America and mobile gambling is now adopted by various users of internet globally. Same thing goes for players who involve in game of chance online as they all want to experience how it feels to gamble from their comfort zone anytime any day.

Due to this, several sites that operates gambling activities are now seen moving towards the provision of mobile gambling for their customers and this will definitely put an end to the era of desktop gaming.

What does the future hold?

Just as their seems to be difficulty in knowing the origin of gambling, knowing what the future holds for gambling is also difficult. Major focus is being placed on mobile gaming as most online casinos are now found looking for ways to make their software work on various mobile devices such as Android and iOS. The world of virtual gaming is now gaining ground in the gambling industry so it is certain that there will be availability of many gambling software as time passes by.

The advent of virtual technologies such as VR Headsets can make it possible for you to play games from your room and connect with your friends from other continents while you interact amongst yourself. This is possible with virtual technologies and we believe gambling will reach the stage of virtual gaming in the future.