Tie Placement Baccarat

I will discuss here the occurrence of Ties in online baccarat games.

In my 766 round baccarat game, the Tie occurred 69 times. Of these 69 Ties, 44 separated Player and Banker wins–whilst 25 of them separated a Banker or Player winning streak. What this means is that if you bet on the opposite hand immediately after a Tie occurrence, you have better than 63% chance of winning ((44/69) x 100). Of the 25 Tie occurrences that you would have lost on, 20 of them won within 3 rounds of the Tie occurrence. If you used a three-length progressive stake list and kept your bet the same (Player or Banker), you would have won 20 out of the 25 Tie occurrences.

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Here is an example. You are playing online baccarat and a Tie occurs. The hand that won just before the Tie was the Player. The chances of you winning on the Banker within the next three rounds is over 90% (((44+20)/69)) x100)–using the statistics from my 766 round baccarat game.

Therefore you can use a three stake length progressive stake list to capture the Banker win. The following is an example of a 3 length progressive stake list. When using progressive stakes, stop incrementing as soon as you win and return to your normal play.

The Tie normally occurs around “busy” sections of a baccarat game. “Busy” here means that winning few or no streaks are in progress and the Player and the Banker hands take turns to win like in tennis or a ping pong game.

If you are after the Tie win, my advice is to never chase Tie wins during long winning streaks. Instead chase Ties during “busy” periods.

Similarly, never chase a Tie win with progressive stakes. When chasing a Tie win, always use flat bets. Tie wins normally pay 8-1 odds or better, thus using a flat bet to chase them allows you seven attempts to catch one before the attempt becomes futile. The Tie occurs less than 18% of the time in most cases, and when it does occur, you stand to lose nothing if you did not bet on it. Therefore, a better strategy would be not to risk betting on a Tie win at all.

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