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Four Card Frenzy

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About Four Card Frenzy

It is obvious that the game of poker is played with 5 cards however the provider of a game disagrees. The game created by this provider is known as Four Card Frenzy and as its name implies it is played with four 4 cards. If you have had experience playing poker then the game will be easier for you to play unlike someone that does not. Also with the design being made simple and fascinating that makes easier for players to access the game. In online poker table, the highest winning given to a player is two hundred times the profit from the previous bet. This sounds like something good since players can wager as much as five hundred dollars per round. Therefore, there is possibility of going home with a huge amount of money after playing this game with your poker technique.

Another Option of Playing Poker

Normally a poker is played with 5 cards being on the hand of the players same thing applicable to Texas Hold’em but different for Four Card Frenzy. Four Card Frenzy is a poker game played with 4 cards on the hand of the players. At the beginning of each rounds, the players and the broker are given 5 cards, however, one out of the five cards will be removed. The card that will be removed is always the least card present except there is a case of the appearance of more than one card of the same value. The graphics and designs of this game is not fantastic enough therefore making the gameplay the only thing that standout in the game. Although online table games does not require fascinating designs, however, we have seen a lot of old gambling games that have amazing designs.


An online table game should not be judged by the designs and certainly this game is one that provide the players with much fun and at the same time the opportunity to go away with real money. To win real money, you will need to play with real money. The lowest bet that can be placed is five dollars whereas, the highest bet is five hundred dollars. Depending on the amount you want to bet, the chip denominations can be of good use.

After placing your bet then the next thing is to start dealing. Once the deal button has been pressed, the player will be deal with 5 cards. Out of the 5 cards, the lowest one will be removed and then flipped over. The player is then allowed to scrutinize their cards for the kind of move they want to make before the broker provide the opportunity to raise your bet by times one. Depending on the probability of winning, the player will take up this offer. In a case where the player is not sure of winning, they can then fold. However, folding will cause the player to forfeit the ante bet thereby preventing the player from experiencing more casualties.

The paytable part of the game can be observed from the site to detect the hands that are used for winning. Part of what you will be observed is that two hundred times jackpot is the high reimbursing prize for the standard gameplay requiring 4 aces.

Side Wagering Option

Before playing this game, you must have perfected your strategy since the game need a player to be able to think. For example, the player need to take note of the availability of the option for side betting that can sustain additional bets from one dollar to twenty five dollars. In as much as the player obtained a hand that is the same or better than a pair of Queens then the four card bonus will turn the bets into wins after accepting them. Another option for side betting entails the bet to be multiply by two whenever the color of the four cards are the same. This is known as Prime option. But, the player will receive a winning of six multiply by the side bet whenever all the 5 cards are of the same color.

Other Games Played With Four Cards

Out of all the games of poker, Four Card Frenzy game is not the only poker game that entails the use of 4 cards to deal. There are other poker games such as Four Card Prime and Four Card Stud that have been created by Galaxy Gaming that also entails the use of 4 cards. Therefore, you can play these special games of poker without downloading from any casino offering it.


No experience is needed before you can play the game of poker. If you are new to poker, you can play it for free to gather experience before playing for real money. It is easily accessible and you can also play with real money to win up to two hundred times your bet.


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