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Review of a video slot game designed by Pragmatic Play gaming developer, titled Fire 88 Slots, feature 3 reel, 7 pay-lines, delivers a Nostalgic quest, utilizes a well-recognized Asian story-line slot & puts across visuals, sounds that can entice enthusiasts of this kind of theme, provides a jackpot feature with the potentials to reward as much as 888x of the player’s total wager amount, RTP rate at 96.46% & wager limit in the range of 0.07 – 35 coins

Fire 88 Slots includes the more recent video slot machine to deliver a Nostalgic adventure to the online casino platform. Fire 88 Slots is an initiative of the ambitious Pragmatic Play developer having considered a High-Definition graphics quality that makes it possible to experience an easy-to-play 3-reels adventure.

These attributes gave it a bit of zing with bonus play-attachments & 3 unique jackpot rewards. Also, the whole bonus winnings are accessible for play on either PCs & whichever brand of smartphones.

This slot machine utilizes a well-recognized Asian story-line slot & puts across visuals & sounds that can entice enthusiasts of this kind of theme. You’ll come across characters appearing as gold-designed skulls of a lion, Chinese-patterned shekels, & cherry bomb that stock the pint-sized paytable accompanied by a regular Chinese musical in the background for a fun-filled experience.

Besides, the word “fire” from the label emphasizes a glowing dynamic backdrop that gradually shines at the rear of this slot reels & contributes to this slot’s more exotic appearance to other typical Nostalgic slot game. While keeping pace with Pragmatic play’s admirable esteem, the Fire 88 slot provides similar sleek video-clips & a swift game mechanics, which has turned out the familiar symbols of slot machines brought about by Pragmatic Play.

Aside from the impressive layout, the provisions considered for this slot machine are quite a few. However, there are viable jackpots to obtain across the seven separate pay lines. Besides, players can access an exclusive re-spin play-attachment designed to this slot that provides bonus winnings, during which its 3-ranked Jackpot can further top-up your prizes won.

Basis for Play, Wager Limit & How to Win

Despite the fact this slot game falls under the category of Eastern-driven slot game, the discouraging aspect is that it’s not appropriate for huge-risk takers – quite catered for with the same number of Asian slot machines.

Rather, Fire 88 slot machine provides a little-range wager size from 0.07 coins for each spinning (0.01 coins for each credits x 7 win-lines), through to the Max. Coin amount of 0.50 coins. Besides, there’s an opportunity to wager good enough for ten coins for each win-line. Perhaps you can play with the maximum coin amount & apply wager with the full ten credits; then, you’ll have access to spin with the capped wager value of 35 credits.

Quite similar to most slot games, Fire 88 slot redeem payouts in the left-axis direction towards the right. As a result, before you can dream of winning, you’ll have to gather three icons over a winning-line, starting with 1st reel by the left-side.

The whole winning amount provided under the paytable section is relevant to the pay-line wager. Therefore, let’s say a player applies wager to extra coins with each spinning, then he/she can obtain jackpots worth 10x more than wagering on just one coin.

Among every other character, the most hopeful among ever other is 88 icons that reward Jackpot worth 100 coins (that is, 100x the wager). Aside from these 88 icons, different high-rewarding icons include the good fortune shekels & diamond characters, which reward Jackpot with 60 & 30 coins.


Besides, Fire 88 slot machine provides a Nostalgic 1x, 2x, and 3x-appearing BAR icons across the paytable, just that the BARS are devised to take the appearance of an Oriental Cherry bomb. BAR icons reward jackpots in a range of 3-15 coins in Return to identical combos of 3 characters; however, this character will not offer payouts if diverse combinations of three forms come into view over the pay line.

88 characters

Aside from that Fire 88 slot machine delivers the most substantial payouts; nevertheless, the 88 icons greatly assist in activating jackpots. Anytime these 88 icons come into view across the scene, it has the potentials to include jackpot symbols at random to its icons, thereby forming up a blend of 88 icons inscribe alongside the term “jackpot” therein. Let’s say a player make a headway three jackpot icons, then he/she acquires a coupon in Return to the jackpot free play.

This Jackpot free is categorized under pick-and-win pattern, as players can select from a range of nine unique coin characters that can unlock the Jackpot. As soon as you gather three coins of similar color (blue, green, red, green), this can land you payouts of a commensurate jackpot reward.

Moreover, the jackpots provided do not fall under progressive jackpots, which is subject to increment with time, however it’s just a non-adjustable bonus offer. Whereas the maximum payout to expect from the Jackpot is 888x of a player’s overall wager amount, during which the 2nd & 3rd jackpot feature rewards 88x & 38x prizes accordingly.

With the exclusion of jackpot reward, the Fire 88 slot machine provides a free repeated-spin play-attachment that players can trigger as soon as 2 of the wild icons come into view across whichever spots by the game scene. This re-spin play attachment is playable with no involvement or appearance of wild icons across the display. In this Fire 88 slot machine, there’s no provision for an exclusive jackpot reward; it’s just the alternatives discovered from the usual paytable.

Demo-Play Mode

Even if you are not with funds to spin this Fire 88 slot machine, there’s provision for play access in demo pattern across many online casinos supporting slot games developed by Pragmatic Play, likewise their official site. Once you’ve made up your mind to enjoy this game in Return to real cash payouts, then you can access the game via any regulated online casino site. Sign-up with the casino operator, authenticate your data, then load up your gaming account via any of the banking services provided. You are good to go with your Fire 88 video slot experience for real money play.

Similar Nostalgic slot Experience

There’re online slot machines quite similar to Fire 88 slot having a portion to similar play-attachments to make this adventure higher. A typical instance is SYNOT, featuring a three-reels slot & Re-spin Joker, which is considered great classics of the game rooms’ potentials. You’ll enjoy good prizes with wild icons that can activate the re-spins feature, etc.

Cherry Trio is a different example of iSoftBet, having programmed with online slot displays by palpable consoles. This slot takes the form of a Retro-based slot game relative to the Fire 88 slot machine. More similar to Fire 88 slot machine, there’re wild icons provided therein to activate re-spins features & exclusive jackpot rewards. Once you can fill up the game scene with bunches of bittersweets icons, the jackpot feature will come into play.


Fire 88 slot machine is indeed appropriate for a fun-driven game exploit, likewise whichever players desire to have the fun of prolonged rounds for low payouts. Fire 88 is categorized under a moderate variance slot machine considering either large and little jackpots popping up frequently at any point at the time of play.

Likewise, it provides a jackpot feature with the potentials to reward as much as 888x of the player’s total wager amount. The best part considers Return to the player rate at 96.46%, quite high compared to most similar gaming software.